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  1. hi ya, my offer still stands i'll come and keep u company if u need it. dont forget the judge will know u have no legal training do any questions he asks u i'm sure you'll the answer to. look at how stressed i got with mine and the next thing i know the moneys been sat in my bank for three days without me knowing lol:D it is draining but stick with it... i'm going after BOS now so yippee x ps champayne cant stay on ice for ever:D
  2. excited to see if the postie has been for u :Dtoday x
  3. hi all, i have sent my prelim letter to bos, should i expect a reply to this or like lloyds do they not bother
  4. hiya, guess there was nothing in todays post then x
  5. if it went in fron of the judge yesterday she should of had it back straight away. fingers crossed for u x
  6. oh my god so close, i'll be checking tomorrow to see what they say x hope ur ok
  7. god i didnt realise, lets hope my judge is having a good day then if and when it gets there. i cant believe cc companies are asking for a stay when it doesnt involve them. looks like this may drag a little longer than lloyds
  8. i know what you mean its really unfair. ive just taken lloyds tsb to court and my judge was fantastic he did everything in our favour. i cant see the credit card being a problem as the oft are only looking at bank accounts.
  9. hi hayley, is this a creditcard or bank account
  10. spoke to my local court today to see if credit card cases were being stayed and he said if it got that far i should be ok... fingers crossed
  11. hi ive spoken to rugby and they are putting all claims on hold til feb 08
  12. hi ya, are you calling the court today, cant wait to hear what they say x
  13. hi thanks tilly. my claim with the bos is for a credit card so i didnt think that this applied
  14. hello all, havent been on here for a while as ive also been doing a claim with lloyds tsb and wanted to get that sorted before i went for bos. i'm claiming £2000 back, are they any easier to deal with than lloyds as they really know how to drag it out. has oneone got any pointers for me christina
  15. i keep checking your thread everyday to see if there is any news...
  16. ok not from this website but you got advice from another opinion based website, so without the bbc you wouldnt of got your money back.
  17. hi ya, been out and brought a diesel bag for £55.00 thats it lol and even then i didnt know if u should. yrs of not having money then having 3 grand sat in the bank is very scary. but the weekend is coming so i'll be out there shopping lol:D
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