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  1. Oki Doki... Well here is my basic letter, which served its purpose, right or wrong i sent this to all my PPI people and they all responded to it, but using the correct addresses for each one. Also you dont have to provide actual account details if you dont know them as long as you can confirm who you are and the address you were at when you held the cards.. My letter below Steve Barclaycard Customer Relations Department PO Box 9131 51 Saffron Way Leicester LE18 9DE Dear Sir or Madam, Re: Providian Visa owned by Barclaycard Account
  2. Well i believe there are templates on here, i used them when claiming bank charges back in the day.. on this occasion i wrote my own letter which clearly worked, ive even had the money and SPENT it already!. PM me your email address and i will gladly send you my letter, then you just put your own details on it.
  3. Hi Shaun The address for Providian Credit Crads (which were bought out by monument, which in turn was bought out by Barclaycard and they WILL accept full responisbility for it) is as follows Barclaycard Customer Relations Department PO Box 9131 51 Saffron Way Leicester LE18 9DE You will get a reply from Barclaybard saying that Providian did not use PPI but instead provided something called PBP (Payment Break Plan) but treated it the same way as PPI. Hope that helps Best Steve
  4. Hey mate, im in Rome till next Wed, soon as i get back i will send the address. Best regards Steve
  5. yes in deed, this is how it was worked out, premiums from sept 2003 till Jan 2006... £180.31 Value of compound interest charged at on premiums £63.58 Interest on credit balance at equiv of 8% per year calculated on monthly basis £159.35 Interest at equiv of 8% per year to closure date £0.0 (zero) Total refund £403.24p Im well happy seeing as my limit was £500 and i had used it to the limit most of the time.
  6. Well 3 weeks ago i wrote to Barclaycard after some research to discover this tangled web of who buys who and what... My old Providian Credit card that i had between 2003 and 2006 with a pathetic £500 credit limit was bought out by Monument, which in turn was bought out by Barclaycard. Well as i said 3 weeks ago i wrote to barclaycard, told them i was wanting to claim my PPI back on the providian card, within a few days i had a letter saying they were looking into it and gave me the standard we have 8 weeks etc.. Today i had a letter from Barclaycard asking me to accept in full (
  7. Seeing as my neighbours are elderly disabled pensioners, there not happy about paying to apply for a stay to be set aside even though their case is in my view (and others) really strong, looks like this ones going to have to be a case of sit and wait.. I am tempted to just pay for the stay to be set aside but then all post goes to them and in a sense thats betraying there wishes. I have however written back to the Yorkshire Bank to remind them they are not permitted to take there benefits as charges in accordance with the appropriate Act and Legislation, despite this im sure that Yorkshir
  8. Taking Yorkshire Bank to court for my elderly neighbour, not a significant amount just over 400 squid. Recieved a letter today stating Sitting at Northampton County Court IT IS ORDERED THAT: 1) Following filing of a defence or holding defence the claim shall be stayed pending judgement in the Office of Fair Trading test case. 2) Liberty to apply with an explanation Note: Any Party affected by this order may under rule 3.3 (5) apply to have it set aside, varied or stayed. Such a party must apply under Rule 23.3 within 14 days of service of this order. (The order was dra
  9. Rogerebaker.... Great report, well done.. this will bring encouragement to those who are not familiar with the court setting..
  10. MCOL issued yesterday, Notice of issue recieved in the post today...
  11. OK Aaronsdad, might need your input now, ive recieved all the info from the Halifax re my mortgages and ploughing through slowly.. did you request all your charges back including the deeds despatch fees? I note from above you mention you got it all back, how did you go about it? Thanks.. Oh and i took this mortgage out on 18 OCtober 2000, same day they added a higher lending charge, whats that and is it claimable? Egg
  12. MCOL filed on 23rd May, Acknowledged on 1st June. Now 22nd June still no defence filed, there 28 days from acknowledgment will be up soon... and still no news, have spoken to IVA and they havent heard anything either.. On a different note.. Halifax credit crads x 3 accounts, got a written warning from IVA for doing the same as Cap One are trying and they coughed up to them, which added the money to 'my estate' thay call it.
  13. Blimey forgot about providian... Got a leer of tem via monument apologising for the delays due to heavy workload and statements will be with me within the next 2 weeks.. lmao oh well seeing as id forgotten i will give them grace and wait it out
  14. Looks good to me Goldlady xx
  15. Im the only good egg around here moneyhelp lmao
  16. Hi Dusary Ive had the same prob;ems with signed for mail and the Halifax... Funnily enough its only at the halifax address that signitures dont get obtained. None the less i have had responses, for example wen making phone contact, they say to me.. Oh you letter was recieved on... or.. oh Your cheque has been cashed (as if i didnt know) but yes no evidence of a signiture to say revieved. Like you ive challenged Royal Mail and i suspect the Halifax are perhaps signing for the mass of letters in bulk.. rather than individually, of course Royal Mail deny this, coz we pay for a service..
  17. ve got a £15 a statement fob off charge.. Arronsdad what did you do at this stage? or didnt you get a letter like this? They have exceeded the 40 days legally allowed by a longshot, and i allowed them more time coz a person i spoke to said they had put my SAR in the wrong queue. Shall i just pester them on the telephone like you did or shall i report them?
  18. Heres an update... will make you all smile i hope... My IVA concluded on 25th May having remortgaged and made an offer to pay off early... Hmmm this is the good bit, id previously reported Halifax for breaching the IVA contract with Lincoln County Court, didnt think it would go anywhere... My Insolvency Practitioner wrote to Halifax Legal department, as in solicitors, none of these ciustomer service manager idiots who think they no more than the legal system.. The got told, you are in breach of a court order which was signed up to and agreed by yourselves.. Halifax PLC, As the c
  19. Look at the brightside of things people... tey dont have enough staff to man every court in the UK... so it wont be a problem
  20. Prelim sent for my neighbours... outrageous banks (edit)off retired elderly disabled people...
  21. Ok after much hassle, breaching Data protection etc etc, statements finally came, i have now processed the charges and the Prelim will be sent for my neighbour tomorrow.. now its countdown time
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