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  1. I do have a date it was recieved as i sent it recorded delivery. They have now promised to send me out a copy of my statements 'free of charge' within the next 7-10 days. what a joke should i go ahead and submit a letter of no compliance with data protection act?
  2. Hi everyone.. just finsihed an angry call with ulster bank credit card services. i sent my data request on the 1th april and it was signed for on the 12th no information has arrived so i gave them a call today. they said that i had sent it to the wrong address (there are 2 addresses on the back of my statement) and that because of this they have not recieved it and can not process it. As i do not have a cheque book i had to ask my mother to write me a cheque, so can not check to see if the money has been taken until i speak to her. if the money has not been taken
  3. honey_d

    honey_d v egg

    will do.. thanks
  4. honey_d

    honey_d v egg

    cheers there is pre paid envelope here so i think i'll just throw it in the post today. at least its some kind of response from them.. others just seem to try and forget about it hoping you'll go away!!
  5. honey_d

    honey_d v egg

    been trying to get my statements back from them so i can claim back my charges. sent my letter on the 11th april and i thought they would have 40 days from then to reply. just got a letter in the post saying they need some form of id.. and once i send it they will start the 40 days. is this legal?
  6. court claim form has finally been filled in.. although i dont think it went through properly. when the last page with payment details went though it said payment recieved, but it didnt give me a refrence number.. neither have i recieved an email or have anything pending veriication in my account :S am going to give them a ring in the morning and see what the deal is. does anyone know what kind of time scale this works on from here on in. if the online claim gets sorted today and i get the charges in the post to them by wed how long would it be till i hear back from them?
  7. I have been going through the claim process for a while now, and was offered £240 from my claim of £1681 last month. I have been finding it hard to get the online claim together as i find it a little confusing and the northern ireland site is only open at certain times of day. Tonight I managed to catch about 30 seconds of tonight with trevor macdonald and it gave me a bit of a scare. i think i heard that during the month of march there could be a rulling that says bank charges to date are fair, and that people who are trying to claim will not be able to. Does anyone know how lo
  8. hmmm really getting confused as to what to write in this last letter. does this sound ok... Response to settlement offer. Dear [named sender or Sirs] Thank you for your letter dated 19/12/2007 I respectfully decline your offer of settlement and request, once again, that you return to me all charges imposed on this account, totalling £1681 I will accept the sum offered as part settlement. As it is not the full amount I feel I must now take this matter to the small claims court to recover the rest of my claim. Yours faithfully [signature]
  9. well i will have kinda, just skipping out the 'you have another 14 days bit'
  10. so i just skip that bit and go straight to saying i will take them to court.. is this definately ok.. i wont get caught out on some legal loop hole somewhere on down the line??
  11. Could someon please help. i have been pretty slack with this over christmas and was just about to write my rejection of settlement letter. in it it says " My letter before action sent previously indicates that you have until xx/xx/xx to respond before Court action commences. You are reminded that there will be no extension to this timescale." it is now past the second 14 day timeframe. If they recieved my letter on the 19th then what should i put in the date part??
  12. so if my bank refuses to pay the full amount i have to file a small claims case. if this happens will i not accept anything other than the amount they have taken from me with intrest and court fees or will i be offered the money they have taken from me alone?
  13. Thanks stuart.. looks like we'll be doing the court bit at the same time, so if we could help each other out that would be great! Merry Christmas
  14. How much are the court fees?? i've been dreading this as i'm awfull at getting stuff together :-S
  15. If you have to get as far as the court bit do you have to pay court fees.. or do they only get aded when you actually get to court? Also, when you get to the court stage you add the intrest on.. does that mean if ulster bank want to pay you out of court at that stage they will pay you the intrest as well? Good luck Stuart.. i just got the 'gesture of good will' letter this morning. can't wait for this all to be over!
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