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  1. Let me know how its progressing Sammy, lets face it we are all in this together to beat these legalised cheats.......i have 5 s.a.r.'s going on at the moment so the Kensington clowns are next!!!! (will keep you posted). Cheers T.D.
  2. Hi folks, took out a secured loan for a car which was a fairly reasonable amount. re-mortgaged my house to pay the lot off because the term was actually 15 years...frightening i know but it was always going to be a short term measure. i had a total of 56 phone calls over a 5 week period, at work at home, on my mobile, and to my mortgage adviser (breach of DPA!)-just short of harrassment. had to get my solicitor to threaten them with legal action.i also foundout there was an addition at the start of £1856.00 (indemnity fee) on top of the amount borrowed- so basically i was paying interest on an
  3. Hi folks, sent off my SAR to the sub standard so-called mortgage company. thanks to this forum i have just realised that Kensington charged me £1837.74 ERC with various other charges of £411.00. i had 3 months to go until my 3 year deal was up, some profit they made......Mortgage was only £321.00 p.m. Anyone else had the same kind of ERC??? anyone else had any ERC returned from Kensington? let me know?? Cheers T.D.
  4. Hello folks went chasing up my SAR today. guy on the phone was a bit vague to say the least, questions about why i haven't got my account now (as if that matters!) told him i was confirming when my SAR would land on my doorstep, reply was 'we still have 25 days left sir' i replied with a nice calm attitude of that's fine i have been without the £'s for the last 3 years so another few weeks won't hurt me!!! (he was not amused-oops!) Also has anyone ever had to pay £100.00 to obtain the Crap One card?...roll on 10th of October! T.D.
  5. hello folks and fellow pre-rich claimants. can anyone tell me where to send my S.A.R. to the Nationwide? have found a couple on the Nationwide thread but not sure where to send it to...... Cheers T.D.
  6. hi John, just had a phone call from RBS, i,m claiming god knows what amount yet. did you hear anything regarding claiming against RBS in england court???? let me know what outcome and good luck......T.D.
  7. I have just got to say that welcome finance must be the most enept company i have ever met. thankfully i have no debt with them now but will be sending off an S.A.R to them to annoy them and get some charges back. anyone had any luck getting money back yet? let me know....Cheers T.D.
  8. hi zoot, could you plaese give me the letter and terminoligy that you used from start to finish? i,m going for both Kensington and Mortgages 6 PLC for high redemption charges! roughly about £5k will keep you posted....T.D.
  9. Hello beboii, sent my S.A.R. on the 01/09 and received a letter from Miss Blunt dated 04/09 stating that she would pass the statements on as soon as she had them, still waiting!?? I sent a bankers draft to help speed the process up so now they have no excuses. give them a wee nudge on the phone, after all they have a legal obligation to your request!
  10. Well here goes! I have started the first stage sending Subject Access Request, from the 3 stated above. So far i have received a letter from Capital One stating they will be sending my statements out asap. I have heard nothing from the other 2 organisitions-surprise surprise! Roll on the 10th of October, the 40 day mark.....then battle will commence. T.D.
  11. great news to hear that clydesdale are finally seeing sense to offer this facility to basic customers. i wish the rest would follow suite! I,ll use this as my parachute when i sue the nationwide....... Thanks for the info....
  12. Hi folks,has anybody had any success in finding out why there is an arrears charge of on average £50.00 per month. Surely this is pure and utter legalised robbery and an unjust way of making money off of people that have got financial difficulties! Can this be claimed back using the normal processes? Thanks T.D.
  13. hi folks, can anyone shed any information on the D.P.A. intitial letter that i need to send to Clydesdale Financial Services to obtain my statements? where in the forum is it held? a bit confused-thanks T.D.
  14. hi folks, i took out a mortgage in august 2001, nearly 5 years ago to the day (spooky). redeemed the mortgage in mid august 2003 because the rates has went up with the legal thiefs. there was an earlyredemption penalty charge of 4%. sickening that they push and manipulate the rates to suit themselves then hammer you with a massive redemption fee if you want out early.will be sending my d.p.a. to the address on the forum and let them have the headache and stress for a while. anybody had any success with kensington? let me know. T.D
  15. Hi folks, Am posting off my d.p.a. today to see how much these dick turpins at capital one owe me in possible charges. from a limit of £200.00 i now have a balance of £940.00...all seem to be charges for one thing or another. Look forward to taking back what money is lawfully mine. will keep you posted. T.D.
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