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  1. Hello, I have dealt with Falcon & Pointer and found them most helpfull. Managed to claim back PPI for both me and my girlfriend - Almost £5000 between us Just go on their website www.falconandpointer.com and their contact details are displayed. Their telephone Number is 01695 30 20 20. I cant understand what the problem would have been as I found their customer service second to none, infact I have recommended them to a few friends and family and they all say that they are fantastic. Im sure if you call them they will resolve your problem. Hope this helps.
  2. If I win the lottery tonight I might give him a call. Just invade I don't does anyone else have any ideas or info?
  3. Do people win? From what I have heard, anyone who challanges, ends up losing anyway and gets an even heavier penalty. I have so many questions, and not sure if i can afford a solicitor - how much do they cost? Is it worth arguing Will i be banned? Im very scared that i might be banned and lose my job
  4. I have spoken with the lease company today, and they said that they are the registered keeper of the vehicle and have confirmed that they recieved a NIP on 21st January (10 DAYS AFTER THE EVENT) So im screwed. I am however positive that the reading of the speed gun is way off, due to my normal driving habits, there is no way I would have been going that fast. The NIP SAYS I WAS GOING 79 IN A 50 ZONE. I remember seeing the van on the day in question and checking my speed, it was about 55 admitidly but i had a bad feeling that the limit had changed to 40 (thats why i remember it so clear
  5. No, it was the date of the NIP Itself, There was also a rubber stamp with a signature on the NIP stating: I HEREBY CONFIRM THAT THIS DOCUMENT HAS BEEN SENT BY 1ST CLASS POST ON 26TH JAN 2011 (CENTRAL PROCESS OFFICE) My main concern is could they have sent an earlier NIP to the LEASE company to get my details (i dont think they have, but how would i know) Thanks
  6. Hello to you all. I recieved a NIP in the post this weekend that was Rubber Stamped saying that it was sent by 1st class post on 26th January 2011. The NIP was for a speeding offence, I was caught by a mobile camera on 11th January 2011. It seems to me that they have not issued the Nip within 14 days which i believe they are supposed to do. I do have a lease car, but have had it for 2 years since new, and I am the registered keeper. What should I do. Please help.
  7. I recieved a letter a few weeks ago informing me that my car was recorded doing 63 in a 50 zone. I never replied to this letter. Now i have NIP that has beeen sent giving me seven days in which to provide the details of the driver under section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. Non of these letters have been recorded delivery. Could i say that i have never recieved them and expect the court to believe me. They don't have any evidence to say that i have recieved them! When all said and done i dont speed anyway and dont believe that i was speeding on the day in question.
  8. Thank You for the prompt reply but my question remains - Why do other banks give notice, yet natwest dont?
  9. I have just had a charge for £38 added to my account for non-payment of direct debit. I am now overdrawn and they will probably charge me another £38 at the end of the month because of this. Whilst i am happy with how i can attempt recovery of these charges, i was wondering why NatWest can charge on the same day as the incident (or think they can)? Other banks write to you and explain that you have defaulted and that they are about to charge you, and usually give you some indication as to when the money will come out of your account. But NatWest just took it out on the same day wi
  10. Quote of the morning: Rabinowitz: "If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's probably a duck" Clarke: " Ahhh but is it a relevant duck?!" Peter534: "Or is it a steering wheel?!:D"
  11. Sorry Photoman, I didn't word my question correctly. What i meant to ask was is there a web site that is giving a blow by blow account of the activities happening in the appeal over the next six days? Some people seem to be able to quote what is being said, so i wondered wehere they are getting their information from.
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