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  1. Hi, I was just wondering what the process is for people claiming over £5,000?? I am fighting my mother-in-laws bank charges against Lloyds TSB and the total amounts to (including 8%apr interest) £5,017.70 I have fought the Halifax plc for my charges and won so I am trying my hand at Lloyds, however, from what I can gather off the forum, they appear to be defending most of the cases....:-| I would appretiate any useful tips on Lloyds and if anyone could point me in the right direction of how to claim for more than 5k, as we are now at the court stage!
  2. Thanks Tilly, I will do this once my cheque clears! :grin:
  3. Hi, Was just wondering if someone advise me how to make a donation to ths site, if I do not have a PayPal account? Thanks!
  4. Hi grenadier2, Glad someone else is as blonde as me! Yeah, I gather that they should hold a copy of the signed agreement and that if they cannot produce this, then as you say, the debt is unenforcable. I just basically need a step-by-step of how to carry out this process, as I am sick of the constant phone calls wanting money off me! I have offered to make a small monthly payment but the phone calls still keep coming! Any help with this would be VERY much appretiated!
  5. Hi, Just wondering if someone could take the time to explain this process to me?? I have an outstanding Loan and Credit Card debt (which was passed onto Blair, Oliver and Scott by the Halifax plc.) and was just basically wondering how I go about getting it written off?? Any help would be very much appretiated!!
  6. Hi, just thought I would update for those of you who are possibly thinking of sending your warrant to the bailiffs. I have just spoken to Mr Stocks and it seems he agrees with me and thinks that I should have recieved payment by now. He said he is now going to put on the pressure and get my money. I would just love to be there, especially if he is forced to remove their belongings! So for those of you perhaps a bit nervous about getting to this stage - just keep pressing on, you will get there in the end!
  7. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else has got to the 'bailiff stage'?? My case in now in the hands of the bailiff manager Mr Stocks at the Halifax County Court. He has a meeting with a Halifax plc representative on a weekly basis. He has informed me that once my information has been handed to the Halifax rep, I should recieve payment within 7-10 working days, however he told me this in January and still no payment! The warrant only lasts one year and it seems to me that the Halifax are going to try and drag their heels, which means I will have to pay another £55 to issue yet another warrant. I am unsure as what steps to take next, has anyone else got to this stage and experienced similar to the above?? Any info/help would be much appretiated!!
  8. Hi, I have been through all of the stages suggested on this forum and I am now at the final stages before payment - I have issued a warrant against the Halifax plc and it is now in the hands of the bailiffs! It has been with them for the past 4 months and STILL no payment! They said I may have to present my case to a judge as the Hailfax are contesting the amount they owe me!! This is very nerve racking as I never expected to get this close yet be soooo far away. I am also very nervous as I do not know what action to take now?! Has anyone else been/going through this and can help me?? Help would be much appretiated! PS: I have spoken to the Halifax themselves, as the bailiff is as wise as I am as to what is going on and they say that the case has remained dormant with them as I declined their offer of a mere £700 (I am reclaiming £4,861!).... HELP!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have just received my statements on my credit card account and there are alot of charges, which amount to roughly £1000. I haven't added any interest onto this total and was just wondering if anyone could shed some light as to which interest amount is the one I should be looking for?? There seem to be two interest amounts for each month.... Help much appretiated!
  10. gkmotorsport - I just sent the one request with all three of my account numbers. So far I have only recieved one for my personal loan account but I have had the standard letter saying how the others will follow. They have until 24th Sept to comply and if I do not recieve anything - off to the Information Commisioner. It is all a bit daunting and I am scared about loosing this battle with them, but I am more determined than ever to get back MY money as I am almost 8 months pregnant and obviously need every penny I can get! Good luck with your claim!!
  11. Thanks for this Tom - makes a bit more sense now! From what I can work out this 72D is probably the charges that I have recieved. Only amounts to £200, but I am still awaiting my credit card and current account statements!! Thanks alot,
  12. Hi, Just wondering if anyone could help me with regard to working out my charges?? I have recieved a personal loan account report from the Halifax - which is quite difficult to understand! I have over £200 worth of 72D - anyone got any idea what this is for, as it is not identified on the notation meanings list... Also, what interest (if any) do I add onto this?? There are alot of 'interests' added on here but can't work out which ones are due to me being over the agreed loan amount?? Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks for those responses..... Yesterday I recieved the standard letter about how my statements would follow... Then I also recieved a full history of my personal loan account - surprise surprise, I can't make ANY sense of it what-so-ever! They have given me a 'handy' list of meaning of notations on my personal loan account, which is no help at all really... I have over £200 worth of 72D - which there is no explanation for on their meanings list. Does anyone have any idea what this 72D means?? Also the interest rates seem REALLY high on this list - do I make a claim for certain ones?? Sorry to be a pest, I have read the FAQ's but I am still baffled.... Help would be much appretiated!
  14. Hi, I sent my DPA request to the Halifax on 15th August and I have still not heard anything from them... I was just wondering if there is a telephone number that anyone could recommend that I try, in an attempt to get things moving faster?? Much appretiated!
  15. Hi, I have been reading through this forum for the past few weeks now and I have also read the FAQ - I am almost upto scratch with what I need to do and I am currently in the process of sending my DPA letter along with a cheque of £10. I was just wondering if someone could type me a step-by step plan of what I need to do with regards to the next steps?? As I mentioned I have read up on the FAQ, but still finding it all quite confusing! I would very much appretiate your help - Thanks!!
  16. Ok so I am totally new to the site - was inspired after watching GMTV yesterday! I have already set-up another bank account with the HSBC. I also have my DPA ready to send off... I was just wondering however, where do I stand with the Halifax if I put in a claim for these charges back and I still owe them money?? I still owe a small amount on my overdraft, and also some on my credit card and loan....Would they demand all of the outstanding amounts back off me?? I simply don't have the money to do this! I have been with the Consumer Credit Counselling Service for over a year now, as I simply could not get myself out of the vicious circle that Halifax got me into with their ridiculous charges!!! I am determined to carry this out however, as they made my life hell over the past few years! I am finally in a better situation and I would now like my revenge! Any help regarding the above query would be much appretiated!
  17. I am new to this site and totally bewildered as to what I need to do next?! I am taking on the Halifax - anyone have previous experiences with them?? I would like to re-claim charges paid on my current account, visa credit card and loan with them, which has mainly taken place over the last 3-4 years. I have already switched bank accounts, anyone have any idea what the next step is?? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi Adman, I have just joined today! I am also looking to take on the Halifax....you got any info on them as yet??
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