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  1. sent my letter off on Thursday 11th October recorded delivery. This is what i said. Dear Sir/Madam, Ref : Loan account number-xxxxxxxx I believe I have been mis-sold a payment protection insurance policy and would like to request a full refund of my premiums, plus interest paid. I took out a £7800.00 loan at your branch on 27/09/02 and also bought a single premium protection policy which would cost me an extra £3555.55 over the life of the loan. The name of the salesperson who sold me the policy was James Bond. The total amount of my premiums plus interest was £15999.12. I settled this loan 16 months earlier than originally stated on my loan agreement on 26/07/07 by paying £3302.95 which was the quoted settlement figure. When I took out the loan, I was told that my application would be refused if I did not also buy a PPI policy. The Financial Services Authority’s advice to consumers is that, while it does not breach FSA guidelines, a borrower should not be refused a loan if they choose not to buy an insurance policy. I felt like I was not given the correct information when the PPI policy was sold to me, as -your salesperson stated / implied that taking out the PPI policy would assist my credit application. -your salesperson was very pushy in selling me the PPI policy so that I felt I could not say no. -your salesperson did not tell me that the PPI policy was optional. -your salesperson stated / implied that taking out the PPI policy was essential for me to get the associated credit. In forcing me to buy this policy, you have also breached paragraph 8.6 of the Banking Code, to which you are a signatory. You are not allowed to make PPI a condition of taking out the loan unless you include the costs of PPI in the quoted interest rate, which you did not do. I do not believe being forced to buy this policy as part of the loan was a fair and reasonable obligation as I did not need this insurance and said at the time of taking the loan that I did not want it. Unless you can satisfactorily justify to me that the policy was fair and reasonable I am requesting a full refund of all premiums, and subsequent interest on these payments, that I have paid to date. As I believe I have been deprived of this money I also expect 8% statutory interest, the amount a court would award, to be added to each payment made. I look forward to a full and prompt response to this letter and for the matter to be concluded with eight weeks or I shall be contacting the Financial Ombudsman to investigate my complaint. My previous address when I took out this loan was . Yours faithfully,
  2. sounds the same as us. we paid back the loan 16 months early and got a rebate of just £150 from the insurance company. we also paid interest on the whole sum £7800 + £3555.15. Going to post my letter now!!
  3. Hi, I'm helping my girl friend recliam PPI on a loan she took out in 2002 for £7800 over 6 years. She was only 20 at the time and this was the first loan she had ever taken out. i feel she was grossly mis-sold this loan as the total repayed at the end of the term was £15999.12. The PPI was a single premium added to the loan amount at the begining of the loan (£3555.55). She was basically told if she didn't take out the PPI she wouldn'y be accepted for the loan. We settled the loan over a year earlier than originally agreed in July 2007. We were only refunded £252.41 I don't know much about reclaiming PPI but i'm currently reading up using this site and moneysavingexpert.com. So my original question is can i claim back PPI even though i have settled the loan?? Thanks Bob.
  4. Plus if i waited until January would i have re-send the letters to the bank or could i just carry on with my claim at court?
  5. Yeah she is claiming in Scotland. Probably would be quicker waiting until January. i split my claim into two £1500 claims, i had to wait until one had been settled before i could get the other one served and it took about 5 months. thanks for your help.
  6. I successfully claimed back £3000 lat year using two summary cause claims. i'm now in the process of helping a friend who has almost £5000 worth of charges. With this claim i sent the letter before action and the bank replied saying that nothing can be done until the case in England has been completed and therefore my complaint is on hold. I'm just wandering do i carry on with my claim at court like i did last time or do i have to wait??? Please help!!!!
  7. Just panicing a bit. i've took the b.o.s to court claiming £750 in credit card charges. i had two successful claims with my current account with the same bank, the difference being that thay payed up more than a week before the return date on the summons. They made me an offer after i issued the summons for approximately half the amount of charges claimed with no interest. I had eight weeks to accept this offer otherwise they would consider the case closed. because the court date was only six weeks away i figured i wouldn't have to write saying that i wasn't going to accept this offer. Has anyone else had to wait so close to the return date for a settlement for credit card charges? does it matter that i haven't wrote a letter rejecting this offer?
  8. Hi, i've already claimed back my bank charges (£2000 + £1000 interest), i did this by using two summary cause summons. so now i thought i would try and claim back my mastercard charges, £550 + £148 interest. I've already sent the L.B.A, deadline was today so looks like i have no alternative than going down the court route again. This time i need to use the small claims court as i am only claiming £750. My query is i'm not entirely sure what to right in section 7 of the form1b (details of claim). So would be great if someone with experience of claiming creditcard charges through small claims could give me some pointers. Thought i would be pretty calm claiming these charges back as i've had the two successful claims already but i feel more nervous now than i did with my first claim.
  9. what about handling charges? you know if you take out a tenner from a A.T.M they charge you £2 for the pleasure of it.
  10. do i just use the same template letters as before?
  11. last year i claimed back £2000 charges and £1000 interest from the bank of scotland on my current. Just wandering if you can do the same with credit card charges? also preference acounts?
  12. just wandering if you can cliam back credit card charges. late payment charges etc.
  13. i did the same thing, even at the court stage. they still payed up and interest.
  14. i'm claiming the account maintenance charges back. they are still a charge and i'm sure the bank didn't do £28 worth of maintenance to my account each month.
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