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  1. Dont be scared of these idiots , at the end of the day its a voice on the end of a phone line , if you dont like what you are hearing take a deep breath and replace the reciever , its hard the first time but after that its much more simple . Unless like me and fuzzy you actually enjoy playing these lovely people at their own game , nothing is better than getting one of the dcas off their script , .They really do not have a clue .
  2. If they knock your door without your permission , just shut the door dont speak to them and if they continue knocking inform them you are going to ring the police , if they continue then call the police . They do not have the law on their side its on ours , they have no more rights than a pizza delivery boy , who infact has more as he has been invited , there is a letter in the templates that covers this . http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/letter-templates/131334-dca-response-threats-home.html
  3. Anyone had any dealing with these ? How low are they down the evolution scale . regards LB
  4. Think i might just well call them then , aint had the pleasure for a while of dealing with these pondlife .
  5. well well well people , I recieved a letter from them RW today which reads - Dear LB We note you have not made a recent payment to this account , we understand times may be very difficult at present . We may be able to help , if you pay just £**.** of your outstanding balance your account will be marked as settled in our files and credit files updated accordingly . This means that your account will be settled on payment of less than 30% of your balance . to take advantage of this BRILLIANT offer , sall us without delay on our freephone number ***********. Alternatively you can visit our website to pay or make an alternative settlement offer or payment proposal .Our site is open 24/7 and you can use it just when it suits you , without having to talk to our negotiators, NOTE THIS OFFER ENDS ON 20./03/09 collections manager --------------------------------------------------------------------------- What a crock of poo , they have never sent me my cca so they are never getting a penny from me . Time for a phone call me thinks .
  6. Recieved a letter from them today which reads Acting on behalf of a client and would be obliged if you could telephone us on *********** in order to assist our enquiry . Anybody else had one from these ?
  7. Fairplay to ya , they are not as bad as what they would like us to believe are they .
  8. Salmon , is that you showing off again FB , I had sausage mash and peas last night and it was bloody lovely . Hows tricks matey ?
  9. Hi all , just a quickie , Monday night had the pleasure of a DCA ringing up demanding to speak to mrs brummie . DCA I want to speak to ***** ****** please . LB Tough she aint in , whose calling DCA Her Bank LTSB. LB TSB she dont bank with you , anyway like i said she isnt here . DCA Well who are you ? LB Me im me why who are you ? DCA Im calling from llyods regarding a personal matter , it is very important so take this number and make sure she calls me . LB Get ****** who the hell do you think you are barking orders down the phone to me ya muppett . DCA you cant talk to me like that , this call is recorded . LB couldnt give a flying **** mate . DCA Im going to pass this on to my manager , then youll not be as arogant . LB Wont I why whats he gonna do , is he a big nasty man who tells people off , ******** trembling in my boots ya donut now run along theres a good chap Phone goes dead ,. Cant believe they have still not learned that ringing upwhilst working for a DCA doesnt give them the god given right to speak to people like a piece of crap . But it does goto show that they dont like it when you give it them back ,.
  10. fuzzy me ol sparring pal , quality as ever , please from one wind up merchant to another please do the bumblebee one on em , ! LB
  11. did make me laugh though , also had a call from RW , first one in an age , got a very curteous gentleman telling me that he was Mohammed from RW , got told to FO and the phone went dead , glad they are back on me case now , FRIDAY tomorrow .lol
  12. Firstly let me say hello to all again , been a while , but IM BACK Heres a new one from me ol mates up north . BUY BACK YOUR ACCOUNT Dear LB I am writing to offer you a unique solution to the outstanding debt you have with our client LPI ltd by giving you the oppurtunity to BUY BACK YOUR ACCOUNT The concept is simple and easy to follow , you simply bid for your account and if your bid amount reaches our reserve price then the account is yours , you will no longer receive debt collection letters or calls , any pending legal action will be stopped and your credit file will be ammended . Alternatively , if you are unable to bid a lump sum to buy your account back i am willing to reduce you balance by 25% and you can pay the remainder off at 35 a month . then it goes on with all the usual threats blah de blah . ------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON WITH THESE PEOPLE ARE THEY REALLY THAT THICK TO THINK THAT ID FALL FOR THIS ONE . IDIOTS Regards Brummie I can feel a call coming very soon
  13. greetings all from one of the oldies on this thread , not been on for a longtime so catching up as we speak . Good to see the DCA's still getting loads of grief , FB thanks for the PM . Gonna start a new thread today about the leeds lot , have a read . regards and like OASIS sang its good to be back LB
  14. see my thread . http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/148630-01296642100-have-just-rang.html
  15. A miss Lyodd called just as the one show was doing a bit on dca and their dodgy ways of harassing people , .First she lied that she had rang earlier , wrong i had been in all day then she lied that when she rang she had spoke to the babysitter , er what babysitter , then she asked for me to take a number so mrs could get back in touch , thats when i put the phone right by the tv and turned it up and there was dominic littlewood going on about dca's and their dodgy ways , she still waited over 4 mins before i told her that she had won the idiot in suspense record for the day , her reply was that she had the wrong number and would call back later lol. THINK A 1-0 to the brummies for that one .
  16. Old skool getting involved again , wind these fookers up as far as you can .
  17. really does make me laff , so much so that i wonder if its from them at all , they have really scraped the bottom of the barrel there dont ya think
  18. RW , Ive had 1 or 2 run ins with these and happily ive won them all see my threads . They are not as clever as they believe themselves to be . Keep involved and the people of the CAG will see you right
  19. re Llyods TSB BANK PLC NOTICE OF ACTION Dear Mrs Loyalbrummie We intend to give instruction for legal action to be commenced against you in respect of the above account. This could add extra costs to the amount already due . IT IS IN YOUR OWN INTEREST TO PROTECT YOUR CREDIT REPUTATION and legal action will be withdrawn providing full settlement is in our hands within the next 7 days COMPLETE THE PORTION BELOW AND RETURN THE ENTIRE LETTER IMMEDIATELEY SIGNATURE CSL WITHDRAW ACTION NAME MISS LOYAL BRUMMIE ADDRESS ACCOUNT NO 12354562621613 I PROMISE TO PAY _____ PER WEEK / MONTH UNTIL MY ACCOUNT IS SETTLED IN FULL . ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Has anybody else had anything this ridicoulous and unprofessional looking from a dca , surely this will take some beating . ps ANY IDEAS HOW MUCH TO OFFER TO PAY lol regards as ever Greg Loyalbrummie
  20. lowells sent me the 50% off letter , dozy buggers , they aint getting a penny until they prove that i owe this money , which i believe they can not produce . NUMPTYS
  21. scotcall , thought they had ceased trading , sent them a doorstep caller letter and never heard nothing from that day to this .
  22. Hi all , latest from me old muckas at red lowells Dear Mrs LB Our Client Lowell Portfolio I ltd has asked us to offer you a settlement figure on your outstanding balance in an attempt for you to settle your account in an amicable way that also saves you a large amount of money before further action is needed to be taken . I am in position today to offer you an early settlement figure with a discount of £***.** leaving you a new balance of £***.** . Im sure you will agree that this is an excellent offer , an offer that i hope you will take advantage of . PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL 09/06/08 . UNLESS FUNDS ARE RECEIVED AND CLEARED BY THIS DATE WE WILL CONTINUE WITH OTHER MEANS OF RECOVERY , THIS DEBT WILL NOT GO AWAY AND REPAYMENT HAS TO BE MADE . Payment can be taken over the phone by debit or credit card on telephone number 08448444722 or send a cheque to yours Karen Williams Head of collections . -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now this proper stinks of desperation , like i told em in numerous letters , i will not be paying them jack till they produce the CCA . New person writing to me now though Karen Williams , anyone else had any dealings with this person ,? regards LB
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