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  1. jo lee falcon works for [problem], call themon monday saying they have gone past there deadline to pay, and they your now going to file your warrent of execution and what branch should u put done for the bailiffs to go into, fax a copy of your judgement to jo lee falcon at [problem] on 01273 374341 then give it an hour and follow it up with a call to make sure she has received it, the money should be with u same day
  2. good luck cjhooker, looks like ur almost there:D
  3. ok how long does it give them to pay 7 days 14 days or forthwith
  4. good luck shaggie, i dont know any 21 yr old who hasnt had money problems so your no different to anyone else. this is a great site for help etc, i agree with what amberchain says above about having a good read, but dont let the rest of it put u off, no body has a clue where to start off but the more u read the more assured you'll become, if ur not sure on anyting it is best to ask the best of luck and i look forward to seeing your thread moved to the successes soon
  5. have u received the judgement for claimant from the court
  6. wait till u receive your judgement for claimant in default then fax it to [problem] ftao jo lee falcon
  7. speak to jo lee falcon, and fax her a copy of your judgement letter, u should get payment same day
  8. ok, we had a postal strike yesterday so i guess its been delayed
  9. looks like i was a little too late as they have had the claim put aside. a big congrats to u though:D
  10. because the judge requested payment forwith i went to the court to collect the request for warrent of execution form, and she said they had requested to have it put aside, what do i do now, as she said i cant apply the warrent
  11. looks like i'm in the same boat as you now, lloyds have requested my claim be put aside
  12. just found out lloyds have requested to have my case set aside and there was me thinking i was home and dry:mad:
  13. thanks for that, did they have 7 or 14 days to pay u and when was that time up
  14. just an after thought but can lloyds request to have this order set aside, or is there no going back for them
  15. dont feel like that as that is what this site is all about, helping each other, and i'm sure with garys help and the support from everyone else ( and the thought of the champers on ice) you will get there:D
  16. you only do this if lloyds dont respond to the claim
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