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  1. Hi All, I dont know what to do next and I hope that someone on here will be able to help me. I have received an offer from NatWest for the full amount i was reqesting but without the interest. This was the result of sending the prelim letter with the schedule of charges (without the interest charges listed). Can i then send the LBA to get the interest back? I am confused as they have offered to pay the full amount as goodwill without them accepting liability. Hope this make sense. I look foward to your input. Thank you.
  2. Hi all just sent my prelim letter by fax, i hope this is ok - any thoughts?
  3. re: on purpose comment - i feel that because i was leaving the bank prior to the tightening of procedures on making sure that account switching was done efficiently, they could have sent some of my account details over to the new bank incorrectly on purpose as they were losing a customer. - perhaps i'm bitter, but then i did nothing wrong! nb I was meticulous in my application.
  4. hi, just wondered what you think about this. a few of years ago i was switching accounts which had numerous dds on it. to cut a long story short. one of my dds was listed incorrectly by the bank i was leaving and was set up incorrectly on the new account. This resulted in having a default being put on my credit file by the company trying to collect(now satisfied). There were no charges for a bounced payment from the closing bank and none from the new bank as they did not have the payment details. Does anyone think I can do anything about the default?? I think the error was don
  5. just sent my sar the other day and wanted to say hi and thanks for the advice on here
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