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  1. From the letter that Central Trust sent me. Telling me that I would be liable for thier solicitor fees if I lost. I have since heard that these are just scare tactics. Apparantly some people have had letters telling them that they will be liable for barrister fees of £400+ an hour if you loose!!! Laughable what they will try to get off. Tilly
  2. Thanks Gem, I too have been reading your posts and I am with you all the way:) I'm all fired up and raring to go. Hopefully someone soon comes up with a way of getting them at court stage. Tilly x
  3. No, you are right. We need to have a watertight case otherwise we are going to find ourselves with massive court bills to pay I will definately let you know the results of my research and will be keeping up with yours. Good luck. Tilly
  4. Hi Griff!! Thanks for the reply. They really are swines arent they?!?! Letter wasnt from a Ms Brooks by any chance was it?? Would love to meet her!!! I will keep updating this thread so keep reading. Maybe we can help each other take this bunch of imbeciles to court!!??? Tilly
  5. Yes, I know I am beginning to sound very despondent. The latest letter has really got to me. I have won a good few bank charges cases but this seems like a complete kettle of fish to me? Thank you for reading my posts. I will indeed look around at the court case ones. Think I might end up studying for a law degree to help me! Tilly
  6. No worries Hopeful. I am wondering the same thing now. Afterall most people stung by this PPI thing, especially the secured loan ones, are people not financially stable. What is the point in taking a company to court if you are going to have to pay court and solicitor fees if you lose?? These crooks have already taken thousands of pounds from me. To think they could get even more money off me is not even worth thinking about!
  7. So basically its not worth me going through the claim then? I could not afford to pay any costs. Maybe we should warn people about claiming in the courts. I bet a lot of people never knew this!?
  8. Sorry, I started this post a while back and have not updated. Not really got anywhere to be honest. Nemo loan is in the hands of the FOS and has been for months. They are currently awaiting on some scripts from Loanmakers (the broker). The other loan which was taken out prior to FOS jurisdiction in 2003 was with Endeavour Personal Finance and the broker was Central Trust. Received a letter from Central Trust back in May saying it was taken before regulations came in to effect and that they see the complaint finished! After receiving that letter I just left it until I recently saw a post on here about taking them to court. I wrote a LBA last week and recieved a response today. First please do not think I am being antagonistic as we realise the sale of insurance is an emotive subject but we are aware that there has been significant press activity in regards to the misselling of PPI and that several organisations have provided 'standard' complaint letters for customers to use. The template letter you have opted to use on this occasion actually relates to bank charges not the sale of PPI. It goes on about it being not legally or regulatory to provide advice verbally in respect of PPI in 2003. Then it goes on about the fact that this is thier full and final response. Not happy with that I sent her an email today as follows:- Thank you for your letter dated 21st November 2007. I am writing to let you know that I will not be accepting your full and final response. I do appreciate that thier were no regulatory requirements in 2003 for the selling of Payment Protection Insurance. However, I legally have a right to challenge the way this insurance was sold to me personally. I do understand that the way this insurance was added to our loan was done in a fraudulent manner and it is for that reason I will be filing my claim with the courts. In order for us to claim we do require copies of any data that you hold about us. Would you like us to send you a Data Protection Act letter and the standard £10.00 fee? Could you please confirm who we need to address the letter to? We do have a lot of information sent to us from Endeavour Personal finance, but we would like copies of telephone conversations. Scripts or recordings would both be acceptable. I look forward to hearing from you. and I have just had this email response:- Thank you for e-mail below. We do not require a Data Protection Act letter requesting information, however if you wish to send a copy for your own records you are welcome to. Please note we do not require a £10.00 fee to covers costs, as company policy we do not charge for the provision of such information. I will collate the information required and send to you as soon as possible, please note that a statutory time period of 40 days is granted for this action. As advised in my letter dated 25th May 2007, we are unable to locate the original sales call. At the time of your application we did not record all telephones calls and despite thorough searches we are unable to locate the calls. In addition, as the broker we hold very limited information. All signed copies of your documentation were forwarded to Endeavour Personal Finance once your application was submitted to them for approval. I will provide any information we hold. The address for service of any documents in connection with legal action is Legal and Compliance Director Central Trust PLC Austin House Stannard Place St Crispins Road Norwich Norfolk NR3 1PX Upon receipt of the appropriate papers we will instruct our solicitors to both defend the action and seek an order for costs. Okay where do I go from here. I have all the papers and they are telling me there are no scripts or recordings!!! What does 'seek and order for costs' mean. Am I going to be out of pocket? Sorry for the longest post in history! I am so angry that we were told to take out this PPI as it would help the application. grrrrrrrrrr Tilly
  9. Thanks Ian for the rule of 78 info I received a very long reply from EPF today telling me that they were not in the wrong for using rule of 78 and how it can still be used if the loan has over 10 years to run blah blah blah. They also confirmed that I had used a broker to get the loan so it would have been them that missold the PPI to me. They gave me and address and phone number. It was infact 'Debtbuster loans' who were going by the name of 'central capital' at the time. They told me that my contract was not illegal as pre 2005 it was not compulsory to put the total interest etc on the contract????? Please help as I am not sure on this??? I am however still going to take them to court using the rule of 78 to be unfair and unlawful. I know its a long shot!! I have phoned and left a message to the man who sent the letter to tell him this!!! He is on lunch. Hope it makes him choke on his sarnie!!!!! Really I need as much help as possible on this. Phoned central capital (debtbusters) and they have no record of us applying through them on thier computer system as it has been renewed. Lady assured me that she will get it looked into and find some details. I told her that I was claiming missold PPI. I am going to write to them later. I hope all this makes sense to everyone. Thanks for reading and would be grateful for some help. I have three little ones and its hard to find the time for all this so any help with info is much appreciated. Love Tilly x
  10. Phoned up HBOS legal team today to see if they had aknowledged yet. Seems Ms Hinchcliffe hasnt got any record of it!!! She said her colleague (cofi) deals with the credit card claims but he wasnt in. Shame on you 'cofi' for having a day off!!!!;-) Managed to get his direct number and I am going to phone him tommorow. After his long weekend he should be feeling relaxed enough for me to harrass him!!!!! Phoned the court and told them that they say that they havent got the claim yet and they said that it was served on 9th May. I'm getting impatient now!!! Tilly x
  11. Hi everyone!! Thought I would start a thread about the above two companies that I have had the misfortune to deal with! EPF missold me PPI back in 2003. They just added it and never told me I had the option. We seriously needed the money and never realised it was on there. You should see the contract! It doesnt even show how much interest on the loan!! Just loan amount, PPI amount and total. Blank boxes everywhere and boxes already ticked for us. This loan was settled in Aug 2006 by another loan that we got via Loanmakers (loan with NEMO). Once again we was missold PPI. I mentioned husband had a generous package with work but got told as we had bad credit rating it would not go through without:evil: I have written to loanmakers and they have investigated claim. Sent me a chq of £395 which was the broker fee they added to my loan without informing me!!!?!?!? However they cannot find any record of the conversation and told me they cannot believe it was misselling. Told me to go to the Financial Obmusmun. So complaint being logged with them as we spk. I have just sent my first letter to EPF requesting PPI back and complaining about the amount to settle the loan (rule 78 was used) so I will let you know how that goes too. Fingers crossed. Tilly
  12. Hi, I have been following these threads very carefully and have been through all the stages with HBOS with a mastercard that I had with BOS up until last year when they sold it to MBNA When statements came through it showed they had charged me £1225.00 in penalty charges. These were late payment and overlimit fees. Wrote to them and got a letter back saying these were in the terms and conditions blah blah blah. I filed a claim for £1718.69 (inc interest and court fee) on the 1st May at my local court. Received Notice of issue saying that it was deemed served on 9th May and they have till 23rd May to respond. Thought it was time to share my journey! I have been successful with Woolwich, First Direct , GE Money (Debenhams) and Capital One in the past so I know its possible but this one is my biggest and scariest!!!! I will keep everyone informed. Tilly x
  13. Well they refunded me £610.00 yesterday together with a secure message saying 'sorry for the length of time it took to respond to my complaint' BUT I have filed a claim (which they have rec'd) and the full amound was £610.00 plus £80.00 - £690.00. Therefore I am still 80 quid short!!! I know they have rec'd the papers as I had a secure message two days ago saying that they have passed them to the legal department. Looks like the complaints dept haven't been informed of the claim. What shall I do? Sit tight or let them know. Part of me is thinking legal dept may settle and I could get two refunds!!! Yeah wishful thinking LOL!!!!! Natalie
  14. Yeah - funny how they are too busy to deal with these claims but lots of staff around to cancel d/d's and threaten court action over unpaid overdrafts. Silly lot!!! Good luck Natalie tillylarke
  15. awww thanx Caro. Just rec'd another secure message off them saying they will pass to the legal team when papers are rec'd from courts. Obviously they havent rec'd them yet then. How long does it normally take? Anyone know?? Nat Tillylarke
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