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  1. Yes he is operating in accrington, spring gardens church st, you can always confirm with mark Dawson at trading standards, the cheek of him though he is trading opposite the police station!
  2. My husband has spoken to Mark Dawson at Trading Standards and he is slowly but surely building a strong case against him, TS are fully aware he has changed names and he is definitely no longer trading from heys lane, we have a statement coming to us in the post to sign so that's another one to add to the case if I get no money back whatsoever I won't be bothered if this guy gets what's coming to him (prison hopefully).
  3. Hi Tea junkie, I had vosa inspect my car last week, they have issued a mot failure mostly due to the corrosion. Vosa interviewed the mot tester at the time of inspection and they are now prosecuting him, it's not the 1st time that he has been caught out issuing duff mot's, the vosa guy gave my husband his contact info and is willing to help as best he can and he has stated that the car was sold in a unworthy road condition, It is that bad that I could have killed us. I will pm you my info if you want to get in touch privately I want to get get my money back but also I want to make sure these con men can't keep getting away with ripping people off! I am currently waiting to hear form the CAB Thanks for getting in touch sam
  4. Hi I bought a car from LANCASHIRE DIESEL CARS (LDC aka HEYS LANE CAR SALES aka BUDGET TRADE CARS aka RUNABOUT CAR SALES and probably a few more different names) on the 2nd Feb 2013, it was sold to me with a 12 months MOT done that same day and stated minor exhaust leak not excessive and some corrosion not excessive, the MOT was done by AUTO INSPECTION, INDUSTRY STREET, PERSERVERANCE MILL, OLIVE LANE, DARWEN. I have barely used the car it's done roughly 100 miles since I bought it, anyway whilst I was driving along my exhaust fell off, I have now had my mechanic take a look and whilst underneath my car he found the floor so corroded that his finger went through it, pipes were cable tied and the sub was leaking that was just after 10 minutes under there. So my mechanic has said that basically the car is a death trap and the MOT is not worth the paaper it is written on. I have been backand spoke to Andy Long's side kick who is supposedly called Joe, he phoned Andy Long and he basically told me to get lost and that my issues were with AUTO INSPECTION as they are the ones who issued the MOT, also Joe told me that I wouldn't get very far as AUTO INSPECTION had covered their backs with the advisories. I don't believe for a minute that corrosion can get so bad within a month. My husband is going to contact CAB and VOSA and see where to go from here,
  5. Hi Yes it was Mot'd 2nd Feb and I picked it up that day, I have had a qualified Mot tester look at it and he said the Mot was not worth the paper it was written on!! I will start my own thread thanks, don't want this to keep happening to people
  6. Hi I bought a car from this man 4 weeks ago, the MOT is not worth the paper it is written on, the exhaust has fallen off the car, the floor is corroded so badly that you can stick your finger through it and the pipes underneath are cable tied together. I feel so stupid trusting this con man, tomorrow I will be contacting TS and also VOSA as there is no way so much corrosion could have occured in such a short time so the MOT people are in on the conning also.
  7. back on line after few probs going after nat west
  8. whopeeeeeeeee!!!!!! had a letter from ge although only saying that they are recieving large volumes of letters of this type. i did notice on another thread that someone had recieved this letter so hopefully ill get my statements soon. ooooh cant wait!! hiya parkvale u okay?
  9. yeah! il update later cheers!!!!!
  10. thanks for the help guys deller is helping me too and he is going to put a letter together tonight to send out. i really am grateful to everyone who is helping me id never beable to do this alone !
  11. thanks parkvale il have a read of the thread you sent, all this is terrible its going to be a long slog if they are being so difficult at the beginning but im ready for them im not giving up this time!!!
  12. so giz do i have to send sar and £10.00 to weightmans aswell
  13. just reading the letter james ball sent me and because they sent the cheque back to me when they sent statements they now require £10.00 so ill send a cheque tommorrow and the cheeky b********ds have give themselves another 40 days! oh well ill get there in the end. im going to send the sar again along with the id its just the fact of weightmans stuff now??????????
  14. they are solicitors acting on behalf of hfc so james ball said they clearly stated that hfc still own the debt but it was weightmans who put the charge order on my home
  15. hiya parkvale i just dont understand why they wouldnt beable to give me info that weightmans have as it still belongs to hfc
  16. bump please can anyone help!!!!!!!!!!
  17. thanks for the bump parkvale nobody around for last couple of days, really need some help on my sammyb v hfc marble card too im wondering if theres any reason nobody helping????? :( [/size]
  18. hi if anyone is looking do you know if they can do this?????????
  19. hiya gizmo i got the letter from james ball this morning saying i need to send copies of id etc which is no problem but they have weightmans acting on there behalf and say that hfc cannot disclose details of this account that they may hold. weightmans dont own the debt but i think thats where the big charges are and to get them to disclose the info will i have to send another tenner because its the same account? thanks for the link im going to have a good read of that !!!! thankyou for the help, its appreciated greatly. xx
  20. well i thought that, hopefully someone who knows will have a look at my thread
  21. still watching thereshope and sending you lots of luck!!!!!!!
  22. hi guys i sent a cca request off to hfc after a lovely kind generous telephone calloffering refinance. well ive just tried to track the letter through royal mail and its not been delivered, i posted it on the 15/03, has anybody else had this? going to send another one off tommorrow.
  23. :) anybody there its quiet round here, still not heard anything so if ive got nothing by monday im going to sen non compliance letter to james ball.:-|
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