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  1. I am posting this hoping that someone has advice. My bank typically charge £25 for what they call a 'Paid Item Charge'. Unfortunately for me, it has put me over my overdraft limit on several occasions which has caused me to receive a further £25 charge at the end of the month for what they call an 'Unauthorised Overdraft Charge'. I have challenged the bank and asked if they honestly believe that a few pounds over the limit can honestly warrant charging a total of £50 in one monthly period. As expected, they say yes. The most I have incurred over one weekend is £75, that's 3 seper
  2. Hi there, my name is Steve... just like a lot of you, I'm here to take off the bank what they have repeatedly taken from me, my hard earned cash. So, where does one start? Well, I guess... hello... so... HELLO to one and all.
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