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  1. Ok, so I'll keep this simple. Uncle Tez joined CAG in desperation way back in 2006 as DCAs were hammering at my door. CAG responded incredibly, helping me to properly communicate with the DCA weasels and get my affairs sorted. Much more importantly, I found a friendly, helpful community of people who hugely bolstered my then much needed confidence by showing me that help was available and that I wasn't alone. After a quiet period I managed to finally resolve all my debt issues and came back to CAG to try to help where I was able, firstly in the debt forums, then naturally gravitating towards the IT forum since this is related to my professional capacity. Since which time I'd like to think I've been of some use to some people. I've also been a regular frequenter of the Bear Garden, often starting and/or engaging in emotive topics. I've not always agreed with other CAGers, but I absolutely and fundamentally believe in everyone's right to have free and open speech. However, after another long period away, I've come back to find a very changed CAG. My first greeting on coming back was to learn about wholesale thread deletions. Not a good thing in any forum. I then started a thread regarding Mr Fry's comments on Catholocism which generated a lively debate. That thread was then wholesale removed. I PM'd the site team, asking why whilst another poster began a thread asking the same question; both entirely reasonable requests. I received a PM back which I quoted in the 'Why?' thread, which clearly showed that a decision - whether group or individual - had been taken to wipe a whole thread without any real justification. The PM cited "xenophobia" and "offensive to Catholics" as the reasons, which was inaccurate in the former and patently idiotic in the latter. The 'Why?' thread asked for the site team to come forward into the public, open forum to kindly provide us all with clarification on their decision; they responded by simply wiping the whole thread without warning or explaination. A second thread was then started politely asking for more clarification. This thread was summarily locked off by the site team to prevent further posts within minutes of it being started. So basically, I'm off. It's been fun here with you all at CAG over the last few years, but it's not so fun anymore. I come into the Bear Garden to discuss and debate and question. My opinion might disagree with yours, or we may loathe each otehr's standpoints, but the point is that we should all feel we can post into threads without fear of whimsical, confused or blinkered modification or removal. It's both fun and fulfilling to engage in a debate on an emotive issue; it's neither if we cannot be sure that the site team aren't going to suddenly wipe the whole thread on a personal whim or misunderstanding of what does or does not constitute the rules, or are simply going to kowtow to a few complaints and remove it. Others may have more patience with this increasing trend; I have better things to do. If I may conclude by tweaking the infamous quote by Heinrich Heine, 'Where they remove posts they will also, in the end, remove posters'. So long CAG, and thanks for all the fish.
  2. Absolutely. This seems to suggest a slightly worrying trend for CAG, especially for threads in the Bear Garden, as I mention here.
  3. As SOD'EM and others have said, every answer will be a multiple of 9. Take a look at the chart and you'll notice that every multiple of 9 (so 9, 18, 27, etc.) has the exact same gift. I took the script running it apart and noticed the programmer has rather craftily added in a routine that changes the number table every time you look at it, so the gift in box 9 on one go will be different from the gift in box 9 on the next, and so on. A fun little distraction though.
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