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  1. Matt I used the Small Claims online facility in NI and was successful about 4 months ago. The online facility is excellent and you will be guided throughout so don' t worry about using it. I got to the stage of getting a court date and was then contacted by Abbey's solicitors (Arthur Cox) who settled a few days before the court date despite having sent me the standard defence. So in summary, do go ahead and register online and take your case forward that way as it is really easy. I don't think there is NI section of CAG but you won't need one cos the people on here are excellen
  2. This also the exactg process that happened wih me too a couple of months ago so feel free to PM me too if you want any other advice. You WILL get your money.
  3. Congrats Tink - same result as always if people stick to their guns!! You deserve it for having enough balls to keep going!
  4. Ann you don't have to give it back - you just have to tell them that you are accepting it as partial payment. They do this to try to get you to settle for less than they owe you so it pays to reply very courteously that you thank them for their offer and that you will accept it as partial payment but that you will be pursuing the rest through the Courts. Alternatively you could go down the Ombudsman route (and I am sure it works fine) but they are dealing with thousands of cases. The court route really isn't as scary as it seems - you just need to follow the guidance and ask for help wh
  5. For what it is worth Tink, I think you are giving them too long to consider the offer - 5 working days is sufficient as far as I am concerned. Just a thought but I really would not allow them any more room to wriggle than that. SD PS Good Luck - you are nearly there.
  6. Just my opinion Rachel but bide your time. You don't want to appear too keen as that might mean they think you are scared about court. If you have all your work done, sit back and wait for the call. When I contacted them, I told them that I wasn't interested in a protracted negotiation - just to call back when they were willing to settle in full. Lo and behold the call came 2 days later!! I am not saying you need to play hard ball with them - just don't be too keen. You have told them you are willing to settle out of court so you have made a genuine attempt to resolve the issue. They
  7. Just a quick update guys - money now lodged in my account as of last night but not without a bit of pestering on my part. Happy days!! :D I am off to the rugby at the weekend to watch Ireland beat Engalnd (hopefully) and the drink is now all sponsored by Abbey.
  8. Sorry WHU - I have nothing but respect for the Hammers as they are proper supporters like my own team Liverpool. I have a feeling you may have both - survival AND your money back!!
  9. I agree bish - I am already offering to guide some friends through the process and have told them about this great site as a reference point. And as for you WHU - I think you will end up a happy Hammer as long as you follow the advice on here. It may make up for your relegation disappointment!!
  10. Thanks for the good wishes guys & girls - I trust that all of you will get what you deserve soon. Anney - I have watched your thread with interest and I am sure you are now in the home straight. Your son is lucky to have you fighting his corner!! Good luck and I look forward to reading about your success in the very near future.
  11. Thanks guys (or girls)!! I am no legal expert but the advice on here is so good that anyone can do it. It took 6 months altogether but it has been worth every second. I will hang around and try to be helpful to others but there are so many who know more than me that I'm not sure I will be needed. I will repeat again to all of you - don't give up!! Abbey and all the other banks are on a loser and they know it. You just need to be strong and not easily intimidated and you WILL win.
  12. Follow all the instructions on here and then wait for your court date. Only then will you get any kind of positive response from them. I contacted Inga Kirkman and James Arrandale and they responded fairly quickly but the court date was what concentrated the mind.
  13. Sorry I also meant to say a huge thanks to karnevil, lula, bish, srfrench etc who have all been an inspiration throughout my battle. Thanks a million - there are no smilies that adequately reflect the smug grin on my face at this minute!!
  14. Hi all Just a quick update on my case. I received a court date of 2nd March on Wednesday of this week. I contacted Abbey and asked them if they would like to settle before I prepare my bundle etc. Well what do you know - their solicitors in NI contacted me today and offered 70% of claim plus interest. I politely declined and said that I would see them in court unless they settled in full. Half an hour later they called back and offered the sum requested. I have now received a copy of their letter by e-mail and have been promised the money early next week. Needless to say I will
  15. The number is above as posted by fuzzgun. It is worth a try but be sure to be on your guard before you ring as they may try to bully you. E-mail does give you the advantage of having it in writing so it is up to you in the end.
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