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  1. Hi everyone - thankyou SO much for your replies - they have been very imformative... It looks as thought my girlfriend left the back door unlock (ridiculous yes I know, I'm fuming) - so.... are these bailiff people allowed to enter your house if the door is unlocked? I doubt so, but, I gotta ask!
  2. Hi everyone - I'm at work, my girlfriend has just called me 10 minutes ago... she's come home to her house this evening to find a bailiff's letter in her kitchen with a list of pretty much everything in the house, saying pay up within 5 days or we'll be back for all this stuff... Apparently the house looks like it's been burgled, they've gone through all her stuff to catalogue it... What I don't understand is how did they get in? Nobody was in the house, all the doors an windows were locked... can they do this? Worst still it's a council tax debt which has been unpaid because they're asking for more than it should be (i.e they've calculated the bill wrongly).... the council don't answer the phone or they keep you on hold til your phone credit runs out.... so it's not been sorted despite several attempts. Thanks for any responses.
  3. great plan but my car has been written off since then (some idiot pulled out in front of me without doing that thing you do with your eyes, erm, is it called looking?), so i cant do a photo i can get witness statements!
  4. One of their parking attendants last year ticketed me while parked on my own private land in front of the house (no lie!!), I have appealled, twice, and they're still insisting that my vehicle was recorded as being parked on the road on a single yellow line during restricted hours. There was another car further up the road also on the private land (not on the pavement or road) which was ticketed. I asked the council if the owner of that car has also appealled and they are unable to release this information under the data protection act! Idiots!!:o I simply cannot get my breath I am so shocked over this!! As if the council can just slap tickets on private vehicles parked on private land!! I am now left with the option of either paying up £60 (£90 after 28 days) or appealling the National Parking Adjudication Service. This is going to take up loads of my time. Why are Birmingham City Council such absolute ******* *********!!!!
  5. ok the bank manager at a branch in birmingham told me that getting the additions account wouldn't have made a difference to my overdraft application
  6. I was advised by a customer service employee at my local branch when I went in asking for an increased overdraft to apply for an additions account, this would increase my likelihood of getting the overdraft... Or was she just after more commision? I've never used any of the "benefits" of the additions account, I've had it for about 6 years and downgraded to the standard account last month.
  7. Ok so now Barlcays have magically acknowledged my claim after the deadline (very clever, well done Barclays if you're reading this). Status of this Judgment Rejected Your judgment request has not been accepted. You are unable to take any further action online on this claim. For further information, please visit the Tutorial for Money Claim Online or contact the Customer Help Desk. Why can't I take any further action online? I don't get it... I mean, what do I do now, do I just have to sit and wait.... 28 days???
  8. Hi folks I've been watching this website for a while now, thanks for all the advice and guidance.... This where I'm up to... Claim issued 13 Dec 2006 Deemed as served on 18th Dec 2006 The defendant has until 1st Jan 2007 to reply. I have had no contact from Barclays, no acknowledgement of claim, no defence, nothing... so now I have asked the court to enter judgement and pay up immediately... (I did this on the Moneyclaim website about an hour ago)... Just to fill you in! Dave
  9. Hi Thanks for the kind words of support... Progress so far.... I have been into my local Barclays branch and asked the manager for copies of all my statements since when I opened the account. He duly did this, charging me £5, and said it will take about a week or so. I obtained a photocopy of the form he filled out "Customer Action Slip". He politely asked why I was making the request, I didn't give him an honest answer I just said I wanted to go over the statements to help me re-assess my spending habits. I thought that if I told him the real reason, they'd slow things up. Dave
  10. Hi folks I was issued a Fixed Penalty Notice when my car was parked where I always park it.... on a strip of land directly outside my house that runs along the front of the terraced houses of the street, alongside the public footpath. The bit of land looks very similar to the pavement, and is even treated as pavement by pedestrians, but it is in fact private land, belonging to the households next to it (i.e the bit of pavement immediately outside my house is mine). I have been parking there every day for over 12 months, but on this one occasion I found a ticket on my windscreen - other cars also had been ticketed while parked on this private bit of land. It was the first holiday week of the spring and I suspect the usual parking attendant was on holiday, and the replacement didn't know the score this this private land... I wrote to Birmingham City Council pointing out this obvious error on the parking attendant's part.... the reponse I got was that they are trusting the attendant's notes which state I was parked on the road... clowns!! :-x There's a restriction on the road itself during daytime hours as it's a narrow road on a bus route. They say that if I want to appeal further then I should wait for a notice to owner.... can't wait!! Any advice on how I can convince these muppets that I was parked perfectly legally? I thought about asking them to provide a photograph of the alleged contravention.... I'll keep you posted on the developments Dave
  11. Hi Everyone, Just dropping by to say hi... I'm a 27 year old guy from Birmingham who's been pretty disorganised with money over the last 10 years.... I've read the article on Martin Lewis's site MoneySavingExpert.com ad-free, free to use, Consumer Revenge! which brought me here.... I'm now ready to take on Barclays to try and claim all the charges they've been hitting me with over the years..... Looking forward to getting some results.... I'll keep you posted!! Dave
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