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  1. ok thank you for your help mr shed i will look into that
  2. Before everyone tells me i know i have been really stupid. My husband loves abercrombie and fitch clothes but when you order them from the website they do not convert the currencies. I ordered a coat which was $400.00 i spoke to an adviser who said it was $400.00 so i paid for it using my card, i was charged 400.00 GBP surely this cant be right. In england we pay double what they pay in america. Anyway a freind told me about cheapabercrombie.com and the fact that they do change the currencies. I bought 3 items and it stated that it was £137.26, it then came back up in dollars and i aurthorised
  3. Hi Micky the hippo, no i didnt have any statements and at first was told they could not locate any information relating to my account. I fell lucky really as when i phoned up to speak to someone i go a lady that was a bit of a jobsworth and was happy to tell me that she could locate accounts no matter how old they were and whether they had been microfinched or not. Once she had located them she sent me everything. They paid up about 2 weeks before court. Good luck with yours.
  4. I had an account with Barclays which i closed 10 year ago, it had run for a number of years before this. Although they dragged their heals, which is usual for Barclays, they paid back every penny plus interest.
  5. I got mine back last September but they didn't pay out until the court stage.
  6. My court bundle incuded: All correspondence between myself and the bank latest schedule of charges statements UTCCR 1999 UCTA 1977 SOGA 1982 OFT statement Early day motion from the house of parliment House of commons select committee on treasury second report 'transparency in charging' Report by Kendal Freeman on liquidated damages 2005 Dunlop v New garage Relevant case law summary Hope this helps
  7. Hi have you already got a court date, if so it will be your court bundle you have to send in. Remember to make three copies of this, send one to the bank , one to the court and keep the original for yourself.
  8. its all in the paticulars of claim. what exactly did you put in there
  9. If you are exempt from fees, fill it in and take it with you when you file your claim, that is what i had to do. Just check you are exempt as i was claiming working tax credit and child tax credit but was above the thresh hold for court fees and had to pay anyway. Your annual income has to below £15460 if it is above this you may be eligable for remission. Best of luck Karen
  10. Don't start another claim for additional charges, i'm not sure where your at, if you have sent your LBA or not. If you still have to send your LBA just ammend your schedule of charges. Put in your LBA that you are sending an ammended schedule of charges to include the recent ones. If you have already sent your LBA is dosent matter you can still add newley aquired charges right up to filing in court, just send the bank and court an up to date schedule. Hope this helps Karen
  11. Hi Paddysreturn i have had a couple of claims in over 6 years. The Halifax i did in two stages, i claimed everything within 6 years first and then went back for the charges over 6 years. They assured me there was no way i could win this one and they would fight it right to the courts. They paid out just before christmas (before court). The Yorkshire i did in one and won that also. I have one in at the moment with Barclays for an account that was closed 7 years ago i have just recieved their defence which seems pretty weak, i'll let you know how it goes. Good luck Karen I added this t
  12. They said that we had to sign the discontinuation form before they could release the cheque, we told them no chance and we would not do so until the money was cleared in our account. We got the cheque this morning. Good luck to every one else Have a good christmas Karen
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