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  1. Another Success. 850 placed in my bank account today... Cheers for all the help and I hope this thread comes in handy for someone else..
  2. Okay. They had until today to file thier stuff for the 21st Feb. Gave them a call, should have done a few days ago. A nice guy called Charles Spalding, who is handling my case. Temi has left is in the process of faxing over an agreement for my 845pounds they owe me. Not a success story just yet, but should be by the end of the day.. As Bernard Once Said.....Boooootiful.. So to all you others. Hang in there. It took me about 3.5 months all in all I think... Who Do I Contact to make a contribution for all the fine help... D
  3. No Problem. Ive just sent in my documents for court. I called last week and she hadn't looked at my case. They have until 12th Feb to submit documents they rely on in court e.t.c So I am going to leave it now until towards the end of the month and call back. Hopefully because the date is looming they may know who I am then and I will get more of an answer but that will be the amount of my badgering.
  4. Ok. From what I know and what I hope too. It will never get to court or if it does they won't turn up or they will loose, but keep everything you need as a reference. They will normally settle before court and you may be able to get them to settle by pushing them a little. See my post Me V Barclays. DJHSutherland on the 1st page. Ive kept it small and detail every step Ive taken. Search the forumn too. Good Luck..
  5. If Anyone is interested. Just attempted to ring the above numbers but went to answering machine. Another number I tried was 020 7116 5634 Think the lady was called Tammy or Temi and will confirm this next time I badger her. She seemed to be dealing with it and not Connely or Lombardy. Said she has not had a chance to look into it yet and Ive left my details. Will be calling again soon if I do not hear anything... Also Found Fax Number in another Thread : 020 7116 7563 Faxed Them FAO : Temi, Rebecca Connelly, Anthondy Lombardy, Karl Voller. List of charges and dates. Claim Number Court date Asking for settlement, stating I will be in touch one more time before court proceedings. Just to push the ball as she did say she hadn't looked into my claim so now this might make it easier and clear. Nothing to loose....
  6. It depends on how much you are claiming. Mine is £850 I paid £80 for the small claim action, when u send in the allocation questionaire in at a later stage if it is over a certain ammount (which) I am unsure of you may have to pay a further charge You should be able to add this to your claim. when you make the claim online you add the cost to the claim there and then.
  7. This happened to me a few years back. I can't remember if I had any warnings or not but at the end of the day, like me, you are probably going over your overdraft unauthorised and the cards and cheques allow you to do this. It is, painfully, in your best interest even tho it is and isn't why they are doing this. If you know you are doing it and you do. Warning or no warning they won't allow it and if they ask it for it back you have to give it to them because it is thier property. Not what you wanted to hear...I know...
  8. No Probs. I seem to have a fairly good relationship with my landlord and have just let him know this again. At the end of the day he should have 350, my deposit to cover the rent secured somewhere (in an ideal world) so he should not and I doubt he is out of pocket. I have been ripped of in the past and do it this way now unless I can be 100% but you never can be. I did actually think I was entitled to do this but at the end of the day there isn't much he can do about it. Or is there?
  9. * And if you do it this time I don't know what you will do in the future when the new deposit scheme comes into force on April 6th as deposits will be held by a third party as opposed to a landlord anyway. * I have in fact done more work to the flat and it is in better condition now and do not intend to rip him off. I will speak to him and let him know he is welcome to come check the place over at any time. If anyone has any other viewpoint or if they've done this Id appreciate it.
  10. Does anyone know if I am legally entitled to hold back my last rent cheque. Ive given my landlord notice in due course and told him I will be holding back the rent and he can use the deposit. I will be leaving the place in a better condition than I recieved it too. Im doing it like this becuase of past experience with people and 1 small claims case. Thanks
  11. Cheers Gonna call the below in the NY and see how it goes. Will post back here to update then. 020 7116 4523 or 020 7116 4532 numbers may be mixed up. Thanks
  12. Court Date Given for Feb 20th Does anyone know what the standard procedure is here. Do they go to court normally. Do they, pay up before court. Do they fail to turn up e.t.c Do they just pay money into the account. I am sending the documents back that I need by 5-10th of Jan 2007 If anyone knows what the usual turn of events is Id appreciate it. Thanks
  13. I think it's just interest on the money owed not on the actual overdrarft, Id keep it as simple as possible but thats just me. I personally couldn't be bothered to do the interest as it was such a small amount, if it's a lot then obviously it's worth it. D
  14. Okay. As expected they have now filed a defence. Can't remember if it was on the deadling or a few days before. I just forgot about it coz I knew this was coming. So for others the standard barclays procedure is: Send the letter with list of charges / dates. Get half of what you are owed offer from barclays. Send another letter for the full amount with list of charges / dates. File a claim on MCOL. Wait for about 2 weeks. Get an acknowledgment from Barclays. Wait again the full duration since time claim was served. Day before or around about they file a defence. Next step I think is filling out a few forms and from what I have heard and hope they pay up or better had otherwise I be off to court melawd. D
  15. Look at the templates. Send another letter detailing the monies owed again and ask for the money once more refusing the offer and saying that unless you pay up I will be filing a claim and you will not hear off me again. Again. Look at the template letters.. D
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