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  1. Ok for what its worth I was the person who sent the pm. Gizitback you asked about the chat room and when it will be reinstated, out of the goodness of my heart I sent you a pm, telling you about a new site that has a chat room that is fully operational. I did this as you seemed genuinely concerned about having a 'chat room'. This was NOT Ambulance Chasing, Advertising, Spamming or whatever else you would like to call it. I sent you the pm as a gesture of goodwill and now feel that I have been slapped in the face. I apologise to all concerned if I have upset anyone ! darling
  2. Oh Lula I'm so sad not to be attending hun, can you please take loads of piccies and send them to me, with captions explaining who's who. Although I'm sure to recognise Crusher by his wheels being stuck in the sand. Enjoy yourselves everyone !
  3. sorry phoenix have been a v.busy girlie, sorry hun I can't get down to see you all this time, but hopefully will make it to another meet. Hope you all have a brilliant time though and don't forget to take plenty of piccies for me to see. darling
  4. OK who's making an Ass of himself then ? :grin:
  5. I'm still trying to get organised for the weekend peeps, hopefully I shall be able to get there. I have had a communication from Deller, who states that although he is now banned from CAG he will still be attending the meet. Mods, please don't delete this, or tell me off I am only the messenger. darling
  6. Joke Lula pmsl To the best of my knowledge (and I must confess to being very knowledgeable in this particular area) no-one, but no-one is banned, or otherwise hindered from attending the Eden do...just think, you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren that you went to the very place they filmed James Bond... I went to place where James Bond was filmed it was a small Island off of Thailand (can't remember the name) didn't know it was done in Cornwall as well. I'm not bringing our kids, grandkids and greatgrandaugher I'll not get any peace lol ...and as an added bo
  7. Oh Lula, I'm still nagging the 'old git' you never know we might just make an appearance, as long as: a) The finances are fine by then lol b) We can get booked into a hotel c) I'm not banned from CAG meet lol. Hopefully will see you there ! darling
  8. Got a reply from Cobbetts today : Dear Sir, We thank you for your letter of 17 April 2007 and apologise for the delay in our response. We are currently looking into the matter and will revert to you further in due course. Well I wonder what will happen next ?
  9. Everybody sing along now ! la la la la la la la la
  10. £100 per night was that B & B, or Full Board lol. Bit expensive for the moment anyone got a tent ?
  11. Do they let Daleks on beaches ? Won't the sand ruin you're wheels ? Bye the way I am still trying to organise a weekender down with yourselves lol. But I'm thinking of driving down, Essex to Cornwall in a BMW 535i = how many hours ? Also having a spot of bother finding a nice hotel in the area with vacancies ! Lula have you found anything yet hun ?
  12. Consider yourself - one of the family !
  13. oh just think 'darling CAG, OBE, P.R.A.T.' LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  14. Hello Mucking, Do not worry too much send off a CCA 1974 request and see what comes back.
  15. I've been sulking, and therefore I've been in hiding ! Will be in chat tomorrow !
  16. I can't help it - it keeps drawing me in - HELLLLLLLLLLP !!!!!!!!
  17. I personally love a laugh and a joke in 'chat' but unfortunately recently I have avoided going in because of certain users attitude etc. I have always enjoyed popping in and helping the newbies etc but its so offputting/embarrassing when you are trying to help and all you can see on the screen is abuse etc. Can someone please notify me when something has been sorted out and then I shall return ! And lets not forget there is always the off-topic room for people to muck about it anyway. hmm me-think I might just pop in there to see how things are going anyway, and guide the naughty
  18. What does this consist of ? does it include interest ? More information please !
  19. Ooooops I've signed it and sent it wonder what will happen now lol. The OG is going to murder me pfffft ! I've just found out that Nat West and RBS are part of the same group so even more confusing. Just to clarify this started with Nat West and got passed over to RBS when they merged or whatever a few years ago.
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