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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi All, My wife has not been very well at all and I did not progress this as I would have liked too. The alleged debt was passed to Wescott who backed off when I sent them through correspondence I had sent to Abbey advising them that it was in dispute. Now LINK are on our backs saying they have bought the debt and they want full payment. I am trying to find anything that states that Abbey cannot sell the debt as it is in dispute. Cant find anything on OFT site or banking code. Can anyone provide links and/or advice ? The stress this is now causing firstly is making my wife wors
  3. Id send them the £10 payment baqck with the SAR Template thats on here...thats your official request and they have to adhere to it (mind you I sent mine off in April and they only just sent my statements) !! DONT let them bully you...STICK to your timetable...and get your money back !!
  4. Lo and behold - yesterday we FINALLY received the statements that we had requested back in April. The DCA also rang yesterday and I told them that we had advised in writing and verbally that the account was in dispute. They said that the Abbey had passed the debt onto them and they want payment. So I rang the Abbey and they said that yes they had passed the debt to the DCA and that I should deal with them. I told them that it was in dispute and they said that the debt is dealt with by DCA and dispute is dealt with by them. Is there any law / code that says they cannot pass to a DCA if acc
  5. Hi all, Have not been well recently so havent been able to chase this as I would have liked. Story now is that even though our account is in dispute (we have advised them of that fact in writing on more than one occassion) - and the fact that we STILL have received no further statements as per our SAR - and the fact that the ICO wrote back to us saying that they felt Abbey's system IS a Relevant Filing System and that they were going to advise Abbey of that fact... received a phone call today from DM Management (Debt Collection agency for Abbey) asking how we were going to pay back t
  6. Hi Karnevil...no Im just at the moment going for the throat on the refund...but they have ****ed us off so much...especially as we got a letter over weekend from Alan Betts threatening Default Notice that I reposnded to say enough is enough I have eneterd complaint with IC and now taking to court.....will then hit them with non compliance and then will hit them with ALL OTHER CHARGES.
  7. Received letter threatening Default Notice on wife's credit card so now sending SAR and advising IN DISPUTE.
  8. Just received an offer to repay £128 of fees "which reduces each fee to £12 as the OFT has suggested". The letter also goes on to say "Our fees are in line blah blah blah.... And, as you know the OFT has suggested default fees of £12 are likely to be fair. We disagree with their analysis and believe that our current fees are both fair and legal. So, we wont refund all the fees we've charged you as you've asked. I'm afraid we won't give you a full breakdown of our costs to reassure you they're fair. We're continuing with the OFT at the moment to resolve their issues". Is their a default po
  9. Thanks Alan, agree that it would give full picture and provide more weight... may need someone to read it through before I put on N1 form though.
  10. good catch !! I will amend... also as update have recieved following email from Abbey and have crafted a reponse...what do you think ?? Hello Jamloo, Thanks for your e-mail. Your comments have been passed to my colleague who works in the relevant business area. They will reply to you in full as soon as possible. You can find out more about our complaints procedure, by clicking on the following link: http://www.abbey.com/customer_satisfaction.htm Kind regards Jenny Venters Abbey Customer Services To help us improve our services we may record or mon
  11. CHeers karne...thats the route we were going to follow !! BTW - Email has already been sent to Abbey as per earlier post and letter going out tomorrow after great advice from Alan
  12. Cheers Michael...so I am looking at hitting them with TWO seperate court attendances...one for DPA Non compliance and one for original claim
  13. Karnevil - Looks good....too be honest...in the months we are missing I expect minimal charges... I would be quitew happy for Abbey to hand me cheque for £4.5 K and say thats it....clears our OD and gives us a bit........... The I can hit them with the £1000 charges they have SINCE put on !!!
  14. Karnmevil - Mmm... how would I fill that all in on the N1 ie the part about non compliance to Data Protection Act request which we are completing now ready to go to the court ? The charges I am requesting payment for are KNOWN charges on the statements I have
  15. Can one of the Mods comment on email and letter we are planning on sending Abbey National PLC FAO Lesley Budge Customer Resolution Manager Complaints PO Box 5129 Milton Keynes MK9 2YN Dear Ms Budge, ACCOUNT NUMBER: XXXXXXXXXXXXX YOUR REFERENCE: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX We are in receipt of your letter dated 5th July. You state that “Abbey is up front and transparent about all its banking charges as set out in the tariff of charges”. Can you advise, if the Abbey is up front and transparent, why we have still only received a partial response to our Data Pr
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