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  1. ok, i've now had a letter from the court telling me the case will be heard on 20th April. i've sent off the bundle by special delivery etc so now nothing to do until nearer the time?
  2. hi, just an update - the case was adjourned and i've now had a letter saying the case will be heard after 14th feb but not telling me the actual date yet. on the same day as the adjournment i sent the full bundle by special delivery so i am now waiting to hear from lloyds or for a date from the court. thanks
  3. hi, i told the court (Edited to say - I wrote on the AQ under the bit where it asked when i would/wouldn't be available) when i took my Allocation Questionnaire in and paid my second set of fees that i would be abroad and I gave the dates of my flights. I have had the following correspondence: 22 Aug 06 - letter from HMCS stating that defendant has filed a defence and enclosing a copy of the Defence and Counterclaim - filed by Seciari, Clark and Mitchell which tells me i knew about the charges and they are part of the contract. The letter also asked me to file the enclosed AQ and
  4. just been down to the court, paid £35 to apply to adjourn the case. they took my money and went away to talk to a judge who said he would hear the application for adjournment on wednesday at 2pm - the time the case was due to be heard. what do i do now?
  5. thanks katie. i haven't sent the court bundle as i have been out of the country for nearly three months and just got back last week. what should i do now? ask for an adjournment? ive just tried again to send messages via the buddy system but its not working it says "Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/cag/posttobuddy.php on line 9" so i'm not even sure its sent yikes, i've got 48 hours to print, read and highlight all the bundle. also i did not submit my statement of evidence 14 days before as i was out of th
  6. hi, anyone else having problems sending messages via the buddy system? my court appearance is on wednesday and i wanted to try and see if someone could come with me. also does anyone have any guidance as to what legislation i should print out and take with me? i've already got copies of all correspondence, bank statements, my spreadsheet of calculations, statements and copies of manual interventions. thanks rachel
  7. thanks guys. looks like i'm not going to get my money back anytime before i go travelling which is a shame.
  8. Hi, I've just got home tonight to find that lloyds have waited until the last minute and then entered a defence against me. The actual defence part of their statement looks fairly standard "the bank is entitled as part of that arrangement to charge for those services" etc "the charges are fair and reasonable" and so on. I have received an allocation questionnaire which i have completed (in pencil at the moment) i have a few questions though - i'm travelling abroad in september for 3 months so should i put these dates as not available? there is still a month before i go bu
  9. Hi, Is anyone else claiming from several banks? I'm claiming £2640 from lloyds tsb on my own account approx £1000 from lloyds on an old joint account capital one £688 halifax £50 so a total of £4378 i am finding it very important to keep a diary but also i've added a column on my master spreadsheet which has date of next action and i've used conditional formatting to make the line change orange on the day the action needs to take place and then turn red after that.
  10. thank you so much. i should be able to manage that.
  11. thanks - so i take it i need to pay £220 which i haven't got at the moment
  12. hi, i've just sent the letter before action to lloyds tsb for £2140. i worked out the interest on this to be £363.02 so a total of £2503.02 i get paid on 15th of july and am just writing my budget for the month. how much should i allocate for court fees? is there anywhere i can look to work them out prior to completing the moneyclaim forms? i have looked on the moneyclaim website and searched on here but can't find anything thanks
  13. thank you. i'm definately going to try anyway.
  14. I have just got rid of a car i had on HP by voluntary termination. they are trying to say i owe them collection charges. basically several £35 charges for sending me a letter telling me my direct debit had not gone through. I disputed the charges saying that they were illegal and they have come back saying that "the OFT report that you refer to is based on Credit card charges only." (their exact capitalisation and grammar!) I know that their statement is not true as bank charges aren't credit card charges either. Can anyone please tell me if it is possible t
  15. i've just spoken to a solicitor friend at lunch and they have advised me as follows: F&F - leave in they are offering the full amount do fair enough Confidentiality/non-disclosure - he laughed at this and said who cares if it keeps them happy, what are they going to do to me (i'm moving to west africa in oct/nov!) future charges - Logan21 - see the OP, the clause is there that all future charges must stand advised to cross out reference to future charges I've amended the sentance: "However, out terms and conditions will continue to apply and any charges that accrue
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