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  1. Just as FYI, I too received a letter from Lowell this morning about an alleged debt from a rented address owed to Npower from 2015 for almost the same amount.....coincidence?
  2. I have just (1:30pm Tuesday 29th December) collected my mail and have received a letter from the CSA. It states they are applying for a court order against me. The reaon for the order is long winded but not my immediate concern. I have been given seven days to respond. What concerns me is, the letter was written and posted on 23rd December. As the post offices are closed and no deliveries were made over christmas, I find that the order will be made tomorrow. Im sure that i read somewhere that you had to be given reasonable amount of time to respond to threats of court action, or am I wrong? Once the issue of the court case is addressed, I'll then go into the details of their claim. Please help if you can. Simon
  3. I agree sod'em (great name btw!!) but unfortunately the details of the contract make it easy to ascertain my course of action and I would rather the other party (who watches this forum periodically) didnt know what was happening untill I was certain that there was a legal course I could take. I appreciate that this may sound vague, but I'd rather not release details on the open forum. As to posting in the correct forum, well general consumer advice would probably be the most appropriate but I need the advice super fast as I may be homeless and without net access come Tuesday, hence posting it here. Sorry Mods!! Smoothy
  4. I urgently need some legal help regarding a contract. I would rather not go into detail on an open forum, but it has to do with a purchase and possible breach of contract and/or unfair terms. If a legal mind could pm me asap, I would appreciate it. Smoothy
  5. You want I'll haggle for you matey?!!!! Long time and all that.......
  6. I wrote back to nationwide, infforming them that I would accept their offer as part payment only and continue to persue the rest. Checked MCOL this morning.... So i spose now they get more time to add a defence. Especially as 28 days is up on thursday....2 days away.....
  7. Was it sent recorded? If so take your 12 days from date of delivery. If not, then allow 2 days for delivery then 12 days. That makes it today!!!! If they havnt responded by now, i doubt they ever will! Ar you going MCOL route or the old fashioned way?!!
  8. If youve not received a reply from their solicitors, then abbey themselves must be dealing with it and therefore a schedule of charges shouldve been sent to them else how do they know what it is you are claiming for?!! It may be best if you can scan their defence and post them here (remember to remove any private info etc) Then perhaps someone more qualified can comment on your best course of action.
  9. This is also another delaying tactic. They buy time by getting the case transferred and in doing so hope you will lose your nerve. Stick to your guns and ensure that your claim docs are watertight. Did you send the courts and Abbeys solicitors a copy of your schedule of charges? If youve done all that is expecte of you, then relax and await the outcome. IF and its a really big if, they do submit a defence, then post it here and well see just how eager they are to persue it. Try keep calm (not easy I know!!) and let them shoot themselves in the foot!!
  10. They Have filed a defence......or intend to defend. Im in the same position with Nationwide. Their 28 days is up next thursday and their solicitors have submitted to the court that they intend to defend although no defence has been submitted. Yesterday I got a letter explaining a partial refund and not for the amount i am claiming so I am currently writing acceptance of this amount as part payment only and I shal only cease persuing the claim when it is settled in full. Im wondering if Shabbey have actually filed a defence if youve not received anything......
  11. They all intend to defend the claim......its a time wasting exercise Lou. Stick to your timescale and its more than likely they will pay up at the last minute. Dont be too eager to press the ENTER JUDGEMENT button either. Let them have 28 days to file a defence plus a couple for good measure. All good things come to those who wait!
  12. Thanks for the support guys. I got home today to find a lovely letter from them explaining that they have refunded my court costs of £50 and £73.50 of charges. They have also refunded £22.88 stat intrest at 8% of said charges. Total refund of £146.38. Somehow i dont think this equates to the amount I am claiming. Ho hum.......I feel a letter coming on!!!
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