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  1. Yes - I got the money back minus their fee. Well worth it and the satisfaction of the debtor having to pay up at long last was
  2. Just an update regarding DIRECT COLLECTIONS. I went ahead and engaged them to collect the money that was owing to me and they were superb! Very professional and courteous, particularly Phil who dealt with my case. I really wish I had gone to them at the start instead of spending time and money on Court fees, CCJ's etc. etc. I couldn't recommend them enough.
  3. My Citroen C2 car caught fire when I was driving it! I had the sat nav plugged into the cigarette lighter when flames suddenly appeared in the middle console. I got out of the car and with help from passing motorists managed to get my bags out of the boot before the windows blew out and the thing was a complete shell within minutes. I contacted the dealer I bought the car from who got in touch with Citroen for me because clearly this should not have happened to a car that was only 12 months old and it was very traumatic. The insurance company report thought the electrical wiring was faulty in the cigarette lighter and Citroen were informed about this. What has surprised me is that Citroen have made no contact with me at all and seem indifferent to the incident. Is this normal with a car manufacturer? Is it worth persuing them for some answers or do I just draw a line under the whole incident?
  4. He's sold it (for over half a million) whilst we were waiting for confirmation of final bills paid etc. (It was actually my daughter and 4 friends who had been renting the property, I acted as guarantor) He had been promising all along that as soon as he had proof of final bills paid he would send the deposit and we naively believed him. Just as we believed in the legal system, thinking if we took him to the SCC we would get our money back. We have a CCJ against him and a Warrant of Execution but the court bailiffs have been round 4 times and he just doesn't answer the door. This guy has 8 CCJ's in total against him and knows exactly how to play the system!
  5. Unfortunately, the house he lives in is in his wife's name. His business bank account is in her name and she is the only named director of the business so a charging order is not possible.
  6. I think I have confused you! I am looking for Direct Collections Ltd who are based in Harrow. This is Direction Legal Collections in Banbury. Thanks for your help anyway and pointing me towards the Debt Question site. Very informative.
  7. I cannot seem to find the reviews on Debt Questions - help please!
  8. I am considering using them to collect a debt of over £2000. I have a CCJ against the debtor ( a former landlord who has decided to keep my deposit money to himself) and a Warrant of Execution but the Court Bailiffs have not had any success collecting the money.
  9. Does anybody know anything about Direct Collections Ltd who are based in Harrow?
  10. Thanks for your comments guys. blacksheep 1979 - an attachment of earnings order is not possible as his company is in his wife's name and also his house is in his wife's name. This b.....d has all angles covered. I do feel quite demented with the situation and very badly left down by the legal system. I always thought the law was on the side of the decent, honest person but it would appear that it isn't.
  11. I have an ongoing battle with dodgy landlord who has not repaid over £2000 deposit. I got a CCJ against him and the bailiffs have been round several times but this guy knows how to play the system.If he doesn't answer the door there is nothing they can do. He has 8 CCJ's against him altogether. Someone suggested that I try this. Tell him that I intend to write to the Inland Revenue to ask them to confirm that he has included my deposit as income in his tax return! I've just left the message on his mobile so will let you all know if it works or not!
  12. The problem we have is that his house is in his wife's name, as is his business. He is self-employed and the business and business bank account is also only in her name. He probably has no form of finance etc. in his sole name so he knows he cannot be touched. Any idea how I can find out if he is bankrupt or not?
  13. Thanks for your reply. We are thinking that we may take out a Statutory Demand against him and pay for a private Process Server to serve the papers on him. They have a higher success rate than the Court Bailiffs apparently. I need to find out if he is a bankrupt or not and am not too sure how to do this.Are we just throwing good money after bad? Any ideas?
  14. I got a County Court Judgement against a former landlord and then a Warrant of Execution for the bailiff's to visit his property and recover our deposit - with no success. I applied to find out if this guy had any other CCj's against him and discovered he has 8 in total and none of them have been repaid! Am I wasting my time and money in continuing to try and recover our money? It seems so unfair that these people carry on getting away with it.
  15. Please, please tell me what happened! This could be my story exactly - we even have the same "Landlord nightmare"!!!!!!!!!!!! It was spooky reading this thread, it could even BE the same landlord.
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