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  1. Many thanks ims21. I will have a look at both sites and see what he wants to do. Maggiebroom
  2. I have not been on CAG for quite a few years now. Many reasons (don't ask) He has a few claims for PPI he did not know he was paying and has asked me to supervise for him as he doesn't have much time. I am trying to find my way round the new (to me) layout, but first and foremost I wish to find the template letters for initial claims. can anyone point me in the right direction. maggiebroom
  3. Hi lollybuck Well at least two of us got a result. I would rather have seen Ideal World get a roasting in that article, but I guess they have to be careful of the legalities and Ideal World are a huge conglomerate. Apparantly it is legal for them to pass around details in their own group of companies. What annoys me is that they passed our bank details around, when our dealings were only with Ideal World. There is something immoral about that and the sooner they get more publicity the better. Michael Lincoln from Barking is my husband. I shall now start to bother Watchdog a
  4. A month later Still waiting for letters from anyone. All is quiet on the NatWest front. Perhaps they will all go away. maggiebroom
  5. PS Don't expect a reply from Trading Standards. We never got one. It was a waste of time and a postage stamp writing to them.
  6. UPdate The Daily Mirror have highlighted this [problem] on their Investigations page this morning. Now for Watchdog IDEAL WORLD should get the publicity as they are the ones who passed on the information. This disgusting [problem] MUST be stopped. maggiebroom
  7. Hi Lollybluk My husband now has his money back, but I have heard nothing from Ideal World after writing a very strong letter. I too reported it to the police and trading standards. The police said there was nothing they could do as it was the Banks fault for letting the payment go through. I have not yet received a reply from Trading Standards. (they are a toothless lot anyway) I do have a crime number, which may come in handy should anything come of this. I also contacted Watchdog and the Mirror's investigation team, but got no reply. It seems it need loads more people to complain be
  8. Hi Fedup 74 I couldn't get through to Ideal World as their call centre is in India and nobody would put me back to a UK centre. However I did speak to Travel Steps who agreed to refund my money immediately. I have written a very strong letter to Ideal World's CEO and have complained to Trading Standards and the Information Commissioner. My husbands bank are also getting their Fraud Dept involved. I have reported it to the police, (got a crime number) and contacted Watchdog, and also the Daily Mirror investigation team. Lets hope something can be done to stop what is basically theft.
  9. HI All Not been on for a while as there really hasn't been anything to update, and I went deaf (don't laugh). I got a letter from Westcots stating that after they had investigated the issue I raised with them they would not be dealing further with me and I should get back to the NAT WEST Since then not a peep from anyone. I guess its back to the waiting game. maggiebroom
  10. NOt sure if this is the right place for this thread but I'm sure someone will put it in the right place if it isn't. Has anyone else on CAG experienced money taken from their account without permission? On Monday 20th April, my husband noticed that £99 had been deducted from his account on 15th April, which he knew nothing about. He called his bank (Alliance and Leicester) and asked them what the £99 was for. He was told the entry was for HOME SHOPPING 08707870792. He told them he knew nothing about the entry, cancelled his card, and the bank reversed the entry and gave him his money
  11. Congrats HHNF. Just caught up with your thread, (been up to my eyes in poo poo lately) not literally. Well they rolled over quickly for you. You and me both with Nasty West. We'll fight them on the beaches etc..... (I have just watched a programme with Churchill in it. It is Sunday after all). maggiebroom
  12. I spoke too soon. Still had no letter telling me what their investigation has found, but the phone calls have started again, despite their statement that all communication will cease until they have investigated. Then I got a letter offering me a settlement, but I must phone their office blah, blah, blah. I don't think so. They will receive a strong letter accusing them of not sticking to their statement that all collection activities will cease until they have investigated. Lets see what that brings. I do have a lot of dogsitters though. Every time I get a call I s
  13. Hi Folks No development with my case. I expect all will go silent for a few weeks. Forgot to mention. A few weeks ago I got a brown parcel through the post will all my statements from Nat West. Had to laugh though. It is only about 18 months after my SAR. I had forgotten all about it. Its quite amazing how these people operate. Did someone have a dull day and decided to find something to do after all this time? News as and when it falls in my lap. I am not holding my breath maggiebroom
  14. At the moment there is no harassment. The phone calls have ceased Guess what folks, today I got a letter from Westcots. They have acknowledged a query on the account, and all activities (letters and phone calls) are suspended while they investigate the whole matter. This may take several weeks, and they will appreciate my patience during this time. Interesting development this, don't you think? They will not find a valid CCA and they will have to pass it back to Nasty West. Yet another DCA bites the dust. Mind you, I think Nat West are more to blame here, as th
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