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  1. Hi all, i had my last letter from Natwest in October, the same P off letter as the first!!! Shortly after that i moved to Australia, on the bottom of letter 2 it says "F.S.A. guidelines state we can regard your complaint closed if we do not hear from you within 8 weeks of this letter. So if you do need to take your complaint forward, please let us know within this time". So, do i need to start again? As my interest was calculated in October can i just re-calculate the interest to todays date and do the moneyclaim? If they do a part 18 how quick do i have to get it back to the co
  2. I will be abroad from this Wednesday for a long long time, if i put a claim in and get a CPR (or other stalling tactic!!!) Can i have it emailed from blighty to me then email a scanned and signed copy back or will it have to be posted to me and i post it back?? Is there a timescale that the CPR would have to be back by?? Doubt if i can get it to me and back to blighty in 7 days as some people seem to imply! Cheers all. T and R
  3. Thanks Katesage, i think it's just me and you on this rollercoaster then?? The swindling herberts have just refunded £30.00 of the charges and the smarmy pigdog said to me "maybe you should check your online banking more and pre-empt any payments that are going out" To which i replied "That's all very well but if you don't have any income i can look all day and the dd's and charges still go out"!!!!!!! My pre-lim i sent was the personal one (by mistake) i then made the executive decision to send the Business LBA to which they told me to P off on both occasions. So i'll close th
  4. Just checked my online banking and seen that lovely Natwest have charged me £90.00 in referral fees for September, subsequently taking my account overdrawn. I didn't ask them to make me go overdrawn and now they want £90.00 for the priviledge!! So i'll be paying the account off and closing it, still carrying on with my claim, Moneyclaim next stop!!! Would still like to hear from any business account customers who are claiming or who have claimed. Cheers.
  5. I've now had 2 letters back from my Business manager and the regional manager saying that business accounts will not have any charges refunded and as they are not the same as a personal account you cannot claim charges back!!! I guessed they would say this, as they're not going to want to pay me my £2800.00 back are they?? Has anyone won their charges back on a bus. account? PS i'm a sole trader so my account is in my name! Cheers all.
  6. Good luck all, especially those of you (and me) that have business accounts with the Mighty Natwest!! I'm a sole trader and they've taken £2,800 off of me over the last 6 years and my LBA went off today despite them telling me that a business cannot claim!! We'll see. Cheers all.
  7. That's a very helpful and constructive post, well done.
  8. I'm claiming back my Charges for my Business account, and it would appear that the first letter neds to be worded slightly differently to the personal one. I'm not sure where on the site it is so i'll get the wife to find it again an let you know. Natwest told me "In your letter you refer to the Office of fair Trading, at present do not have any involvement in business accounts and the practice of unauthorised borrowing is against the t and c of operating a business account" I say that's cobblers, so i've now sent the "Business" LBA rather than sending the "Business" Prelim letter
  9. Hello, I've just received a letter from Natwest - after I'd sent them my Prelim Letter. I'd added Excess Borrowing Charges into my calculations - maybe I misunderstood what I could claim for? I also put down Paid Referral Fees, unpaid Cheque & DD fees. NatWest have said "The charges applied to your account are excess charges applied because your account has not had suffient funds to cover items for payment on a particular day or your account has been overdrawn without arrangement... In your letter your refer to the Office of Fair Trading, at present they do not have any i
  10. Sent off my tenner for DPA on 8th August, i've had copy statements from 2000 to 2002 delivered. However i've phoned Natwest yesterday (Tuesday) they tell me that pre 2002 statements are printed in a different way so i'll get 2 deliveries......my other statements were posted on 22nd August......8 Days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i'm just hoping the post is really slow, otherwise someone somewhere is currently having a good look at my business account from 2002 to 2006!!! Why don't the banks send the statements out recorded?? Is there anything more i can do to safeguard my accoun
  11. I think i'll be living in Brisbane by the time my case is concluded so i'd like to know too. if it comes to it i'll have to get my solicitor to sort out!! Cheers all.
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