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  1. Hi All i received a letter (following my letter before action) from Jeremy Sutcliffe & Co saying that my charges as stated in the previous letter from the bank were caused by me and could have been avoided as i would not have gone overdrawn if there was money in my account when I passed the cheques. (normally just before payday) enclosed is a £ 200 cheque concluding the matter (admiting no liability on their part) is this normal? has anyone else had dealings with the solicitors? cheers A
  2. Thanks was just unsure if the letter was bog standard, I was a bit naughty with my cheque card etc when i was younger...that accounts for the gitters I have completed letter 3 and taken out the parts that are not relevant I now live in england (account held at the falkirk branch in scotland) does this matter? will be sending the letter tomorrow! A
  3. Hi sent my letter to CB requersting £2856 , they have sent me a letter with 8 points stating that it was basically up to me to keep the account credited with sufficient funds, I should not have passed cheques when there was insufficient funds etc there was an additional two points re maintaining administrative systems, relating to unauthorised cheques, abuse of cheque and debit cards. the second being the need to operate standard procedures and to set standard charges to avoid substantial costs of individual assessment in relation to each perticular case. my blood was boiling wh
  4. Hi I have just added all of the charges irregular fees etc, can I claim for charges called cheque card misuse? where they have honoured a cheque where there has been insufficient funds (this normally happened just before pay day and the accound was always brought up to credit and all of the charges paid) totals approaching £4k.......
  5. Hi all, i have received all of my statements and have added up all of the charges (which seem to change alot over the past 6 years!) I am a bit confused, can I claim for service charges? I have added everything up and it comes to £4889. (without interest) With the prelim request for repayment, i have detailed the charges ...Service Charges £1000, Cheque Misuse £1000 etc do you have to give more detail as in dates etc bit scary now its a reality... Andy
  6. bit the bullen and called Jeanette this morning to find that she was contacting me to ask if i wanted a loan! so nothing to do with the DSR. all statements received and just adding up the charges now arghhh!
  7. Hi I sent my Data Protection Request to my branch in Falkirk and received an acknowlegement letter from the network support centre in glasgow stating that they will provide me with statements back to 2000, as this is where all charges are detailed, but would take up to 40 days as stated i the DP act. I then got a letter from Janette Martin at the operations centre in Falkirk, saying she had been trying to contact me urgently and could I contact her asap. (with a few spelling mistakes in the letter which made me laugh!) Is it best to reply to the letter or call? has anyone had a simil
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