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  1. Thanks for all advice. I'll get writing my letter of complaint to them ASAP.
  2. I also claimed from NI. I used the Carlton Park, Narborough, LA19 0AL address. I got the same thing as you from the courts but agreed to it. It did take a bit longer but not too much longer. HTH.
  3. A&L finally closed my account today. They did send me a letter stating that it would be closed in May. Nothing happened then though. I had already moved all my dds etc so wasn't really using the account. They even sent me a letter recently telling me that I would be charged a monthly fee of £5 as I wasn't paying in enough each month. I phoned them up and downgraded the account to a basic current account to avoid the charge. I transferred £100 into the account 2 days ago (I wanted to keep this money aside for school shoes). What will happen to that money? Are there any tem
  4. I have tried but their inboxes are full.
  5. I got my cheque in the post today. I am so glad I did it now. I have taken longer than most but I got there in the end. Hurrah.
  6. Thanks for your advice neathboy2. I'll make a start on it over the next few days. Thanks for the link Michael Browne. I will have a good read of that. Will keep you all posted.
  7. I recieved my reply to my LBA today. I am now waiting until 14 days are up before doing my MCOL. As I am in Northern Ireland is there anything different about doing an MCOL?
  8. Well done. Glad you got your money back. I'm sending off LBA today.
  9. Got the standard bog off letter back today. That was quick!! Do I have to wait the 14 days before sending my LBA or can I get that off straight away? Thanks for any help.
  10. Good luck. I hope you get your money soon.
  11. Hi Rogs128, I only sent my letter off today (oops). My total is £197 so hopefully should have something to report back with soon.
  12. I haven't sent my letter off yet. I have been working and was on nightshift last night and again tonight. I will definitely do it at the weekend and get it off on Monday.
  13. Thanks Rogs128. I will add these charges to my spreadsheet tomorrow night (off to bed now as I'm working in the morning) and hopefully get the letter off on Wednesday morning. It all comes to around £200. That would be a nice sum to have just before Christmas.
  14. I have now gone through my statements and found charges from 2001 for overdraft which are £8. Does anyone know if I can claim this charge back or was this an old charge just for using an overdraft? Back in those days I was nearly always in the black lol. There are also charges form then for £3.50 per day. I am assuming I can claim the £3.50s. Thanks again for any help.
  15. This may be a silly question but I'm wondering which spreadsheet I should use for my schedule of charges with my prelim letter. I live in Northern Ireland. Would one of the English spreadsheets be ok as it is A&L I am claiming from? Does it have to be in spreadsheet form or would a list of charges be ok? Thanks for any help.
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