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  1. Congratulations jshtr3!!!! :p Excellent news, that's giving me some hope
  2. Hi Just thought I'd drop by as I am in same position. I've been granted judgement as Lloyds TSB failed to defend my case. I've faxed a copy of the judgement to [problem] and guess now it's just a waiting game. Good luck all hope we all get good news soon
  3. Do you mean their registered office address to serve court papers? If so: LLOYDS TSB BANK PLC 25 GRESHAM STREET LONDON EC2V 7HN
  4. Hi rafasredmen What you have received is a standard reply. Mine was exactly the same after I fired off my prelim. If this was your prelim letter move on to LBA. If this was in response to LBA you need to start thinking about moving on to court proceedings.
  5. Hi Someone will advise you better than I can but basically: Charges - Your charges debited by bank Overdraft Interest - I'm personally not claiming this so can't advise Interest under S.69 Country Courts Act 1984 - Your standard 8% interest, spreadsheet in templates libraray to calculate it for you. Plus interest pursuant to S.39 Country courts act 1984 from date of issue to date of judgement/settlement at £xx.xx per day (enter daily rate here - (charges + OD interest)x0.00022 = pence per day) or at sich rate and for such periods as the court deems just. - Your daily rate of interest, worked out by calculating your total charges by 0.00022 eg, If your total bank charges were £2369 you would multiply this by 0.00022 giving a daily interest rate of £0.52 (52p) a day.
  6. Thanks for that Barty, nerves starting to kick in a little now. Just find I need to re-check everything over and over, I have been researching the forum since last Novemeber and still panic now and then. Another week to wait to see if there's any response from my LBA and then the fun begins (Oh what joy)
  7. Hi When I have been going through my statements I have come across a charge of between 20 and 30 pounds for an "overdraft usage fee". I was wondering if this could be included in the claim? I have never had an agreed overdraft with Lloyds TSB and they have applied this charge obviously for using an overdraft facility that I had never agreed to. I have already included the charges in the prelim and LBA but as I draw nearer to starting court proceedings I want to make sure its ok to claim this. Thanks for any advice xx Just another bit of advice needed (soz) I only want to claim my bank charges plus the standard 8% interest so when filling in the N1 will this be ok? Charges £xxx.xx Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984 £xxx.xx ( Is this the 8%)?? Court Fee £xx.xx TOTAL £ xx.xx Thanks again for the advice xx
  8. Im sure someone will be along later to advise you more, but the letter you received is the standard response. I got the exact same letter before I sent my LBA.
  9. Good luck, I aint got the bottle to go beyond 6 years, to be honest if i get back what i'm due i'll be happy, but interesting reading the beyond 6 year rule...*fingers crossed for you*
  10. Yep, they gave the ususal "We trust this meets your requirements" etc. But also very kindly attatched a pre-paid envelope to request more if I needed them . They will of course know I'm powerless beyond the 6 year deadline but maybe this was them trying to be nice after messing me about so much. Long story, someone else's statements arriving, missing deadlines etc etc *I take that back just read Bankfodders-Claiming beyond 6 yrs - important new information*
  11. I finally got a reply from LLoyds TSB today. I was informed to reply to the letter if I wanted more than 6 years worth of statements, the letter came with a pre-paid envelope to send back to the following address : LLoyds TSB Bank plc Copy statement Unit 6th Floor Swallow House 10 Swallow Street BIRMINGHAM B1 2AL
  12. Sorry if I was unclear before, I have no idea how much my claim is worth as I have had no response whatsoever yet from LLoydsTSB regarding my SAR. The 40 days are up and I sent a reminder email and a LBA reminding them they have not responded within the 40 day timeframe. Unfortunately still nothing, not one response. Basically, I'm stuck without a clue on what to do next
  13. Well the 40 days came and went, I sent LBA stating they had 7 days in which to reply, sadly that has been and gone now too. I've had absoloutley zilch off them, not even a reply to my email I sent reminding them my SAR was well overdue . Reading up seems my next step is the N1?? Any advice out there would be muchly appreciated. Thanks
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