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  1. Congratulations Rainbow Tears. What was the wording you used that made the difference?
  2. I don't believe you should let them keep hold of the documents. I'd expect them to want to see the originals and copy what they need for their purposes.
  3. I see what you mean about you still being you, but just wondered why not just take it in? My employers have always been very thorough checking ID and eligibility to work, but someone was investigated after working there 2 or 3 years and found to have false docs. Not sure, but I think it might have been hmrc found him out.
  4. Have you received a copy of the disciplinary procedure, and if so, has it been correctly applied?
  5. Not applicable if "an agreement under which no sum is, or will or may become, payable by the debtor". If it's over 6 years ago they don't have to keep it and I can't see any other way of you getting it unless they've broken the Data Protection Act!!
  6. Thank you andy, although I have already linked directly to the BBC article in that thread in my previous post, as it is directly pertinent to this thread, keeps everything together, and gives context to the which? link.
  7. Here's an idea for you. If this is a one off case, why not see if you can find logs of someone receiving this kind of harassment and get it stopped. Alternatively, if this is normal behaviour from your operatives, then point out to the powers that be that they're breaking law harassing people like this, need to immediately stop it, review policies and procedures, retrain staff to act according to the law, and treat customers courteously.
  8. The Competition and Markets Authority have said that banks should reduce overdraft charges but still not come down really hard on them. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36309396 Which? are not impressed. More here along with a new petition which already has nearly 50,000 signatures (including mine). http://www.which.co.uk/campaigns/better-banks/?utm_campaign=banksthankyouforward&utm_medium=email&utm_source=whichcouk
  9. Hi lowkey As a parent myself I agree with silverfox that you should tell your parents. DRF cannot take you to court, so I suspect that your only real fear is them finding out. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they can tell something has been worrying you and will be relieved to know what it is. Just sit down with them and explain you did something silly, you've tried to deal with it and take the consequences, but you really need their support. As sf says, unless you're in a violent household, the worst that can happen is a telling off, but more than likely your parents will be angry with drf for their behaviour towards you. You took a plaster, and they've taken £90 off a minor. Of course what you did wasn't right, but you've more than paid the price. Get your parents to help you take control now.
  10. Would be good to see tv ads stopped too. I saw one the other day advertising 1272% and quik quid are constantly on.
  11. Ask at your doctors if they offer health checks.
  12. There are templates about stopping phone harassment and doorstep visits here that you can adapt to suit. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?405-Debt-Collection
  13. That's brilliant news Paul. Well done!!!
  14. Hi intend. If you still need info I've found a letter dated February 2005 with "Important Changes to your Select current account". It states that you'll get: 1. Improves Lloyds TSB Select Home Shopping Service - gives minimum of 10% discount off in-store electrical goods at various stores for branded electrical goods when you spend £50 or more. 2. 6.5% discount on holidays booked through Lloyds TSB Travel Service. 3. Improved Mobile Phone insurance - cover to include loss increasing from £45 to £95. 4. New Sentinel Card Protection 5. Same AA Breakdown Cover worth £66 a year. I'm not sure if it will help you, but if you want a scan of it I'll email it to a member of the site team to forward to you.
  15. Using 29.8% unauthorised overdraft compound interest the calc is shown below. First charge is in 2001 so interest is up to 15 years. CLAIM CALCULATION Total of Charges £455.00 Compound Interest £10,066.08 Total £10,521.08 Using the authorised OD rate of 18.8% the total is about £7k less. Is this realistic to get this amount back? I haven't included any bank charges. I realise that it's a higher rate than FOS would allow so it would need to be a court claim, and it would need to be under £10k or it would be outside small claims and subject to costs. I'd use Sempra Metals v HMRC to argue the rate. What do people think?
  16. I was offered a 20 minute healthcheck at my doctors and went a couple of weeks ago. I'm very happy with the cost of zero, that it was conducted by proper health professionals, that a potential problem was highlighted that can now be addressed, and put my mind at rest that everything else is as it should be.
  17. Revisiting this - again!! MM, do you mean that you managed to claim £33k in total of package fees and associated charges? ie cleared £28k debts and cheque for £5k? How much was packaged fees, and how much charges? What interest rate did you use and was it compounded?
  18. Have you tried applying for discretionary housing payments to cover the extra upfront money they want, and possibly even the extra rent?
  19. I haven't heard of LA's charging water rates. I live in a 3 bed house and am on a meter. There are 3 if us here, I pay £30 a month and am in credit. For info I know of a HA scheme where utilities are all part of the service charge, but as none of the properties are metered they can't tell who uses what. So poor old Mrs X who watches the pennies and tried to keep bills down pays the same as Joe Bloggs who leaves the heating on full blast day and night with the windows wide open. Joke(?) is that this place won a design award but they missed out a basic requirement like meters. Apologies to MM if a bit off topic, but I must say I think you pay too much for water. Why not send a FOI request to find out what LA pay and how they calculate what they charge?
  20. Keep off the phone. You've made your proposal and everything is in hand to fight the eviction. Pay what you have proposed on the date proposed to show the court you are doing as you said. If kenny's refuse the payment, keep it in a separate account if you can and be prepared to pay it on the day of the hearing. Ell-enn will be back to you tomorrow so everything is in hand. The judge won't evict you if you have a realistic proposal to pay the arrears. If it hasn't been mentioned already I'd ask the judge to order that you are not ordered to pay kenny's costs as you have done all you can to resolve this without the need for court action. You have done everything you can for now so try and relax a bit.
  21. Far too much in there for LBA, but vital info missing. Just send a letter marked letter before action, with relevant account numbers. You don't need to lay out all your claim but I would say you need to say how much you are claiming, ideally with a schedule of charges. No need to mention assignment to Capquest, mediation etc. I'm not familiar with the term restoration interest so you might need to be clearer about that, or check you are using the right term. You don't need to give them 35 days to respond. 14 is plenty.
  22. Interesting armadillo. Thanks. In the link that you provide the judge refers to the signage being prohibitive which is different to the sign above, which incidentally is very similar to signs in a CP I've used. Does the case apply to all PCM/IPC signage or "contracts" or is it more specific to those cases? Do you know if there will be a transcript?
  23. Was your wife working or not at the time and can she prove it? I guess your wife's circumstances may have been different. There's no harm in taking it to fos and it won't cost anything, try and get some more evidence if possible.
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