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  1. Ok, so I'll keep this simple. Uncle Tez joined CAG in desperation way back in 2006 as DCAs were hammering at my door. CAG responded incredibly, helping me to properly communicate with the DCA weasels and get my affairs sorted. Much more importantly, I found a friendly, helpful community of people who hugely bolstered my then much needed confidence by showing me that help was available and that I wasn't alone. After a quiet period I managed to finally resolve all my debt issues and came back to CAG to try to help where I was able, firstly in the debt forums, then naturally
  2. Absolutely. This seems to suggest a slightly worrying trend for CAG, especially for threads in the Bear Garden, as I mention here.
  3. As SOD'EM and others have said, every answer will be a multiple of 9. Take a look at the chart and you'll notice that every multiple of 9 (so 9, 18, 27, etc.) has the exact same gift. I took the script running it apart and noticed the programmer has rather craftily added in a routine that changes the number table every time you look at it, so the gift in box 9 on one go will be different from the gift in box 9 on the next, and so on. A fun little distraction though.
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