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  1. hi folks thanks for any advice in advance, i am on here due to an insurance claim for my vehicle, where they are saying the value to repair is £2800 and that they are going to write off my vehicle and off me only £2200 i have looked online at cars on a like for like basis and they are nearly £1500 more than what i am being offered for mine. the accident was not my fault, was a young driver aged 18 who has had 4 other accidents since passing his test, he was driving on the wrong side of the road, windscreen covered in frost, unable to see a thing, have taken pictures of this, we were nearly stopped as it was just outside our driveway when he drove in to the front of us whats annoying is we are going to be out of pocket by nearly 2k because of his actions we have a private plate on the car, so will have to pay for that to be removed, we had just filled the car full of diesel, and to get something the same its going to cost us a lot more than the insurance company is offering, can anyone offer us some advice where we can go with this, if we have any rights many many thanks
  2. can anyone advise me on a sofa i bought from Harvey's, and problems i am having with it, when it arrived it had some damage, but was only a plastic moulding around the switch which was repaired, i have had problems since, with this plastic moulding breaking off all the time, the arms of the sofa, you can feel the frame of the sofa under the arms, them telling me it's the design and the arms need fluffed everyday to sort this out, even when doing this you can still feel the frame, you don't have to put your arm down hard before it can hurt catching on the frame, when we viewed this in the store, it never felt like this, store one being there nearly a year and still the arms are solid, no where on store sofa can you feel any frame anywhere, ours is not even 9 months old, and they are now saying as a good will gesture they will have them refilled, which i am not very happy about, as after a year old i want have much option but to just have it repaired every time, even when it was ordered, we were given a delivery date, but never came until another 4 months after that date, so far this is the forth time they have come out to fix it, legally where do i stand, as i don't see it fit for purpose, i am self employed, and as they cant give me a morning or afternoon appointment, other than a call the night before, i am losing a lot in wages as i have to take the whole day off just for them, yes i can expect things to go wrong every now and then, but 4 times so far in less than 9 months, is a lot in loss wages to me, and at less than 9 months old, with these problems, what does the future hold with it, i only see problems after problems with it any advice will be greatly appreciated thank you
  3. hi DX thanks for post, garage this morning checked battery and van this morning, van outputs are all fine, with ignition off, nothing is pulling enough to flatten battery, and battery tested as dead, got van going and did a round 30 mile trip, although the van started again when i tried it back home, an hour later it was flat with not enough power to crank the engine over
  4. hi folks, purchased a battery from halfords about 2.5 yrs ago, a maintenance free starter power with 3 yr warranty on it, for my van which i have owned less than 3 yrs, the battery it replaced was the original battery from when the van was registered on the road, however it's not holding a charge and customer services said it's not a problem i dont have receipt, just bring it along to my nearest store, on getting there i was informed that it was not covered by the warranty as the machine said that it was either undercharged or overcharged, which i can figure out what this means as they wont explain it, the van has being checked and it's putting out the correct voltage, they then realised it was not a car battery and done a further test where it said they had to recharge it and then retest it, the battery itself does charge but does go flat overnight so when they test it it is going to prob say its fine, having read some forums on halfords battery warranty its seems i am not alone with the same fault and problem with halfords, she then went on to say that the battery was manufacture in March 09 which means despite it saying it has a 3 yr warranty it only had 2 years warranty as i dont have my receipt and now not covered by the warranty, anyone any advice what i can do thank you :-x
  5. the link on here as come up as a link, on email it does not, except the one that is further down
  6. :???: am looking for some advice, as to where i stand with a gift certificate as a present, i have gone on to book this and received email from them, which was my experience boarding pass copy and pasted on here Voucher number: EXP669-******** Participant name: STEPHEN SANSUM Experience: The Tank Driving Experience, Stirling Booking date: Sunday, August 4th, 2013, confirmed Booking time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM, confirmed Location: Stirlingshire Participants: This voucher entitles one person to the experience Experience duration: Experience duration 1 hour, drive time over 20 minutes Weather: Can be done in most weather conditions Restrictions: Minimum age 16. Driver height over 5 ft. Season runs April - November Spectators: Welcome to observe from the viewing gallery. Refreshments available onsite. Spectators can ride in the tank for £5 (payable on the day) Validity: This voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase Important Notes ** Location This event takes place at Absolutely Scotland, Gateside Road, Cambusbarron, Stirling. ** Directions Please see this map link to the exact location: tinyurl.com/abscotland. Please DO NOT use sat-nav to find this venue as the postcode is approximate. Please familiarise yourself with the location using the detailed directions at http://www.giftexperiencescotland.com/tankdriving_directions.pdf ** Time Please arrange to be at the venue no less than 15 minutes before the booking time stipulated. Failure to arrive on time may result in you missing your booking slot. ** Clothing Please wear sensible, flat shoes for this driving event and dress warmly, even on sunny days. Please bring one form of ID with you on the day. ** Weather Should this event be cancelled because of weather then we will email you. Please check your emails before departing to the event. Experience Supplier & Venue Absolutely Scotland Tank Driving Absolutely Scotland (Tank Driving) Castle hill, Cambusbarron By Stirling Stirling FK7 9QU Please make sure that you are familiar with the location of the experience venue. Get driving directions by following this link. i have read this and the important notes box, then under this box is another with the address and a link to follow for getting directions, although in the important notes section it has an address, which has to be copied and pasted to get to, i have just presumed the link they have enclosed for the directions is the same thing, so i have followed their link and printed out the directions, directions through google maps, and i have followed them online right to the destination end, where you see some 4x4s training ground, and these directions have pointed this out to be the location, on arriving here their is no clear signs for the driving experiethere isnce, and their fore i have gone to the club shop and they have explained the woman is further down the road on the right along a dirt track, needless to say i never found this gate or dirt track, after an hour trying to find this place i have given up, a couple houses i have stopped and asked at knew it went on somewhere in the area, but were not sure where exactly it was. when i have copied and pasted the address in the important notes it is different instructions, where it does take you to the same spot where the 4x4s were, but a closed gate has to be opened then down a long dirt track, although at this spot there is no signs or indications to this, i have found the boarding pass a bit confusing as it does tell you to follow this link for directions, maybe my own fault for not coping address and pasting, as they now say i missed my slot and nothing can be done, therefore my voucher is now spent, anyone know where i would stand on this, thanks for any advice
  7. hi folks anyone with any thoughts with o2 and unpaid dd, i have being a customer of theirs for over 10 years, and in that time i have never missed a payment, i have just come back from a holiday up north, and during that time a dd for my account went unpaid, as i was up north did not get a signal and as my phone was barred i could not contact them. when i got home i phoned them straight away, i am on a £35 monthly contract for 2 years ending oct next year, as i have no problem with this, but the 35 line rental also comes with x amount mins and texts less or more if you pay more or less, after speaking to them today they still want the £35 line rental which is fine with me, but what annoys me is that they have barred my phone now nearly 3 weeks, and as part of the contract i have my calls and text, which i will not get back, and no offer to reduce it due to the timescale my phone was barred, if i am in breach of contract then they must be also for not providing me what my line rental covers. Also not sure if i am right or not, when a new contract is renewed with them, do they not want the line rental up front for the first month? any advice on this would be greatly appreciated
  8. hi folks, i am trying to pursue a missold ppi by first national bank, i found an old credit report which shows fnb on my credit history and the address they were trading under, i have googled the address and got the phone number which i have called, and it has given me a new number to call with ge money, so i now know to pursue them, i also have had copies of my statements sent out, with various charges on it. My ppi at the time of sale was applied for in full and the cost was applied to my loan, however i am not quite sure how much i paid for the ppi policy, i think it was around £1500-£2000 which was to run the length of the course of the loan, even though i settled early, also by settling early they applied future charges to the settlement of £1902.84 can this be claimed back and what would be my next step with regards to the ppi any help would be appreciated thanks
  9. hi does anyone know who now deals with first national, i took a loan out with them several years ago, and now cant find any trace of them, to claim back the mis sold ppi, i thought it might have being ge capitol/money that may now have the details, any ideas anyone cheers
  10. hi can anyone give me some advice on the ppi calculator sheets, i had a charge card with ge money i have all my records and charges, but each payment and ppi payment is different from the next, when i open the compound interest calculator i enter the dates, the amount of charge etc, but it wont calculate the number of days elapsed, comes up with a wee red triangle and when i click on it it says you cant compare a date with a number because their data types are different, also when i open it comes up with Missing Font - times new roman,serif Import Warning - Indents in table cells were imported but aren’t editable. Import Warning - Unsupported formulas in 252 cells were removed from Table 1 on “COMPOUND INTEREST CALCULATOR.” The last calculated value was used. i am using a mac and the program is numbers, it also wont calculate the compound interest, any ideas? thanks
  11. it's no longer moor-croft, i am now getting recorded messages every 2 hours from MDR, which started at 8 this morning, asking me to phone them, which i wont be doing, not after the smart ass git who rang the other night, when they call, do i have to give them my details, i have refused and they have told me i have to give them my details, and also can i get these calls stopped, i read somewhere its harassment, i have spoke to a paul before at yell, who was not happy that i was not going to advertise with yell again, after doing what they have to me and hang up on me, nice to see how good customer service is at yell but i will email you when i get home this evening
  12. Hi folks update on this, is that yell have spoofed me into signing into something where they did not leave me a copy of what I was signing into. i have spoke to yell, and their useless customer services, with regards to the advertising i took out with them, when their sales rep called round i informed him my budget for the year was around 300-350 pound as my budget, as i had just set up in business and i could not really afford more of this, the rep went through everything with me, i even showed him the free voucher that google had sent me for free advertising on a trial basis, which he informed me was all included in the contract i was signing up for at a cost of £313 for the year, i am not the kind of person who throws out anything thats to do with my business, and i have the copy of my agreement, my dd set up and the contract, every month dd went out of my account and i presumed this was my advertising with yell. I am raging to now find out that i also signed another contract, according to yell which they have the copies for additional advertising which the dd taken from my account was for, and not for what i believed i signed up for, the rep had informed me this was all included in the package, and i know i would not have signed for additional advertising with google when google had sent me a voucher for this for free trial with them, the rep assured me that my cost is all broken down on the contract, but he had another contract which he never left me a copy of, which he sneakily got me to sign up for this google service after telling me it was all included. The dd i set up was never taken on for the contract i have copies of, as the box with yell was ticked by someone and not me that the balance would be paid in full, they never contacted me, never sent out reminders, and the first i knew about this was when moor-croft sent me demand letters, on top of which they have added further charges, all because they have used dirty hand tactics to get people to sign up, my bill is now nearly £700 for the year after me stating i could not afford more than my budget. They inform me at yell nothing can be done as the rep has left, and they cant ask him, they cant further investigate it, and the balance is due, they have given me 2 different stories, where they have said the advertising was taken out on different dates, then have realized it was on the same day with their sales rep, then argued with me that i was to pay the balance in full and why i have not, when i have questioned him about why have i gone to the trouble to set up a dd with them which they have not taken on, then realized they have made an error. Does anyone know where I stand with this, what I can do, as when I speak to yell they dont help at all, and say there is nothing they can do. have recently taken out a free ad with google, and again they have sent out another free trial voucher, is this yell using dirty tricks to diddle money from people. I am getting letters again from moor-croft and now the obnoxious calls from them, any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. Hi folks yet another idiot who has fallen for the high sale pressure from club La costa, we filled out the card to win a holiday and surprise we won, went along to the presentation, where we did go for the 3 year trial membership, I thought at that price it would just mean the next few years holidays are paid. Before we even got the chance to use it the calls started, and then the invite out to the main resort in Spain, which we went, and do have to admit the accommodation given to us was way out of this world at there malibu mansions, the first day of arriving we were plagued with calls and then invited to breakfast, then whisked off to the office on the resort, where we were stuck for several hours, filled with drink, and amazing deals and promises that now not true, we were both in good jobs and as we decided it was not for us at that time we walked away. Again once home a couple follow up calls, and again when we went out to the resort they harassed us yet again to attend another meeting with them, again same thing happened, high pressure sales, but a better offer if we traded in our trial membership which would be deducted from the price, and a further bonus off money knocked off, in the end we relented and signed up, after being informed that they would only go up in value should we wish to eventually sell. We then used some of our points to go out and have a break, again on arrival we were informed that a breakfast meeting had being arranged for us, and i thought what now, well this meeting was about us saying that we were interested in buying property abroad, and that they had an amazing deal for us, they had acquired knocked down points that would go towards the purchase of any club La costa property, and instead of £30 per point they were costing £18, but only these points could be used to secure a deposit if we wished to invest in a property, and as we were wanting to invest in a property and were a bit flush after the sale of a property we thought why not, i was still a bit apprehensive as now we had spent nearly 25k with club La costa. We then decided to go out and try the new resort they had out at turkey after an invite to invest in a property, was the week Jenny Bond was their, we were then whisked away again for the day taken away for breakfast and lunch, and up to their new mountain golf resort, where they then started the sales pitch on this amazing site that the were going to develop and only club La costa had the best development site away from the rest that was being developed, i did check out the prices of exactly the same apartments for sale that did not belong to club La costa on this development site and they were somewhat 30k cheaper, all the time while club La Costa were pushing that the golf was going to be a huge thing in turkey and no other site would compare to this development, so we decided as a paper to explore the costing, well club La costa were well ahead of us, they already knew about the points we bought for property, or as the sales rep called them property points, but instead of them being the same value as what we purchased them for, they were now worth £13 per point, so not only was there apartments 30k dearer our property points were also worth less than what we bought them for, which they sure as hell did not inform us off when we bought them. 2 years ago we were made redundant company sold out to someone else, we were both out of work and struggled to find work, needless to say we could not afford to pay the maintenance fees, we phoned club La costa as when we bought first points were informed people were always prepared to buy points cheaper as theirs always went up in value, surprise that this was not the case according to them, and as we were in arrears we could not sell them, and they would not buy them back, and our saved points where we had paid the maintenance on could also not be used as we were in arrears, we are now 25k out of pocket coming up to our 3 rd year of not being able to pay the high maintenance charges and just dont know what to do, as i have read they will cancel our membership and reclaim the points, which is all very well as they will be able to sell them again prob for another 25k while offering us nothing for them, does anyone know if we can do anything, if they even offered to scrap the maintenance charges we have not paid, claimed our points that would have being saved for themselves to sell and started us afresh it would not be half as bad, when we took this out they informed us people would snap the hand off us fora week at the resort and gave us a holiday book to offer to people that everyone taken would lower our maintenance charges, but we never could shift any, which they prob knew
  14. i took out a loan with first national several years ago, and in the process of claiming back charges they applied to my account with them, what i am not sure about is i settled the loan off before its end date, and going over the statements have come across a section where they have added on future charges, a charge of 1902.84 after speaking to them it turns out to be because i had settled the loan off early they added the interest onto the settlement figure if it had run its course, after taking the rebate of left a balance of £546.36 intrest to pay on top of the loan, this been the interest they would of made from me if i had not settled early, and have informed me that this is the type of loan i took out with them, does anyone know if i can claim this back, after all they still got their money back, plus the interest they made of me while i had the loan, and also redemtion fees because i settled early, and also another charge of £59.23 further settlement interest charge, also the misselling of ppi, was informed i would not get the loan if i did not take out the ppi, which was paid by them upfront, but added to my account, the ppi running the course of the loan, even when i paid it of early, i did make a claim on the ppi, which was paid, but can i still claim on this for the misselling? has anyone got any adice on this and if i can claim this back, many thanks
  15. i got a phone call this morning from them asking how i was going to pay this off, and informed them that it is now over 6 years old, they informed me that a payment had being recieved back in 2006, yet it was defaulted over 6 years ago by ge money, then was changed to aktiv when they took the debt over, and the default on my cra is now gone, they have said to me that they will have the default applied again to my account giving them another 6 years to pursue this, i know i have not paid anything to this since it was defaulted so where a payment came from in 2006 i dont know, i recall that ge did refund some charges which i am guessing they applied to this account, dont know where i stand with this now, does the statue barred still apply when it was on my cra and now removed?
  16. i have not made any payment on this in over 6 years or made any contact with aktiv
  17. hi i am looking for advice on a debt aktiv kapital have being trying to get out of me, it's a debt i have disputed with ge money where their ppi was not worth the paper it was written on, it all started when i was laid off and because i had to much saving i could not sign on, and because i was not signing on ge and their ppi would not cover my payments and then started applying charges to my account, this has now gone from around 180 that i owed, to now over £400, i was not in a position to pay this debt off, as the money i had saved i had to live off, pay my monthly payments on car house insurance etc until i found work again, they had put a default on my credit report, the debt is now over 6 years old and i have had the odd letter from them if i pay so much it will be wiped clean, i have checked my credit report now and it is no longer on it, prob because its over 6 years old, but i have received a letter today from ccs collect debt collectors threatening me with either a visit to my home, or action taken against me through the county court or sheriff court unless i pay £432.60 within 7 days anyone got any advice what i can do with regards to this will be greatly many thanks
  18. Hi dx thanks for you're reply, when you mean cra file do you mean credit or contract, I have read over this and has nothing on this, everything relates to my agreement number account number, even my dd set up relates to this number. when the salesman called at my home he told me everything was included in this package, and why i told him i could not afford more than a budget of £350 for the year, i even told him that google had sent me out a free listing for 3 months, i think it was 3 month but am not sure of this, needless to say they did send me out a voucher for free listing trial with them, and i showed the sales man this, and he said not to worry about it as this all came under their package and after 4 months if i did not want it to cancel it before i had to start paying to keep it. I fell yell has taken me for a ride, yes i know all sales work to targets and bonus, and am a bit angry and confused when i said my budget was £350, and its now over £700, i would have never agreed to this as i knew what my limit was for the year, as i had already forked out a lot of money last of my saving in buying to set up on my own, and after not working for a while, i wanted to make sure this was going to work for me rather than spending loads on so many advertising programs, and when sales guy told me about this package i have to say i was more than impressed at the time, even telling other folk about it, where now i fell i have being totally mislead, i did speak to someone in yell, who were not very helpful, and i have explained all this to them, the only thing they said is they would lodge my complaint, and how i was going to pay for the advertising that i had presumed i was paying or had paid for through the dds already taken, then continued to ask what advertising i wanted for the following year, after saying that i felt yell has totally mislead me, i felt i did not want to advertise with them other than the free listing, to which reply i got was well i take it from that you will not being paying outstanding balance, and we will remove all listings for you and hang up on me, nice so this is where i am at now, and the moorcroft debt on my back, if i am wrong then so be it, but i feel that i am not, when i have no paperwork for any extra, and yell telling me it's a gentleman's agreement, surely they must have a singed contract and a signed dd
  19. hi folks, if anyone out their can give me some advice with regards to an advert i placed last year with yell.com. i was made redundant from my job a few years back, and after so many job applications decided to change career and train in something else and set up my own business. i placed my free listing with yell, and a few weeks later they contacted me with regards to advertising with them, so a sales rep called round to my home, gave me all the talk, i informed him i had being out of work for over a year, and that my business was new and therefore my budget was no more than £300-350 for advertising. he informed me they were doing grt deals right now and that i would get to advertise with yell , google, and all its sites deal package psda, which i have my order agreement, credit agreement, pre contract and my ad content, all relating to the same ref number, they also collected several dd for approx £41 per month to pay for it. i have now recieved a letter from moorcroft saying possible litigation, i phoned them and informed them that my account with yell was paid and i had copies of everything and bank statements to prove dd going out. they informed me to contact yell which i have and my advert has jumped from around £300 to over £700, i asked them how this is, they informed me this is for the adverts with google, when i explained to them that the sales rep was informed of my budget for the year, and dd were collected i was informed that this is for the hits on yell, and was a gentlemans agreement for this, the sales rep had informed me that this was all included in this package and i would not pay extra for this, the dd agreement set up for the adverts has being taken but their is nothing on this order to confirm that this would happen, the dd taken i was under the impression this was for my adverts with them, but they are now saying i still owe them £313 even though i have no contract with them or no dd set up for the £400 pounds they have already btaken. anyone with any advice what i can do with regards to this, as i dont know who is wrong here thanks folks
  20. now spoke to consumer direct, and they informed me i will have to send them a recorded letter even though they wont do anything about this, even if the product is upto 3 yrs old their is still rights in place according to consumer direct, thanks for your advice, better go and type up a letter now
  21. hi need some advice regarding a purchase i made with asdas, it was a settop box at £100 purchased just over a year and a half ago, after 6 mths it broke down, so it was taken back to the store where they exchange it and also marked my receipt this had been done, well the new one after 6 months developed the same fault, but as the original receipt is over a year old, although the box is only 6 months old the will do nothing about it as they say its over a year old, i pointed out to them it was exchanged and my understanding that all new products are guarnteed for a year, but they still said the original receipt was over a year, and nothing will be done and said to me that i could come back time and time again with this and keeping getting replacements, is that not why new products are gaurnteed for a year in the first place, and no this is not the reason i was doing this. i then phoned their customer services who informed me that its store policy to refuse even if their has been an exchange, and that all stores do this now, and informed me next time to ask for refund on any product and get a fresh receipt, that way i would not have this problem, anyone with any thought on this, and where i stand, she did say to me however to contact the oft
  22. think their is just over £500 to clear it, claiming it back should clear it all off, sending letters off to aktiv today to see what records they hold on me, and to get them off my back, as for getting money out of me, they can sing for it lol
  23. thank you for that, so many pages to go through on here lol, sending letter off to them today, and thank you again, will post when i get reply
  24. hi folks, need some advice regarding an account i took out with kwik fit account card back in 1996, and last payment been aug 13th 2004, card issued with ge capital. i have already recieved copy of my statements, but this has been all i recieved from them under my Subject Access Request request. i sent them my first letter, details of my complaint, and costs ie £461.01 amount and interest of £138.59 total of 589.60. The amont made up of charges and some interest charges when the first charge was applied to my account for unpaid dd, or returned chq charge, the rest is monthly ppi payments, that i am also claiming back for, for the misuse of sale for the ppi, reason been policy was advised by them, and sold to me by them and did not cover what it was meant to cover when i was paid off from my job, my redunancy was a lot more than i was allowed to sign on with, and this money was to be kept to cover morgage and car payments, and presumed i was ok for ge account as i had the ppi for this reason, and was the policy i took cover for. i applied for my payments to be covered due to redunancy, but it was rejected, as i was not siging on, never was this explained to me, and redunancy money was too much for me to be allowed to sign on with in the first place, not that i wanted to sign on in either. The result my account went into arrears, then eventually passed over to Aktiv Kapital. Story so far i recieved a letter back from them offering to pay back the charges total of £108, but not the interest saying i agreed to the interest terms, but this interest i was claiming back was only the interest charged to me from when first charge i recieved from them. Also that they have not registered a default against me, that aktiv now administer the account and that they would of placed the default and any further information regarding my credit profile to contact aktiv, and regards to my insurance policy my details have been passed to the appropriate department, who will repond to me separately, but have never heard from them. I then sent back the second letter rejecting the offer. however i had a health scare and forgot all about this, and has been about a year since i sent second letter. i am now getting demands from aktiv and 3-4 calls a day from them. i have now lost my way through this and need any help and advice of anyway, what path now to take to clear this up. Who to write to, and who owns what, my account was with capital, but aktiv say they now have bought the debt from them. thank you in advance for any help
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