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  1. Full refund of 341 GBP given after LBA
  2. Filled in survey, completed donation, I've called up moneyclaim and told them everything's settled, I think I'm all done If some kind moderator can move this thread into won, I've already requested my litigation thread is moved. Next... natwest! Bring them on!
  3. GET IN!! £250 landed in my account this very morning! How do I stop my court action? Will fill in the survey and get donating
  4. Everyone gets that letter from good old Stuart, don't let it put you off, get your next letter in, the LBA
  5. LBA in the post, looking forward to seeing them in court. Hope they get served on Christmas day, merry bloomin Christmas!
  6. Arf arf Don't bother replying to old Higley, you're done with him, it's on to the court and natwest's solictors now...
  7. The charges are illegal and there's nothing stopping you claiming again and again
  8. Right, this is getting a little weird! Yesterday they sent me £850, and today they've sent me an extra £66.78. They've also sent me a letter telling me they'll be refunding £845!! Odd. They've challenged one fee, which was refunded, but I'd calculated they'd refunded a different fee and removed that from the list, so that's a minor technicality and a couple of days interest. They've challenged another fee, and I can't see why, they're saying it was only £30 but my statements clearly show a second fee of £25 too. They've also included this strange statement... "The charge of £25 and 1
  9. Right, had my standard first reply telling me to bog off, as an interesting aside, they've challenged my use of the term "fiduciary" - does everyone get that?! My understanding is it's someone in a position of trust, and they were? Anyway, they've told me they'll see me in court, but I guess I still have to go through the second letter and can't just claim? Ah well, thankfully the co-op are funding my action against them
  10. I've received a credit of 850 in my account today, which I'll gladly take as part payment but I'm hanging on for the extra 317.79 I'm owed. Not got any communication indicating this yet. They've also acknowledged the claim, buying themselves an extra 28 days
  11. They were deemed to be served on the 18th and have until the 2nd of Dec' to get a reply in, here's hoping...
  12. Well done! I filed on the 11th so hopefully I'm not far behind
  13. Claim issued and mod' messaged to add to the litigation list Total claim: 1167.79 - phew!
  14. Guess this is to late for you, but for anyone else... Had the same problem with co-op, my charges are less than £1000 but interest takes it over. According to money claim however the fee is for the charges including interest, so I paid the higher amount. Thankfully I'll be getting all fees back
  15. Yup, dating back to 2001 so the interest is mega bucks! Used the spreadsheet to calculate so I hope they're right! I'm going to send me initial request for a refund to: National Westminster Bank PLC 135 Bishopsgate London EC2M 3UR There's lots and lots of contacts in the contact thread but that one seems best?
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