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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Ok! Will try to do the form now and send the letter to HSBC to tell them about it. Perhaps a helpful reminder will make them change their minds about the claim and give me the money now, tho i won't hold my breath!! xx
  3. Ta for that. Thats 2 problems solved! Anyone help me on the interest thing?! X
  4. Please merge my thread with the other one about claiming £4900....Sorry to do a new one but not getting any help and thought the new header would get me more readers! Just filling in the N1 form. 1. I've put the local court, rather than Northampton as not doing MCOL but by post. Is this right? 2. Overdraft interest....never asked for this in the first instance. Is it too late now and if i did calculate it with the complex spreadsheet it would take me over £5k. Is this ok to carry on i small claims? Is it just the actual charges total that has to be under £5K? 3. Do i need t
  5. PLEASE can anyone offer me any advice on the interest on the overdraft? Do i use the complex spreadsheet and this will take me over £5k.....what do i do?? Also, do I need to put a solicitor in the box or not? and who do i make the cheque payable to? URGENT!.....need to get this off today. Ta in advance
  6. Trying to fill in the claim form, but having trouble with the interest amounts to add. In previous letters I never asked for interest added each month for being overdrawn. When the LBA letters were sent i attached the spreadsheet, but said the 8% APR would only be sought if it went to court. I guess this is the "Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984" which is calculated on the sheet?......and do I put the amount in as it stands today or the day the prelim letter was sent or in a months time when it is likely to go (or not hopefully!) to court? I guess if i didn't ask for overdraft int
  7. Well we went to court. It was easy! After the judge had read it he said the judgement should be set aside but also that he was going to reverse the original clai as they should never have done it. Now it's just sitting and waiting for them to remove it from Experian report. I guess we don't get any court fees back?
  8. we've given them enough time now. Told them we'll go to court so are just starting mcol process. One thing tho, although the claim is for just under £5k with the 8%APR added on if we went to court this would take us well over. Do we claim only part of the interest to keep it in small claims?
  9. The offer was after the first letter only so we can do a final LBA now. I'm tempted to go for it. I've not had to go to the MCOL stage previously so hoping this will work out the same! Any more help/advice please?
  10. Helping another friend out. 3 successful claims already, but nothing on this scale. My friends are looking for £4900, but just got offered £3500. To them this is a lot since they have had yet another charge of £150 this month....where's the reduction in charges then????!! Anyway, i just wanted to know if we should go for more. If it was £4500 being offered i'd say to collect it, but this is only a 2/3 offer and it is their money. I kept on in my claim and got 3 offers before i accepted. Anyone been in a similar position with this sort of amount? We need to get on so any help ple
  11. Its a while since I was on here. Forgot to tell you all I was successful with my claim! They made an offer of £530 on a £660 claim.......random! So i said i wasn't satisfied and they then offered me the full amount. I got 3 offers from HSBC before I accepted, the final offer by talking to someone on the phone, which was the full amount. Anyway. Thanks all again. I'll add this amount to the money back tally. xx
  12. ok, we'll give them chance. How long do you think before we write another letter? The problem is that without all the correspondence we can't give the full account. We didn't keep, or even have, all the previous bills and letters etc as we never realised there was a problem.... the only letter recieved was over 2 years after the property was vacated! From the bits we do have all we can see is that they asked for money outstanding, which we paid, then sent a lketter back saying we'd then paid too much. Then a bill which seemed to outline the cahrges were for after the property was vacated
  13. Thanks Tiggs. I'll keep you informed of any progress. M-R.
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