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  1. Hi. Sorry it's taken months to reply! I got all my money back. I was closing the account anyway but despite their threats, they did not close it. Thanks! David
  2. Hi everyone. This is my first post but not the beginning of my troubles with the Coop bank: I recently reclaimed unfair bank charges from my (former) bank on two occasions. I am now in the process of making another claim for a smaller amount: £160. This has occurred as some charges went through for two of my accounts being overdrawn whilst the other claims were being investigated. The bank did send me a letter advising that their charges for unauthorised overdrafts were being reduced to £11 but they have since ignored this & charged me over £50 for each time I was recently overdrawn! This week I have received a letter from them advising that they are closing my accounts in 30 days time as I have apparently 'breached' the terms & conditions of my accounts! I was not aware being overdrawn was a breach of these conditions (certain it is not). So the reasons they give for closing the accounts appear to be nonsence. I now do all my banking with the Halifax & the Coop accounts are only open as I am overdrawn by £25 & £45 respectively on them. So closing them is no inconvenience to me. The problem I have is that I claimed £160 from the Coop & even if they write off the approx £70 overdrawn in my accounts (brought about by unfair charges incidentally) I still want the rest back. I am pursuing this through the moneyclaim site & a claim form has been sent to the bank. Has anyone else got to this stage? Particularly when their claim is outstanding & their account(s) are in the process of being closed? I also believe that their reason for closing my accounts is unlawful. Anyone able to verify this? Many thanks.
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