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  1. The worst thing is the fear of them putting the default notices on now. Four years later. It feels like the last straw...when you are trying to bob along
  2. Thanks There was never any arrangements made for the other debt. I was in and out of hospital for a long time and I thought foolishly that they would make me bankrupt for the money that I owed. Other credit cards put me in default and I awaited balliffs or whatever next. Instead I just received letters from different agents offering me settlement amounts that I never replied to as I couldn't afford them. I have lived with the fear of bankruptcy or fear of agencies for 4 years now and have fully expected/predicted it and all the fall out from it. To think that that will for last for another 6 years now is just beyond my coping levels. I know that sounds like a cop out perhaps but I have not taken this lightly. Thanks again
  3. Thanks for your reply. Okay, I have written the SAR. The form was really excellent Should I send it recorded delivery? Will do so tomorrow. I am worried as I have a mortgage with Ulster Bank and was advised to keep the mortgage as up to date as poss as it would stop me from becoming homeless The house value is in negative equity and the loan and overdraft are not attached to the mortgage. Ulster Bank themselves advised me at the beginning of my problems that keeping the mortgage up to date would mean that in the event of my becoming bankrupt the house would be outside the bankruptcy. This sounds unlikely to me but was my only plausible plan. It seems that that wasn't the case as now they are saying that each time I paid my mortgage that this contact was also somehow extended to the unsecured loan and the overdraft and an arrangement inferred? BTW I was a very good customer before my illness and this all pains me massively and feels like it will never end. Thanks again
  4. I have finally had a reply from the bank to equifax. This is it: The reason your profile is showing an arrangement to pay is as a result of our telephony agents keying short reapyment plans after each occasion you make a card payment to your mortgage account. Repayment plans are reflected across the credit reference profiles of all accounts held by customers. They are claiming that every time I make a payment to my mortgage that somehow that makes a repayment plan to the rest of the accounts? For the vast majority of the last few years my mortgage account has been paid by debit card over the phone but I have been clear that we are only ever discussing the mortgage account and so have they. Is this the new standard? How can this be the case? They have also now sent me a letter giving me notice that they are going to default on an account they defaulted in 2013 (as evidenced on Equifax) if I don't pay by 10th July I am now completely confused and utterly upset by all of this. I know that I owe them money - I certainly think about it everyday - I am unwell and unable to pay. If I were well and working none of this would ever have occurred as they know. I just don't know what to do. Could anyone please offer some advice? I've started taking diazepam again to stop the panic attacks. Pls help, if you have a moment Thanks
  5. Signed by an agreement Sorry I should have been more clear The bank account had an overdraft facility on it which is in arrears by 4 yrs this is still showing 6 missed payments The bank loan was a signed agreement with no contact on it, info, movement for 4 yrs which has now only recently been defaulted What should I do? TBH I thought that the accounts would have been in default 3.5 yrs ago It was a terrible time and I am only beginning to get on my feet. ..now I will have a further 6 yrs and even longer for the other account that still hasn't been moved to default?
  6. Hi The Ulster Bank have finally applied a default notice to my loan account almost 4 yrs after I ceased all payments and contact with them. I had a breakdown and have been trying to find my feet. Will it be another 6 yrs before I can sort out my credit file? They are also pretending my loan account is on 6 mths no payment although there has been no contact or payment for 4 yrs. What should I do? I'm very worried. Any help hugely appreciated
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