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  1. Can someone give me the nod if I am on the right track please ? I purchased the car on xxxxxxxxxxxx and signed to contract (Agreement Number xxxxxxx) on that day on receipt of the paperwork I found that I was paying a large sum in PPI insurance , so on instruction from Welcome Finance I cancelled that in writing on xxxxxxxxxxx. Unfortunately they continued to take the PPI payments until xxxxxxxxxxxx after more letters and many phone calls complaining about this issue. They called me into the Welcome Finance office in Bridgewater to sign a new contract for the PPI changes (Agreeme
  2. yes it is it was sidelined due to another case but that was won now I can continue. This case is a bit more compilicated so I am getting snowed under
  3. can I recoup payment I have already made ?
  4. I have recieved a default notice but am questioning the legality of it the form is dated 03/04/2010 and states ''to remedy this breachyou must pay us the total arrears of xxxx.xx within fourteen (14) days'' and If the action required by this notice is taken BEFORE THE DATE SHOWN no further enforcement action will be taken in respect of this breach 1. Fourteen days from when ? 2. Before which date shown ?
  5. It is likley that the given address and the address of the presented id are both false. especially as the seller and the buyer live some distance apart.
  6. Hopefully you will get your money back , but TBH I think you have no chance. Ebay ALWAYS sides with the buyer.
  7. In hindsight the fact that you live in (H*********) and the buyer lives in (Norfolk) might of caused some alarm bells as it was collection ??
  8. Why do you think that Paypal moved from the UK to Luxembourg ? It doesnt meet the UKs banking guidelines. anyway you wont get anything back from Paypal , you should start a small claims case against Mattys18 , I presume you have his details ? Paypal WILL take you to court for the refund and they will win because they have done nothing wrong , sorry you have been stiched and I hope you get more Police help than when it happened to me.
  9. I had another letter this week to say unless I resume paying for my car then they would take me to court , Yet again I confirmed that I would like them to take me to court. I now must have had the same conversation with 20 different Welcome employees , I have always said I would be happy to resume payments when you can prove that the amount that you are asking for is the correct ammount as per the contract i have signed and the said contract is legal. The have received the occasional reply , but mostly they will ''call back'' or ''esculate it'' most mostly I get fobbed off. is t
  10. I have received a Default notice today even though the account is marked in dispute , where do I go from here ?
  11. Welcome called me at work today , I suspect it something to do with the account being ''in dispute'' for 3 months. I tried to paitiently explain last time that I wasnt going to pay another penny unless they correct the host of errors that appear across 2 agreements. I am not quite sure what to do now , take them to court or wait till they take me to court. PPI not refunded Charge for credit on Insurance Term stretched to 41 months Interest charged on amount already paid ie Interest added to total before old payments were removed from total
  12. Did you win the bike in an auction or a buy it now item , as far as I am aware the distance selling act doesnt cover auctions.
  13. ok what course of action do i take bearing in mind i am still paying £130 ish per month , a lot appears to be interest on money i dont actaully owe the other problem i have found is they started it again form 36 months instead of the 29 months that was left can any point me to the account in dispute letter please and what can I actually take them to small claims for ?
  14. I even have a statement from them , detailing all the payments comming off the day after i took out the new agreement.
  15. I have a question , I have asked it on a differnet thread but didnt really get an answer. I had an original agreement with welcome finance and they re did it when i cancelled ppi. when the worked out new agreement they re did the calculation and i am not sure its right 2995 then they added the interest then they took off the payments i had already made surely they are charging me interest for money I have already paid ?
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