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  1. For The Bristol Girls... I had an offer from HSBC today for almost the full amount (£1025 out of £1143), taking just over 3 weeks from the Prelim letter! I live 20 mins from Cribbs... so La Sensa it is! Coffee's on me ! LOL Iz xx
  2. Just to update... Today i received a letter from HSBC with an offer of £1025.00 (i claimed for £1143.00) and i am considering taking it. Would anyone else stick it out for the full amount? Or am i just being greedy! Thanks for the two people who posted replies - it's great knowing we're all in this together. Good luck, Iz xx £1143 Claimed From HSBC 3rd August - Prelim Letter Sent 21st August - LBA Sent 25th August - Offer Received For £1025.00
  3. Hi, Just wanted to say your letters are identical to the ones i've sent, although i've yet to hear back anything from them.. so it has given me confidence that i've done the right thing, reading the feedback you have had. Good luck for the next few weeks of chasing what you're owed! Would be wonderful to be offered the full amount without too much bother.. Then again....pigs might fly...
  4. Hello All, And Thank You to everyone responsible for this site! It's a God's send! I have a total of £1,143 to claim from HSBC, ranging back to 2002. I thought i would write down my battle against HSBC on here, as a record if nothing else... I sent my prelim. letter (including scheduel of charges) on 3/8/06, and have heard absolutely nothing, but reading through some posts on here, i realise that isn't unsual! Today (21/8/06) i am sending my LBA to the same name/address... which i got from a post on here: Mr David Lewis Head Of Customer Relations Level 36 Canada Square London E14 5HQ I suppose i just want confirmation that i've done all the right things so far? I'm very nervous at taking this action, and need some support i think! Good luck to everyone having their own battles! Izzy xx
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