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  1. Hi Please help someone A & L sent me a cheque for £420 which was £300 goodwill and the court fees on top as proceedings had started. Now been transferred to Worcester Court and have to pay a further £100 by Friday (total claim is now approx £1200. Wragge and Co say that although I sent a letter to Courts, A & L and them that the £420 is partial payment, the matter is now closed. Is this right? Cos A & L are issuing proceedings against me for my overdraft repayment of £1200 or do I pay the Courts £100 and carry on - just dont know now what to do
  2. I am new to posting and having trouble finding the right place to put this - having successful won £1500 back from First Direct without any problem and quickly I have now been pursuing the A & L now for some time and finally took court action on 21st May 2007, claiming £1,683.09. (includes interest) Last Friday, 8th June received a letter from A & L solicitors saying that they give notice to defend. On Saturday received a cheque fromA & L in the sum of £429 which includes the £120 court costs already paid and that I do not have a reasonable cause of action against them or that I do not have a reasonable prospect of succeeding in any claim I may bring. Help what do I do now accept or what:-|
  3. Having waited 39 working days for my statements I proceeded to complete the spreadsheets and send with my claim to Alliance and Leicester for just over £1,000 in unfair charges. Marked on the calender that 14 working days would be up on November 14th I was really surprised to receive a letter first class from them today. Obviously a standard letter saying they cannot accept that I have been unfairly charged and on this occasion are unable to agree to refund the money. Now What Do I now fill in the Small Claims forms in the pack Ihave sitting on the side? I know elsewhere it says to read through everything but there is so much and I am not 100% sure what is applicable so any guidance would be gratefully appreciated:confused:
  4. Hi There Just to let you know that mine took 39 days to come back and that was working days!!!
  5. This is a superb site and really helpful. I have obtained my statements from Alliance and Leicester - took 39 days to arrive, I have just spent today putting the charges on to the spread sheet - surprising how it adds up. I have read somewhere that as soon as you ask for the money back the Alliance and Leicester will close our accounts - not too worried about that as have another account anyway. I could spend ages reading everyones advice and good and bad news. Any help gratefully accepted. Just a thought we get free travel insurance through the A & L so take it that will go when close the account any suggestions who else gives free travel insurance!!
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