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  1. Thank you for you reply and helping me sort out and deal with issues. Am not sure really were to start or begin as over time things get confusing.and extremely daunting. If possible if someone could help with a starting point in the matter i would be most greatful. What is the N1 form and what part does it play with my needs. Am not really sure how to start the ball rolling in the scheme of things that would help me reclaim my charges and deal with the matter of sorting out my debt. If i was in full time employment i would most likely opt for a IVS over 5 years, but unfortunating am
  2. sorry if this is a longish letter but have a few issues that i would like to raise I have been a member for a while now and find that this would be the best place to get advice on issues thats been going on now for 18 months for which i lost my job. My partner and i contacted the CCC's and arranged payements that we could meet. this was until my partner got made redundant almost a year to the day. This have made payement difficult, we both have credit cards and loans to meet of a substanial amout. My partner has been with the HSBC for over 30 years and as we have them on our backs fo
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