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  1. i didnt even know it was on there.... is that classed as missed sold ?
  2. Hi all myself and my husband have got a loan with welcome this was a top up loan for our mortgage. the loan was taken out in 2006 and they added £3021.34 in ppi. can i claim this back and where would i start many thanks christina
  3. yeah i have a loan with welcome and looking at the loan agreement they have added £3012.34 for ppi. the loan was taken out in 06
  4. i dont have any of them but can you help me ppi pls do i need to start another thread
  5. not sure what means tested benefit are. and does that mean i cant go after lloyds
  6. i did but obviously dont anymore as i cant afford to.... what do i do now
  7. no i moved my account from lloyds to natwest and was paying my dd but due to salary and tc going down i cant pay them anymore
  8. for going over my overdraft, i set up a payment arrangement with lloyds to clear my OD i started off with £900 and was paying £45.00 a month off it but didnt always get the payments into the account by the date they stated so i kept accuring charges my o/d is now £2500 and that is all due to charges nothing else as i dont use the account. due to my tax credits and salary going down i now cant pay my council tax, utility bills or the £45.00 which lloyds have put upto £75.00 so to try and clear it off...
  9. they didnt give a reason just said i will have to wait until the test case but they have updated my file with the additional points i have raised. i even sent them copies of the letters from the council about my tax arrears plus my electric bill which is also not getting paid
  10. i have done all that and they told me to go away
  11. hi, i havent paid my council tax for 4 months and cant make payment arrangement as i seriously dont have enough funds as 6 months ago i lost some work (i am a childminder) which reduced my income by £660 a month. my tax credits have also gone down due to an overpayment..
  12. yes i do and they average about £100 a month... so they are eating a massive amount into my budget
  13. once again had a get lost letter from lloyds about my hardship claim.... where do i go now pls help
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