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  1. 2. looks like the judge is requesting disclosure of charges make up and public too! Whoopee if I am correct, since this should force an early settlement for you OR mean the bank will have to come up with the details of their costs. 3. I think this basically means get your case bundle into court inclduing your skeleton argument and looks like a warning shot to bank not to throw any unexpected or last minute curveballs at you? Somebody more knowledgeable will let you know. Perhaps somebody could ask the wonderful Zoot to have a peek.
  2. Correct there is no fee payable for the AQ with this level of claim I would include the small claims track request. At least then you have made your point. Unlikely to go to fast track at that level, but it could go to Mercantile.
  3. Jenny, I haven't heard from Barclays. Could I have the fax number you used? Then I can fax Barclays a copy of the CMC info, to show them its for real and point out that if they don't settle by end of day Friday, I will also be seeking loss of business turnover of £180 p/hr on Wednesday (yes I know it almost as much as solicitors fees ) That may catch their attention and get them to put a spurt on. PS Congrats !!! Shame we may not all get to meet - until the next time. Now where is that shAbbey Nat letter.....
  4. This is what I put. Should it have more than this for disclosure. Still have time to resubmit before 7th if anyone thinks it needs rewording. Disclosure 6. Within 7 days of being requested by the Court. 7. No 8. Yes: List of charges made to claimants accounts and in respect of every charge, a breakdown specifying the amount of actual cost to the defendant and the amount of profit added, resulting in the total charge made to the claimant in each and every charge. 9. Yes: 10. (i) Within 7 days of Courts directions (ii) Within 7 days of Courts directions
  5. Pork andbeef - my claim started last May, so don't hold your breath, Barclays will drag it out as long as they can.
  6. Keriat if you have a judgment for definate then apply for a warrent of excution. You can then send in the baliffs.
  7. I think I would attend court, get pally with judge and seek additional costs such as loss of earnings, inconvenince, travel etc Abbey have CLEARLY wasted your time and the courts, had no intention of defending and should have settled much sooner. Once again the banks have overstepped the mark.
  8. They have their heads where the sun just don't shine. Usually what they talk out of too......
  9. mmace I would ask court to defer to later date if you have trouble getting that CMC info sheet in time. That is a ridiculous short notice. I only got mine "officially" 3 days ago but new from a previous case.
  10. Its interesting to see that Barclays and Lloyds/TSB have stood their ground so far, yet HSBC appear to have caved in early on on that CMC cases sheet.
  11. Jeez who needs Big Brother when there is this much excitement intrigue and downright dastardly shinanigans by the banks. Perhaps we could sell the idea to Channel 4 for lots of dosh?
  12. Jenny, do you have an email addy for him? Perhaps I should ensure he has all my telephone numbers?
  13. and I submitted my claim last May, CMC next week (not the actual case hearing)
  14. Best of lUck. Update us asap.
  15. Jenny I'm dropping my CMC sheet in tomorrow, along with OH's N1 for Halifux. (£2k+). Do you want me to check your case?
  16. NafWest opened an account. STILL NO reply from Halifux. Nowt nadder zilch, depsite a second hand delivered LBA. Do they often ignore letters/requests? N1 in tommorrow.
  17. I don't think the court will accept the excuse of the legal rep being on holiday for delay in submission or provision of papers! My feeling is you should apply for defence to be struck out.
  18. I think we should leave crfx to get on with it and watch with bemused interest from the sidelines.
  19. Surely in this day and age it should be possible to submit the documents on a CD! I shall be taking all my documents on my laptop to court. More enviro friendly and a damn sight easier to carry!
  20. I just got my papers from Court today regarding my Barclays case. Its a bloody good job I received them from Ikano case a month ago. Jenny just about to ask you the same question re settlement! Like I said earlier, getting a little bit ****y at Couts inaccuracies and blazee attitude re these cases. Going to query it when I hand in CMC sheet tommorrow.
  21. I notice that NatWest have changes the wording in their T&Cs regarding accounts exceeding or going into unauthorised overdrafts . I presume this is an attempt to make any charge for such discretions a "service" fee rather than a penalty and thus mitigating the basis of our argument?
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