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  1. will do, and really appreciate all the support, makes me feel a lot better
  2. i don't want to make any more mistakes , as i am not really familiar with legal stuff. and cannot really afford to lose any more money, so i just decided to cough up and take this as a learning experience , if i come across anything like this again , i will hopefully have some idea as to how to deal with it. thanks to everyone who gave their time and helped
  3. the letter i received doesn't give any account details to whom payment should be made, or how to pay e.g. via phone , card etc just says payment should be made to the person named at the address for payment, giving claimants reference and claim number
  4. i beleive that paying the full £185 is my only option now to prevent any further hassle and headache
  5. i thought i had to complete AOS by 33 days, and that was my reply to the claim form can i apply for judgement to be set aside?
  6. i did follow instructions as dx100 post above. by completing AOS on the mcol website , i thought that was all i needed to do. and by doing that i was filing defence, and i had received confirmation on mcol account i was not aware and it had not been made clear to me (or if it had i misunderstood) how i could file any further defence. i thought i had to wait for court date to file a defence or correspond any further
  7. i have today received a letter stating Judgement for Claimant (default) You have not replied to the claim form it is therefore ordered that you must pay the claimant £160 for debt (and interest to date of judgement) and £25 for costs (less £0 which you have already paid) you must pay the claimant £185 forthwith Warning, if you ignore this order your goods may be removed and sold, or other enforcement proceedings may be taken against you. If this happens further costs will be added. If your circumstances change and you cannot pay, a
  8. thanks again dx100uk , initially , i just clicked on the first link which took me to the gov. info page. i have now selected second link and have all the info necessary to request cpr, which i will post tomorrow.
  9. sorry dx, your advice is clear, its just me , i dont want to make any mistakes and just want to make sure i dont select wrong option. i am on this page and its just the last two that i am unsure of and the signature box Acknowledgment of Service - Summary & Statement of Truth Step 4 of 5 Claim Number: xxxxxxxxx Defendant: xxxxxxxxx Those fields marked with * are mandatory. Your Unique Reference Personal Details First Nam
  10. i have done all that as stated in post 74xxx, just on last page now and unsure as to which options to select as i have mentioned above
  11. thanks dx100uk and brassnecked for your advice and help. i am just on the mcol website, please tell me which one to select.on the statement of truth and should i tick the acknowledgement of service
  12. Name of the Claimant : vehicle control services limited 2 europa court sheffield business park sheffield s9 1xe Claimants Solicitors: (if one is stated) Date of issue – 28th may 2020 Date for AOS - 15th june 2020 Date to submit Defence - 29th june 2020 What is the claim for – The claim is for a breach of contract for breaching the terms and conditions set on private land. The defendants vehicle xxxxxxx, was identified in the Berkeley centre pay & display
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