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  1. Hi, I claimed back my bank chanrges fom Nationwide last March and until recently they have not taken any more. But now, they have begun to charge me for my unpaid DD's, unauthorised OD fees, etc. I have searched the site but have not come across any similar situations. I seem to remember some letter that could be written that was available on this site to put a stop to this, even temporarily. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have already used the search function. Cheers, Smesin
  2. Not really, I just wondered what people thought about this... I got restless during my first claim against Nationwide. I'm just about to start a claim for my girlfriend... What is the worst that could happen if I calculated the charges total and put in a claim straight away and did away with the Preliminary and LBA Letters? I have not heard much disscussion about this and it would certainly cut out about 2/3 weeks of the process. DISCUSS....
  3. Ok... I just rang the lady @ my county court to confirm what the process was for tying things up and she advised me to put in writing that i wished to withdraw proceedings against Nationwide as I have received full settlement... Which I did.... thought this might come in useful. 21st March 2007 Dear Sir/Madam, R.E. CLAIM NUMBER: XXXXXXXX Since receiving notice of an acknowledgement of service from Nationwide Building Society stating that they intended to defend the claim, I have received full settlement from them. I therefore wish to withdraw any further proceedings regarding this claim. Yours faithfully, Smesin
  4. You will.. sit tight and keep us updated!! Smoking is going well- if you mean smoking as is having the occasional lapse hating myself, feeling crap, getting remotivated then lapsing again. Difficult at the moment.. but soldiering on!!! All the best, Smesin
  5. No, I beleive that the 28 days is from when the claim was 'deemed to have been served'... see your court papers... Not 100% on this though. Just sit tight and keep checking your account.... All the best. Smesin
  6. I know there are a few loose ends to tie up now with the court, etc. But i don't have to be pro-active anymore cause i've got my money. So any comments about tying things up would be appriciated...
  7. Sat 10th March (Post #70). I have not filled in an AQ form.
  8. I have just checked my Nationwide account and I have been paid in full as follows... From my statement: 15 March Credit By Cash £50.00 (Court Fee) 16 March Correction £330.00 (Charges) 16 March Credit By Cash £65.61 (Interest) Thanks for everyones input on this thread, you have all been a huge source of inspiration and motivation. Keep me updated with your progresses through this thread. Donation on its way... Smesin
  9. Ok... Dispite the letter from NW saying that my charges are in the process of being refunded (see attachment in post above).... I received a notice from the court on Saturday 10th March stating that Nationwide intend to defend the whole claim!!???!!!??? Confused.... Thoughts please.....
  10. I got mine back with my Notice Of Issue..... Get on their case if you really want it... although I don't think it's important as your notice of issue is your confirmation.
  11. Ok, check this out... This is the letter I received from the complaints department when it was passed on to them. Ive not heard of them admitting defeat in this way before but atleast I now have clarification and don't have to worry about court, etc. Has anyone else ever had this letter? Nevertheless, I have still not received my money.... Will celebrate when I see it in my account!!!!!!!!! Smesin Letter From Nationwide.doc
  12. Sat 3rd I would say... This gives them 2 days with first class post which is plenty. Furthermore, considering it was sent to there registered address... I assume someone must be there weekends to deal with this type of mail. Trust the court... if they say it is deemed served on 3rd March then I'm guessin Nationwide aint gonna argue... You should receive your paperwork soon which gives all the dates anyway. It's not that significant so I shouldn't worry as it will probably we acknowledged by NW before then. Smesin
  13. Deal Noel!!! Sorry... Option 2.... I'll wait it out.... They might forget then I can send the baliffs in. Cheers Mahharg P.S. Hows the No Smoking going?
  14. How much do you need the money?... don't hassle them... They could just forget to pay you with their increased workload!! Mr Bacon will open the paper to see pics of your local branch being done over by heavies... Wishful thinking...lol
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