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  1. I have never done cleaning as a job but I know people who pay £11 an hour to have their house cleaned Tawny. One hour a week but the cleaner insisted on doing a 2 hour deep clean first in the already spotless house. Said cleaner tells them what cleaning products to buy. The cleaner was recommended to them and now does half the street. Maybe house cleaning would be more profitable, especially if you do a good job and build up a few to do. Downside for the customers is the cleaner is soon off to Brazil for a 4 week holiday!!
  2. Cleo strikes again!! Well done!! These ppi claims together must make a huge difference to your life. It's so good to see the tables turned and former victims get their own back. I'm in the process of sorting my claim against Yorkshire Bank and can promise that your threads will be hugely helpful to me, and I'm sure many others. Once again, huge congratulations!! :-D
  3. Well as there is also nothing regarding my successful claim for bank charges back in the day it seems they've forgotten what a pain in the derrière I can be. I won't be reminding them about that though.
  4. I'm sure they haven't provided everything. For example they haven't included the correspondence regarding my ppi claim from before my sar was sent. Neither have they demonstrated how they calculated their offer. Without details of the loans, for which they say they have no info, it's hard to say about a rebate. The original loan was to buy a car and that is what was credited to my current account along with the ppi which they took straight out. I am convinced that when I took the second loan they charged me for cancelling the first policy and suspect that too came out of the second loan. What is also unclear is how they have loan account numbers when there doesn't appear to be any reference to them in the historical data. I will write to them with these questions and give them 14 days to respond before taking action.
  5. Quick answer is 80% of market rent. https://cfg.homesandcommunities.co.uk/ourwork/affordable-rent
  6. That's great news. I'm sure it must be a relief but with a bad taste that a son could do this to his dad. Well done for sorting it.
  7. Blimey! Well it came today and a brief look is already interesting. There isn't any info for the loans or ppi, and neither is there anything about my bank charges claim in 2006/7. All the ppi and loan info comes from the current account statement. It clearly shows the loans with my withdrawals of the main loan and a deduction for the full amount of ppi in December 1998. Fast forward 18 months and there's another loan with more ppi. As well as borrowing some extra it pays off the original loan, which of course, includes the original ppi. Now those silly billies at YB say I only paid back £260 in premiums, but it seems the full £608 was repaid using the second loan, and of course there was the loan interest for the part of the loan which paid for the ppi. They say I made payments on the second ppi of £320 yet they charged £1070 and I KNOW I've always paid any loan or cc I've ever had so I've paid the £1070. I haven't sussed the 3rd ppi yet which I don't remember and haven't seen yet. Neither have I sussed the contractual interest rate yet but I have an idea in my head. So £2100 "compensation" going back to 1998. I don't think so!!!
  8. No they don't. The main thing is you sort the payments so just do the budget sheet and send it off. Just say that your husband is not prepared to share private medical information if they press the matter.
  9. Your OH could write to the doctor or email asking for a letter about his illness although as you've resumed payments they'd be hard pushed to get eviction. Do the budget sheet and send a letter offering the extra £30 if you can definitely afford it. It will prove to a judge that you're dealing with it and getting the problem sorted.
  10. I asked about that and was told they don't do that and some people end up with boxes of paper! I wasn't with YB more than 3 or 4 years so hope it won't be too bad.
  11. Woohoo!! I'm thrilled for you cleo. Thank you so much for letting us know. It really helps people to see success stories like yours to see it can be done. x
  12. Hi Cleo. I phoned to check that the department that deals with SARs got my ID from the branch, which they had, and was told they had until 8th March (which is about right). The lady I spoke to said it was likely to be last minute as they're so busy. It's the 8th tomorrow so let's see what the postie brings, :-/
  13. There isn't a huge call on DHP because people don't know about it. The Supreme Court have heard the appeal for these cases this week and the decisions are expected in about 8 weeks. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/feb/29/disabled-people-challenge-bedroom-tax-at-supreme-court
  14. Amazing that a criminal lawyer and Chief Crown prosecutor for the CPS will involve themselves in this murky business.
  15. Was space taken off for the radiator when the room was measured? There have been cases of people getting burns when in bed next to radiators that have got too hot, so there are regs about having beds too close. I would strongly suggest that you start an appeal using form GL24 on the grounds that the room is not a bedroom and should not be counted as one for HB purposes. Read the Nelson case linked above as it is binding at first tier tribunals. Also read the Elephant in the Room article in Nearly Legal and the comments. The appeal will take time so apply for dhp which would help in the meantime if you can get it. Be prepared for a fight but it can be done. Come back for any help you need.
  16. Can a single bed fit along the longer side wall or does that block the door from opening and closing so it has to go by the radiator?
  17. Thanks. Usage alone is unlikely to help but if you can show it has less that 50 sq ft useable floor space for example, or there's no space for a bed unless it's next to a radiator, you may have a shot. Putting in the work on a plan now will be useful if you appeal the BT.
  18. What size is the box? Is there a radiator, and where is it? Are the measurements wall to wall or skirting board to skirting board? As your son was 9 the room MIGHT have been big enough as under 10's are classed as half a person, so it might have been reasonable for him, but now he's classed as a full person it would be too small, so that's a start to your argument. Can you do a more detailed plan showing window, radiator, plugs and the size of the box please. Also room height, especially where the ceiling slopes. Not sure if this has been mentioned but you can apply for a discretionary housing payment towards the rent. It may help in the short term but you need to get the room reclassified for HB purposes.
  19. Are there any charges or ppi that can be reclaimed?
  20. You need to discontinue the claim or how do the court know that it's settled. It has been settled after you raised a court claim but without the court doing anything so you have to discontinue it. I'm surprised BH solicitors didn't send you a form to sign to send to the court.
  21. In some ways I can understand that. Going to tribunal takes a lot of time and effort to build your case. I don't know your circumstances, but a discretionary housing payment, which is not permanent, might help until you've finished your battle with dwp. Obviously it's up to you.
  22. http://www.housingsystems.co.uk/Portals/0/SSWP-v-David-Nelson-and-Fife-Council.docx
  23. You need to appeal the decision BB. In terms of size and usage that is not a bedroom. Read the Nelson & Fife v DWP case. From what you've said here you appear to have a rock solid case.
  24. Normally it is someone from the council that pay HB but sometimes the LL sends a representative too? What size is the room skirting board to skirting board? Does it have any special featured such as sloping ceiling that make any part of the room unusable?
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