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  1. Do you know who I should FAO it to? And presumably its better to hand it in person.
  2. I had a buzz on my doorbelll the other day, didnt expect a call and we get a lot of doorknockers so I left it. However, someone else went and let someone into the block of flats I live in. So I get a knock on the door, very heavy. I dont answer as I am very wary. Something gets pushed under the door and the person walks away. The envelope contains 2 letters, 1 is just a letter saying my account has been taken over by ross & roberts and all payments are due to them and is dated January 2009. The second letter is like this REMOVAL NOTICE Arrears of council tax owed to plymouth city council. As you have failed to contact our removal Bailiff your case has now been passed to to our REMOVAL ENFORCEMENT DEPARTMENT. The sum of xxxx is now required. You MUST contact the number below immediately to avoid further action. Full payment by card can be taken 24/7 on xxxxxxxxxxx THE BAILIFF HAS THE RIGHT TO PEACEABLY ENTER YOUR PREMISES AND REMOVE GOODS - EVEN IN YOUR ABSENCE. Baiff : xxxxxxxx Mob: xxxxxxxx Obviously if I could have afforded to pay this at the time. I'm very worried, I suffer from depression and anxiety and I am sick of burying hy head in the sand about it. How can I proceed? Please help.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I will do that. I have no problem paying what I owe, i just dont see why they made no attempt at all to collect it in the way the are supposed to.
  4. Yes, I beleive I do have it filed away.
  5. About a year ago in a moment of desperation and weakness I took out a Provident loan for £200, and signed an agreement that it would be paid back at £5 a week via doorstep collection. Fine. The problem occurs because I never once had a collector come round for the money. I now have had a couple of letters from provident and one from a DCA saying I owe the money blah blah blah. I just query whether they are in breach of contract for not collecting the money as much as I am in breach of contract for not paying them by some other means which was not agreed.
  6. I have a magistrates court fine from Oct 2006 - after making a few payments in person, I set up a standing order as I was moving and would no longer be able to visit the court. The SO didnt stick for whatever reason, and I never check my bank statements so I didnt notice. Any letters they sent to say I was in arrears would have gone to my last address. In Jan I started to get letters from Drakes saying I now owed £450 blah blah blah. I tried to come up with a payent schedule of £40 a week, the guy refused to accept this, but gave me a couple of weeks to come up with the money. I couldnt get it together, so the visits started, as well as phone calls and threatening text messages (?!). We were surviving on one income throughout this time, then in March, my partner managed to get a job and I thought we could finally start to climb out of the financial mess we were in. However at the start of April I was laid off and I am now on JSA till I get another job. I really have no chance of even making a dent into the money owed to Drakes so I have taken to just ignoring the issue until my situation changes. But I really need to do something, as last wednesday, the bailiff got entry into our block of flats through another resident, got our landlords number off that resident, called the landlord to get my girlfriends number and has now started calling her and hassling her. I dont know what to do.
  7. I am in a similar situation to this, is there any way I can get a copy of that template letter too?
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