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  1. Now that's a shame!! could have had great fun with some peoples that I cabnot mentions
  2. So when any Debt Collection Agency - carries out searches on consumers and use methods like calling neighbours, employer, relatives by telephone, and then uses tools like Land Registry, Electoral Registers and passes info from dept to dept, company to sister company to solicitors etc.. they need a license for this covering themselves and their employees? Or am I reading this wrong?
  3. Can you imagine asking their collectors that LOL I know we all need to earn a living BUT......
  4. They need converting to something pulling tricks like this - they need reporting for antics like this!! Let the authorities deal with them - the fines are huge - high time companies were stopped for antics like this.
  5. So they'll buy a debt of like £200 @ let's say 10p in the £ so it's = £20 They'll give yo a loan of £200 plus their lovely interest makes it a £400 loan for their outlay of £20?? Like we know statute barred debts are just that - shouldn't be collected!! Nice work if you can get it? How low can a company stoop? No wonder their profits rise ???
  6. Is there a link to this McLibel case anywhere - I have searched for it and can't find it. Thank you
  7. I couldn't agre more!!! And we thought Dinosaurs were all gone they still here thumping their feet aren't they? Seems lessons never learnt!!
  8. Now that site is interesting - I just played in there and it brought up Photographs, news articles, 192.COM = addresses all on one page allowing several links to a persons activities... no effort at all.
  9. Yes we've all read about people being tracked with using Facebook, Myspace, bebo, twitter.... thing is those place show your whole network of friends too. The family photos, nights out with your mates, last holiday etc... Then places like friends reunited and other social networking sites - it's amazing where data is these days!!
  10. Couldn't have put it better myself - there are too often no morals in what they do and the way they treat people. It's very much an industry that needs a clear out in a big way - across the whole of the industry. They've responsibilites too? What these companies forgot about in their greed was that this stuff works two ways and not always how they'd like it to be? The sooner they realise this and apply it to their "company models" the better me thinks. Like they say pay peanuts > get monkeys = the mess they dealing with today?
  11. Yes exactly - if any of you have over time applied for planning permission to change your propertiy (extentions, driveway alteration applications, use of parts of your land etc..) the details will be published in local newspapers, on display in local council planning departments and so on. This is where your neighbours and the general public will be allowed to review your plans and object or agree with those plan proposals before the council planning meetings take place. We can get copies of any of the minutes of such meetings from councils if we are interested.
  12. OK - we'll resist the urge shall we? No peeking it's bedtime??????
  13. Thanks Andy - yes it's a useful tool if we want to gather information on finances too as you say - it's a tool many of the Debt Collection Agencies will use to decide whether or not to take a debtor to court or not = they'll see whether a person has equity etc.. and can take a quicky loan out to repay debts owed etc.. it's simple and effective? Useful if you planning buying a house and want to know how much to push the sellers on price offered too?
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