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  1. Letter from council today saying the PCN has been cancelled "given the circumstances". I gave them a "way out" with requesting insufficient notices and contravention occurred only 5 days after change from previous 6-7 year old times/charges. They deny the PCN/signage etc is invalid - they would wouldn't they. Almost wish it had gone to NTO/appeal to rub their noses in it! Interesting to see if any future PCNs have a different format and the white lines get painted correctly. I'm still going to request a copy of the TRO as a matter of course.
  2. No reply from council yet, other than acknowledgment, after online appeal on 19th October.
  3. Am I missing a point here? Surely if you have a valid ticket for said period and can produce it as evidence then what contravention has been committed? Or is the contravention not displaying the ticket rather than not actually having one? If so, how stupid. Fined the same for not having a ticket as not displaying it to partially sighted parking attendents whose employers can't afford sticky labels.
  4. Expecting grandchildren to list their grandparents ills and ailments for travel insurance is wholly unrealistic and unacceptable. I have no grandparents but if I did then I wouldn't be party to all their problems. Also my policies should be cheaper since I am a lower risk! But they are not. Insurance companies take a risk - end of story. If they don't want that risk they don't have to accept the client! And vice versa.
  5. don't woory pat, I have photos of everything - roads, lines or missing, position of machine, lamppost copy of the TRO or whatever the notice was posted. Online appeal gone in.
  6. Pat - you confirm what i thought with 2 caveats: " 2) There are no instructions on how to pay - required by the Act" " 3) There is no statement that an NtO will be issued if the PCN remains unpaid - required by the Act" These are shown on reverse but I gather from other sources that this does not form part of the notice, especially as the front does not give directions to go overleaf? In addition, there is a yellow no waiting line running through the parking bay white lined boxes. It looks as though this has been part removed. Presumably this may be covered under the incorrect signage regs? Als a white line is missing from the parking boxes. Finally the Notice ties to a lamp post 40 feet from parking bays shows some form of TRO - however it displays both the old and new charging times/costs. The old costs/time are wrong it states that previousley on a Saturday 15p per 20 minutes for a maximum of 5 hours. This is incorrect, there was no charge for Saturdays. I am sure I would have received a PCN sometime in 6 years if this statement were true. So technically the TRO that has been amended was incorrect to begin with. Surely this makes it null and void?
  7. good win but what a cop out by council.
  8. Pat - I'm not sure about the exact sign wording- will check tomorrow. M& G - parking is allowed any other time so surely this is contradictory and therefore unenforcable. Will check all signs tomorrow. Is "Date of Notice" the same as "Date of Issue"? There is a date of contravention also.
  9. AFAIK you are correct - the sign relates to the line on that side of the road. How could you possibly know that that sign that is missing is the same as t'other side of road? Its like saying that a no entry sign would be the same at the other end of the one way road! Check the yellow line itself - are there any breaks in it (roadworks/worn away etc) and are there definite T bars at each end of the line? Is the line within the regulation widths. This can often get you off. If sign is missing then line probably in poor state of repair also.
  10. Pat are you sure TROs would be needed? 1991 Traffic act or 1984? Previous there were no charges for parking Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday. Now there is a charge for Saturday. Still free Sunday and BHol. Presumably I can ask for a copy of the TRO from council, when it was submitted, approved etc. They should have to also furnish a copy of the public notice and if any were printed in local papers? I can find none in the local Yorkshire POst, which I thought would be the benchmark. Green & mean -there are no markings/sign on the bay, which is just a painted dashed white box on road side, of which there are 4 together. The only sign is a "Please pay at meter", on the other side of the road... but that has always been there. Indeed the meter is actually a good 50 yds from said 4 parking areas and nowhere near any others! there is alos a confusion of single yellow no waiting lines running through the white boxs. Could this be another case of invalid PCN due to signage deficiency/incorrectness?
  11. Hi folks, advise or thoughts please. Parked car in same place this morning (Sat) in Leeds City Centre where I have done so on alternate weeks for over 6 years. On a Saturday there is no charge. Charges apply on the pay and display Mon- Fri 08.00 - 18.00. Got back to car to find penalty notice for not displaying ticket! Checked machine - usual small 5x7" panel with times on was blank. No notice anywhere else visible. Pretty sure that nothing there 2 weeks early since I had out of curiosity checked how much it was during the week and when charge time finished as I intended to go into town on an evening. Questions: 1. What procedure does council internally and externally, have to follow to change the charging times on a pay and display? 2. How much public notice must be given and how does this have to be displayed/published etc? Thanks in anticipation of replies.
  12. zoot thanks for your reply. Concise and to the point, as usual. Having just sorted out my OH's paperwork from loft clearout, she has bank statements going back to 1992, and over the years a considerable number of £7 charges from TSB. Saved from the shredder for the moment.
  13. Can anyone summarise , in several paragraphs, whether or not, claiming more than 6 years of penalty charges is a "goer" ie Is it feasable, does it have a high probability of success, ignoring the OFT test case for the time being. Thanks in advance.
  14. Besides if you have legal protection insurance or whatever they call it you should be able to use this to claims ALL the costs you incur ie loss of no claims and subsequent premiums, from the new owner. I'd get on this aspect straight away as it may save a lot of hassle if someone else is legally pressuring the other concerned parties.
  15. recompense - you state in your orginal post that you sold the house, or was it repossesed?
  16. I would have thought that driveway was private property anyway?
  17. NHS dentistry is a complete mess. Dentists are now given a fixed X sum of money to run their buisiness and treat Y number of patients. If these funds run out - tough. Moan to the PCT - they choose where the money goes.
  18. Your contract is the binding one. They can change your contract unilaterally, without your consent but legally its a nono as it can be used in a constructive dismissal case.
  19. I think i would be going back to that solicitor you paid to check thru - seems they didn't and missed a potentially expensive element to your claim!
  20. tempted to go on Thursday just to see who actually shows up from banks...
  21. Yep keep the pressure on.
  22. Can I make a suggestion or two? And please don't take this the wrong way, the crux of the letter is very good. I would be inclined to leave out the wise cracks and sarcasm. I know it helps to ease the frustration. Keep a copy and compare it to the toned down version. Which would you prefer to read through. Keep it succinct and to the point. Its more professional and less likely to antagonise the reader. Restate your reasoning rather than same as above. With cut and paste its easy and change a word or too to make it a little different. Keep up the good work.
  23. ......with their blindfolded heads up their ar$es
  24. Just for a laugh I withdrew £500 today and went inside to request it be exchanged for £5 notes. Needless to say they were not amused. I then took it to bank next door to pay a credit card bill. Likewise. Seriously, there arn't enough fivers and there generally in terrible condition.
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