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  1. thanks rory ill have to call northampton court tomoz to see if its the same default..
  2. no i havent this is really weird though. im sure this was a debt that had been on my credit file then went away after 6 years, but capquest seem to have put it back on my file again. can they do this?
  3. capquest have sla[[ed a bank default on my credit file. i dont know what this is yet til i call them tomoz... but can i pay the default within 1 month and get it removed from my file..
  4. can capquest put a bank default back on my file even though it was on for 6 years then disappeared and now has reappeared
  5. thanks hedgey and no ive just come back from holidays..
  6. cmon guys someone must know.. i need to fill it in tonight and take it to court tomorrow.. thanks in advance
  7. 28 days are up on n1 form.. allocation q came in the post and 2 days later a defence... now this defence has no date on it says that i have not sent date and year copies of charges(lie). they are attached to the n1 form and also they want my account number and sort code... is this just tactics to drag it out... i am asked to provide a response by 15th august... so do i respond and leave the allocation q til later or fill it in now and send it off..
  8. her letter from the bank was post dated from last friday.. so she is probably lucky to get it..
  9. ill donate £10 ... anything to beat these barstewards
  10. you meant it was common knowledge meaning people knew... its now obvious to normal people that this was organised a while ago... thats obvious now...
  11. yeah thats weird how martin lewis only knew 30 mins before it happened but you knew 1 month ago..
  12. post a press release from 1 month ago that said this meeting was going to happen like you said earlier.
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