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  1. I had one of those from them for my 3rd loan they obviously didn't know how to use the photocopier. Also all loan copies were missing the T&C's. I have the originals anyway they sent these copies in a SAR.
  2. Welcome have just offered to refund charges on my loan accounts however unless they stump up for the additional interest these charges have caused they can lump it.
  3. Hardly the same thing really is it. I too have issue with it as it suggest that I agree with it without having had any discussion about it previously. Why not simply place an sticked announcment at the top of all forums as has been done in the past regarding the claims touts?
  4. The FOS will also only look at complaints against loan providers that were previously members of GISC prior to becoming regulated by the FSA in Jan 2005 also. An example of this is Welcome Financial Services. The were members of GISC from around July 2004 and then went on to become regulated by the FSA in Jan 2005. Prior to July 2004 they were not members of GISC. I had two loans whith them which I was mis-sold PPI on both and the FOS wont touch the first one but as the second was Sept 2004 they are now looking at this one.
  5. I had an Orange phone via Phone4U and was told that if I didn't wan the handset I had 14 days, I had nothing but probs with reception from Orange pile of [email protected] so took phone back and the contract was cancelled. However Orange have since sent me a bil for about £12 for calls made on phone. They can whistle for this as the only calls I made I had poor connections and ended up loosing the connections also or couldn't hear the other party. Lets see them try and enforce this debt. Muppets!!
  6. What I would do is send a SAR to all these companies and specifically request the PPI Policy Wording Schedule including T&Cs relating to the PPI policies you will be identified on as a data subject. Also send a CCA request to get copies of the credit agreements if you don't have them still.
  7. To be fair who gives a monkeys spud??? I dont. You deal with the DCA when they are having a pop at you , most of them have watched the muppet show as I have LMFAO. Thing is I am not scared of kermit:eek: :grin: And if you get that you know what I mean;)
  8. my OH had a letter from Lowell and I did exactly the same thing as you have done and they couldn't get the credit agreement from Cap One and so passed the file back to them like a hot potato also. First thing anyone should do IMO is send a CCA request regarding the alledged debt without acknowledging it.
  9. I am currently working on my welcome claim myself and it was standard practice for them to state they could offer a loan if you took out PPI. Therefore due to your financial difficulties you were forced under duress to accept this PPI policy IMO.
  10. Are you aware that judging by the date of your agreement Welcome were regulated by FSA. Also that due to this fact the FOS will take on your claim for mis-sold PPI and will look into it for you. Its a slow route but stress free pretty much.
  11. Is this because you have previously made a claim against them and therefore retaliatory?
  12. Petition to: Provide more financial help towards child care costs for 'under two's' for working parents.
  13. Come on folks we are all on the same side here. EDIT
  14. I agree with this SP, and also the fact that people often see it as a way to sponge off benefits and avoid working. But this is not what I am on about here. I am on about the government putting its money where its mouth is and supporting those parents who wish to work (therefore not claiming other benefits) and contribute to tax and NI payments, by providing suitable childcare facility so that they can move out of the poverty trap and therefore wellbeing and more than likely there health is increased meaning, if your looking at the bigger picture less of a drain on other resources such as the NHS etc.
  15. I'll let you into a little secret, I believe in being reponsible and also for taking responsibility. I am fully aware that parents need to spend time with their children not only when they are young but when they go throught the transition into adulthood. I am actually a full time senior youth worker and know from experience a fair bit about so called "troubled teens" I work with them a minimum of 4 evenings a week and some weekends. I also totally agree that parents need to take responsibility for their children and agree that this is partly to blame for the way that some societies are functioning. This is not about that though. This is about choice and about the freedom to return to work but without the pressure to if you choose not to. Its about positive use of taxes and also its about developing societies/communitites if we can look at the bigger picture.
  16. Your point here is? Are you trying to say that I didn't consider this before having children, because I find this offensive and you know absolutely nothing about my lifestyle homelife or anything else about me, also if you are insinuating that I don't choose to look after my child and would rather pass them over to someone else instead of looking after them myself then you are also sadly mistaken. Situations arise and financial restraints also impact on peoples lives. Its all very well saying people should have thought about it before breeding LMAO how narrow minded is that. The point is, I have a responsible job, I earn a fairly decent salary now, I have financial commitments, and I provide for my daughter. I do not own property and have to pay what I believe to be excessive rent, utilities, running a car which I need for work as have to comute 40 miles each day. My partner also works full time and my daughter always comes first with her also. We don't live extravengant lifestyles by any stretch of the imagination, however when all is paid we are left without much as the majority has gone on putting a roof over our heads £650 per month and childcare £480+ a month. Whether or not an informed decision has been made the fact of the matter is that the price of childcare has rocketed over the years. In an ideal world I would love to (as would my parter) stay at home and full time look after my child who incidently is 2 in June so this is not something I am doing for her/our benefit. Things are not like this. No offense meant in this post.
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