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  1. Hi Rach,i to am claiming from halifax under financial hardship i started my claim on 23rd oct sent all the info they asked for to prove i was in financial difficulties sent income expenditure form etc,received a letter last week telling me they are stopping paying out under hardship until after the test case, what they are offering is not to put anymore charges on the account for 3 months from this letter and if not happy take it to the FOS which i have done as this was there final response letter.I also phoned them up to tell them there wouldnt be anymore charges on account as i dont use it now there reply was this is how they are dealing with hardship cases now and that was it.But again they might deal with others differently.will keep watching your post and good luck,hope everything goes well on your new arrival.
  2. Thank you Mr Lex for your reply have been out all day so will give FOS a phone tommorrow not letting them off with this.
  3. Hi All,firstly hope everyone had a nice xmas.Received a letter from halifax this morning regarding my claim on hardship grounds they have refused and are saying they will cancel all charges from 3 months from date of this letter which is no good to me as i wont have any charges as my account is frozen.I phoned them up and they said this is what is happening with all hardship claims from now on,has anyone else received this.Said i can take it to FOS what does anyone think of this or should i just proceed with taking it to court i live in Scotland.Please can someone help me. Thanks in advance Willmurr6
  4. thanks tuttsi for your reply will keep you posted hope its not long.
  5. Hi sarah well done on your claim i seem to be in the same position as you i sent my claim in on 23rd oct claiming hardship enclosed my i/e form also proof of the mess i am in ie arrears etc,havent heard anything,i phone every week to be told it is with assessors and they look at them in order so i am hoping after reading your post i might be getting near the top of queiu,will keep you updated hope you dont have to long to wait on your money,by the way my claim is for £5800 so would really come in handy just now.
  6. well done pu nk can i ask what bank you were claiming from.i have been waiting since oct for hbos to answer my hardship claim.
  7. hi all still no word from halifax started my claim in oct claiming hardship but have heard nothing,have been phoning about every 3 days they say it is with accessors but that was about 3weeks ago thought hardship claims were dealt with quickley.keep up the good work
  8. hi all still nothing from halifax,but checked account online yesterday and they have increased my overdraft i was about 300 over my limit now have funds available not that i will be touching it,was wondering if they are going to make me an offer soon what does anyone think please.
  9. hi all have just phoned halifax again today as still no word of my claim and am due to file in court today as they havent replied to my LBA got a right cheeky man on phone who told me i would just have to wait till they decide told him i was giving them a chance before going to court he asked what i was going to court for DAH told me not to bother as courts werent looking at them.Think they are under pressure with hardship claims,so will be taking papers to court tommorow.
  10. just phoned halifax again to see if any developments on claim saying still with assessors, that will be about 3 weeks now,told them i will be filing in court on monday as that is 14 days since LBA,she said she would put it on notes that i am taking it to court dont think it will make any difference as she said they are snowed under with hardship claims.Good luck everyone else who are waiting.
  11. Hi All Just to update not that i have a lot to tell still waiting on a reply to let me know if i am classed as in hardship have been phoning about twice a week but keep getting told there is a backlog i was also told on the 10th it was with the assesorr how long does it take them to assess.I am also £250 over my agreed overdraft, had them on phone this morning to ask me to pay it told them i didnt have it.Do i need to pay this while account is in dispute.Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks Neveranytcash for your reply my 14 days will be up on friday,i am just anxious to know if i am classed as in hardship which i most definently know i am,we have been living off of fresh air for the past month[ha ha] since they claimed hubbies wages but not this month as have moved banks.We have also sent off LBA.Will give them until friday then phone. Thanks again Willmurr6
  13. CONGRATULATIONS Hope you enjoy spending it,i am still waiting on word back to see if i am eligable to claim on hardship grounds will keep you updated.
  14. Thanks seaside lady for your reply can you please tell me do i mention i am claiming hardship on the LBA.Thanks in advance.
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