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  1. Hi all, thought I would resurrect this thread as I need more help!! I have been paying council tax on my late mothers property since last year and have continued to do so. Until now, the £120 per month bill has been split four ways, myself, my sister and my two brothers have all paid equal shares. Now though, it would appear that one of my brothers will no longer contribute to paying this! Like we have a choice!! The situation becomes more interesting as the brother who will not pay anymore was actually disinherited from my mothers will (dated 1995). This was due to a massive family fall
  2. I too have had one of these lovely "we see you are better off now" letters after clearly looking at my credit file. I have towed the line with this lot as when they first started on me I was extremely scared of them and hadn't the confidence to deal them. I just pay them what I can afford but generally speaking when I get the usual "full and final settlement offer" I ignore them and leave well alone. What's the best way to progress? Do I just ignore them and hope they will crawl off back into the woodwork. They get their pound of flesh off me every month through CCCS or do I start provoki
  3. Hi there, first thing, please don't panic. I am currently on a debt management plan with Consumer credit counselling services. I suggest thay you contact them. CCCS - Free Debt Advice from the UK's Leading Debt Charity. They are fantastic. You will find that everyone on here is amazing and will help you an awful lot. Another thing I would recommend is that you spend some time looking through threads on here relevant to the companies you have debts with. Information is power. I have MBNA and Capital one on my debt management plan and as soon as you involve CCCS, they will roll over and
  4. Hi there, quick update regarding my son, Jamie. We contacted a specialist medical litigation practice in Reading and have sent them all the information. We have received a positive response from them regarding the case. They genuinely feel that Jamie has been a victim of severe medical negligence and are looking into claiming legal aid on his behalf as he is under 16. Anyone any experience of this process that they would be willing to share?
  5. Hi all, wonder if you can help. My mum died in February and as executor of the will I took on all responsibility for the paperwork. For the most, everyone mum owed money to have been really good and are happy to wait until I can sell her house to release the estate. However, Co-operative credit card sent the account straight to a bunch called Philips & Cohen 'a specialist' debt collector. In a nutshell, I have been hounded by them about the estate and they have even suggested that they will put a charging order on the property as they don't feel i am doing everything to sell the house!
  6. Hi there, myself and my siblings have found ourselves in this position. My mum died in February and her partner remained in the house until april when he moved into sheltered accomodation. I informed our local council who gave us an exemption based on the fact that the house was empty and unfurnished. I have now received a bill from October and when I queried it I was told that the emeption was only valid for six months. I have tried every way to argue it only to be told that if wasn't paid it would go to court and then a warrant of execution waould be issued which would generate a bailiff
  7. Hi there, welcome to CAG. I am no expert on these matters but I am sure that someone with more knowledge will be along shortly to offer you some support. All I can suggest is that you spend as much time as you can reading through these forums and swotting up. There are loads and loads of helpful people on here. Good luck!
  8. Harry Hill gets on my t*ts! He is not remotely funny and now I have to contend with him for most of Saturday evening as my kids think he's 'hilarious', i won't hold it against them though, as they are only five and six!!!
  9. Please don't do it, they are not very nice at all. You would regret them, quite possibly, for the rest of your life. Every time you open your wardrobe door, you will visibly shudder. We have all done this, bought something atrocious, justified it to friends and family then spent the next six years living it down. DON'T DO IT!!!!
  10. Quick update. We have met with the hospital in question again and they have advised us that they don't feel that things went as well as they should have done and they may have made mistakes. Jamie has had another check up and his hearing is gradually fading. The trust have told me the ball is in my court now. Where next?
  11. Morning. In a nutshell, the response was we hope we have clarified your concerns, if not come back to us. I will scan the notes in later for you.
  12. Hi there, I don't know what I want. I am not happy with the way the way things were left. I don't feel the notes are a true reflection of what was discussed, but I don't know what to do next. I have never been involved with anything like this before. What can I do next?
  13. Quick update, we have a copy of the noted from our informal meeting with the trust in question. They have admitted that there have been problems with my sons care but they assure me that they will put measures in place to make sure that it doesn't affect anyone else. What should I do next?
  14. So once again, I have to ask the same question. I haven't posted much but I am a regular visitor and once again I am staggered about the amount of bitching and back biting going on. It's not just reserved for the bank forums either, every area you go on there is certain people looking to agitate others, why? What are we achieving? This site is fabulous and everyone involved from site helpers to moderators and admin have made this site what it is. Why are people trying to destroy the ethos we have going on? This site can be relied on to offer some amazing advice and tips on anything and e
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